Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, March 26, 2015

No cover charge

Dale Sayler’s letter in Viewpoints was spot-on regarding the entrance fee at Central City Park during the Cherry Blossom Festival. We were all delighted to read in The Telegraph that parking would be free, but somehow the bit about a $5 per person charge to get in seems to have been omitted from that original article.

I am sure that the executives who made that decision have degrees in marketing. I do not have an MBA, and am certainly not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. However, asking me to “buy” the idea of using ticket sales purely to track attendance is an insult even to my limited intelligence. If the goal is to track attendees at the park, simply route everyone through the entrance gate and give each person a numbered free ticket. Voila, Bob’s your uncle, you have a head count.

Meanwhile, like Dale Sayler, my husband and I do not plan to pay $10 to go get a corn dog. We’ll go to Nu-Way instead. The food is better, and there’s no cover charge.

-- Cindy T. Mitchell


St. Patrick’s Day

I cannot say I read every article in The Telegraph, nor can I say I read the paper every day, but I try. For the first three weeks of March, I do not remember seeing any significant coverage of the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day celebration, for that matter I do not remember seeing any coverage, not even a schedule of events or a weekly summary.

This is quite disappointing. Living in Warner Robins, we try to find and support events all over Middle Georgia and have many friends in Dublin. The Telegraph serves an area much larger than Macon and Bibb County. Dublin may be out of the service area, but residents of Middle Georgia may be interested in positive news beyond a 30-mile radius. The Telegraph will expand its reach hundreds of miles to bring negative news. Maybe next year they could find a little room in the paper to promote Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Festival.

-- Ken Kramp

Warner Robins

Mandatory vote

After President Obama recently suggested mandatory voting could change the nation, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros responded by asking, “Do we really want everybody voting?” She answered her question with, “I don’t think so.” It is not for Fox News to decide who should vote and who should not. It is up to the potential, individual voter to make the decision to vote.

Fox News and the Republican Party do everything they can to keep the elderly, minorities, people of color and poor people from voting and that is shameful. Our children, all the way from elementary school through high school should be taught the importance of being a good, lifetime citizen that stays informed and votes regularly in primary, general and midterm elections.

The rich speak with their millions and billions of dollars; the only thing the rest of us have is our single precious vote. To be a true democracy, we should take the big money out of politics and go to public financing of election campaigns.

Only 36.4 percent of eligible voters turned out to vote in our very important 2014 mid-term elections. That is disgraceful. In Israel’s recent national election, 80 percent went to the polls to cast their votes.

Obama knows that we will never have mandatory voting in our country. I think he was suggesting that more and more people voting could change our country. He is right and the change would be a better, more just, democratic America.

-- Paul Lam Whiteley Sr.

Louisville, Kentucky


My favorite thing about Sunday is reading the morning paper and saving the very best part for last, my tasty dessert, if you will. That tasty dessert is always prepared by Dr. Bill Cummings and after his latest effort, I thought it was time to “compliment the chef.” His columns are always wonderfully written, well-researched and enlightening, but “The little ledge in hell” may exceed all his previous efforts because it contains a tremendous amount of courageous truth telling.

For much too long, I and the few others in this community who might think like me have been quiet while Dr. Cummings enlightened us with his experience and thinking, and we have read as his detractors took aim at him. Today I would simply like to say his words are not wasted as they make all of us think. He might be surprised to learn that there are some who are in agreement with him. Thank you and I look forward to all Cummings’ future columns.

-- David Price


Good old days

I agree with Dale Sayler (March 23) about the Cherry Blossom fees. Seems like several years ago the festival was about celebrating spring and the numerous cherry trees along with Mr. Fickling’s birthday. Now it seems most of the events require an admission fee. I think the admission fee to Central City Park has gone a bit far. It seems with ALL the corporate sponsors, and there are a lot of them, there should be no fee. I am also wondering and would like to know how much it took to rent the chain link fence surrounding the park and are there any paid staffers involved in collecting the admission fees.

To me, the best part of Cherry Blossom was here before the Cherry Blossom Festival even started, that is the Mulberry Street Arts and Crafts Festival. You are invited to Mulberry Street, as their guest, with no fee, to view what the vendors offer. If you like something, purchase it or if you just want to visit with the vendors they will do that to.

I do wish they would get rid of the food trucks and go back to the food court idea with mostly local people preparing the food. I do not know where that food truck has been or how long it has been running up and down the road with my hamburger in it.

-- Michael Lynch


A good thing?

Like the tertiary stage of syphilis, the tertiary stage of appeasement may involve dementia. As John (did you know I was in Vietnam?) Kerry groveled around promoting Obama’s nuclear negotiations with the mad mullahs of Iran, the Grand Ayatollah was on TV in Iran leading chants of “Death to America.” So, “we the people” are asked to believe a secretly negotiated “deal” with Iran is a good thing?

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

Stated well

All I can say is: Well stated, Dr. Cummings.

-- Gracia Penuel