Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, April 5

Diluting the vote

This may seem a little radical, but I think part of our voter apathy problem is how diluted the voting process has become. Multiple weeks of early voting, mail in voting, absentee ballots, etc. While a good idea to expand voting opportunities it turns Election Day into Election Season.

Let’s cut the season back to one day. Obviously there will be exceptions for the sick and truly absent, but this day should be a national holiday where we celebrate our ability to have a bloodless revolution every two years. There should be parades and people in the street commending this amazing achievement of being able to choose our government. Polling stations should be open midnight to midnight giving everyone the opportunity to do their civic duty on this day of days.

Something needs to change, because right now the Tuesday after the first Monday in November is just another Tuesday to a large majority of Americans.

-- Matt Dykes


Hope and change

It will be a great thing, right, when Obama’s illegal Latino/Hispanic immigrant wave is fully legitimized and empowered by the Democratic Party to become the new “Minority Race of Choice” in the USA. The new immigrant class will begin to receive all the benefits, redistributed dollars and affirmative action preferences that currently redound to the African-American community. Democrats know they have the black vote locked up, so they will cultivate new votes at the expense of their current voting blocks. What a surprise awaits the uninformed. Rest assured the Democrats’ new push for “mandatory voting” will reach high gear when this new minority class is given the vote.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

Tax reform

After struggling for several days with the 2014 tax forms and guidance, I gave up and went to a tax professional. After this experience I am firmly convinced of one thing. All legislators, whether Senate or House, should be required to file their own taxes using the laws they pass. This is the only way we will ever get meaningful tax reform. My guess is that there are fewer than 10 members of both houses who do their own taxes, yet they have the IRS to punish us if we can’t do them to their satisfaction. We need a grass-roots movement demanding they do their own taxes. If this were to happen, maybe they would pass something like the Fair Tax legislation, which is something we can all live with.

-- L.A. Wright

Warner Robins

Pure gasoline vs. ‘gasohol’

People who want their cars, lawn mowers, motorcycles and other equipment to run better and last longer, should consider fueling them with pure gasoline instead of gasoline with Ethanol added (gasohol).

The reason is pretty simple. Ethanol is a kind of alcohol derived from grain, primarily corn. It is the kind of alcohol people drink. Chemically, alcohol has a powerful affinity for water. Alcohol in the fuel will absorb water vapor right out of the air that enters a fuel tank when the level of liquid drops, especially in this humid Georgia environment. That puts water into the fuel system, and many machines such as older autos, lawn mowers, etc., are not designed to withstand the corrosive effects of water in the fuel.

My grandson’s dirt bike fuel system was completely ruined by cheap gasohol -- corroded beyond repair. I had to replace the whole shebang. I replaced the fuel tank in one car because the driver rode around on empty all the time, and it rusted out from the inside.

There are more and more stations offering pure, 100 percent gasoline. It does cost a little more per gallon, but in return your machine will get better gas mileage, because gasoline has more energy content than alcohol. In my car, it amounts to 1 or 2 more miles per gallon, and the engine even starts better, runs more smoothly and has fewer maintenance problems.

If you tend to buy the cheapest gas you can find, beware -- it may even have more alcohol in it than name-brand gas. False economy.

Our nanny government and corn state farmers have conspired to foist this abomination on us, but they didn’t outlaw pure gasoline, thankfully. There is a station east of Warner Robins selling pure gas, one north of Cochran and maybe one in Roberta, I’m told. It is worth the effort to find one. Just look at the signs on the pumps. Word is getting around. Every time I go to the station there are lots of motorcycle riders and others filling up gas cans for their lawn equipment. They know.

One other tip: Keep fuel tanks at least half full, especially for a vehicle that sits idle often. Never let a vehicle sit for long with a nearly empty gas tank. Fill up the lawn mower after using it, it will be ready for the next use. That minimizes the amount of humid air in your fuel tank, thus minimizing the water vapor in there as well. Happy motoring!

-- Richard Jones

Warner Robins