Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, March 30, 2015


Upon having called four different offices (all whose activities overlap each other) and addressed my Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Mallory Jones, who told me to file a formal request (I did) via email, I concluded this bloated Macon-Bibb County is a disaster.

Six dump trucks, pickups and crews of four to six came to Whitman Way to resolve right of way problems. I suspect it cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. I have called numerous times concerning the situation a couple of months ago when a tree fell on Rivoli Drive and once again, seven men and a dump truck and a foreman in two pickups came and only moved the tree into right of way. Two men with a saw could have done the job.

If you are not concerned, your taxes are going up due to these and many other incidents of gross mismanagement.

-- Joe Hubbard


Love or leave

If you are not offended by the many recent news events affecting the stability of this country, you ought to be. It is time for all “good Americans” to stand up and not only say but act against those who want to force their perverted views and ideas on the rest of the citizenry. When you read the list below, you should be outraged, incensed and livid at what a “few” individuals and groups have done to disrupt and disgrace this great nation.

The Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority at Quinnipiac University recently canceled a charity event because one, that’s one, single, lone female student, of “Latin” heritage found the poster advertising the event “offensive” because it contained two pictures of maracas. Get real. Has this no-good dimwit ever been to Taco Bell or shopped in the store where product after product have pictures of Latin symbolism? There are even aisles listing “Hispanic” products. Why should we bow to these derelicts of humanity? But it happened. Shame on the lone student and shame on the others for giving in.

Then there is the University of California student Legislative Council that passed a ban on flags to include the American flag citing “our” flag symbolizes racism. To make matters worse, a group of bonehead, elitist UC-Irvine professors supported this action. I guess these pea-brain Americans would rather have an ISIS flag. In this case there was welcomed opposition to these idiots and the flag ban didn’t happen. Thank goodness for some sanity.

If the last anti-American action doesn’t frost your cake, maybe this will. A black student organization at UC Berkeley, who make up 3 percent of the student body, wants a building renamed for a female, “Black Panther,” a convicted cop-killer. She was the first women named to the FBI’s Most-Wanted Terrorist list, Assata Sakur, who escaped from prison and is now a fugitive harbored in Cuba. These pinhead students claim this putrid person they apparently adore represents their values. This same group claims they have a “feeling of isolation, marginalization” and are at a “crisis on campus.” May I suggest they leave or quit complaining and, above all, stop this request?

And then there is the “Hands Up -- Don’t Shoot” morons who apparently couldn’t get it right if their lives depended on it. It seems that once a mantra, always a mantra for those who don’t know any better. If they want to show their ignorance, that’s their problem. No point in trying to set them straight because they’re beyond help.

If you haven’t heard, and I don’t know why you would, rapper Azealia Banks, “hates everything about this country,” including “fat, white Americans.” Like she is someone important? Who ever heard of her? She doesn’t mean a thing to me. Maybe she could just pack her bags and leave like the rest of the dipsticks mentioned above. I wouldn’t know if she left and I don’t care.

There seems to be too many imbeciles who are displeased with the way things are in this country, and, yet, they hang around making life miserable for the rest of us. I guess they are afraid to leave. They just want to complain. Our media and some politicians pay too much attention to these warped-minded individuals and give them too much coverage and encouragement. It is time to bring this to an end once and for all. Don’t give in and don’t listen to the spewed rhetoric of these crackpots. Tell them if they aren’t satisfied with life in this country, go find one that will accept them the way they are. Of that they will find it difficult, but so be it.

-- Rodger Woltjer


Should we eat GMOs?

In the United States, citizens eat up the fact that we can claim we are in control of what is happening around us. We vote for our own government, choose our careers and spend money however we want. However, do we really know what exactly we are spending our money on? According to howstuffworks.com, the average American spends about $6,443 annually on food alone. Do we know how much of that money is spent on genetically modified organisms? Do most of our citizens even know what GMOs are? The fact is, we are eating them.

Scientists have been genetically modifying our foods for a while now, and most of us had no idea. Dr.Oz tells us in his article “Genetically Modified Foods: Get the Facts” that our Food and Drug Administration actually does not require the labeling of GMOs in our food.

Genetically modified foods do have a few pros such as lower food cost. The pros are in the numbers though, not the people. Anything organic is labeled and praised because we see it as a healthy choice. Not GMOs. So what are food companies hiding about their foods that are genetically modified? In the PBS article “Is Genetically Modified Food Safe to Eat” it stated that “we don’t really know whether GM food is safe or not.” Do you want to feed your children foods that you do not know are safe? Know what your feeding your family; avoid GMOs.

-- Tara Reigel

Warner Robins

Smoke free cars

Senate Bill 130 -- Smokefree Cars for Children Act, may be heard soon. The new version has just come online. Georgians need to hear how detrimental secondhand smoke is to the health of children. Asthma is the chronic condition responsible for the most days missed from school and tobacco smoke is a major trigger. Asthma is also the No. 1 reason children go to the hospital. Tobacco smoke also causes inner ear infections, which may lead to loss of hearing or deafness and the most frequently performed operation on children is putting tubes in the ears because of inner ear infections.

Seven states and Puerto Rico have laws in force. There are many articles about what is happening on the subject of smoke free cars for children.

-- D. Gordon Draves

President, Georgians

Against Smoking Pollution

East Point