Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, April 1, 2015

‘Plea for mercy’

Two years ago the auditing agency AdvanceED evaluated the Bibb School District, citing board governance and leadership as the worst scoring area of the system. The board was given 24 months to make strides in improving this and two other areas. With the deadline fast approaching to again be graded, it appears the 24 month “board homework” to be turned in is incomplete. The board self-evaluated it as “incomplete or in progress” with a borrowed governance handbook.

This will be accompanied with an unusual claim for this board of desired transparency and a plea of mercy, citing the system’s continuing state of flux. With this incompleteness of required “board homework,” is it any wonder why AdvanceED graded this area as being the worst area for this district?

Regrettably, 14 of our Bibb public schools represent 10 percent of the state’s total number of schools in trouble.” These are so described by the state as deficient to the extent that the governor believes these schools should be removed from governance and leadership of their current local boards.

I have never seen an employment application with a box designated “plea for mercy,” but face to face we can hope some of our shortchanged district students seeking employment can so impress the interviewer that he would be a good hire in spite of his being from a district in a state of flux.

-- Arthur D. Brook.


I want you back

Erick Erickson’s Friday column, “Why Bowe Bergdahl matters” is all wrong. The Bowe Berghdahl matter pales into insignificance when one relates how he fails to mention former President George W. Bush getting us into two unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those wars have cost more than $1 trillion so far. The Iraq War killed 100,000 Iraqis, lost thousands of our soldiers and crippled/disabled thousands more. No thanks from them as they kicked us out. Now they want us back.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

What about the chickens?

First we heard all about the trees on Forest Hills Drive. Then we heard all about the natural burials. Now we’re hearing all about chickens. I think a solution would be to give the chickens a natural burial under one of the trees on Forest Hill.

-- Marilu Cowan

Warner Robins