Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014

Not anarchists

Frank Gadbois is wrong again. Congressional Republicans are not anarchist. At the most they are obstructionist. Since the administration did not implement an effective health care enrolment, why did Frank assume they would implement an effective immigration policy? This is pure administration ineffectiveness. Congressional Republican were not involved.

Most voters agree with congressional Republicans that the first step in implementing an effective immigration policy is to secure our southern border. That is stop all human and drug traffic. The second is to document all illegal immigrants. The third is to imprison illegal immigrants who are convicted of a crime if they reenter the country after they are deported. The fourth is to stop releasing illegal immigrants. They should be deported.

Not only uninformed voters vote against their own interest. Many voters vote for the candidate who says what they want to hear. The only way to correct this predicament is for voters not to re-elect candidates who don’t fulfil their campaign promises or who supports legislation that is not in the best interest of the country.

-- Jim Costello


Cigarettes or pot?

Will someone please tell me why tobacco and cigarettes are so harmful to our health. All 50 states tried their best to stop people from smoking, yet there are several states that say, “go ahead and smoke but not cigarettes. You can smoke pot.” Which one does the most harm? It doesn’t make sense.

-- Brian T. Reid Sr.


Boycott Thanksgiving shopping

I would just like to say how disappointed I am in the retail giants in the Middle Georgia area. They have continued to open stores earlier and earlier for Black Friday shopping, and are now encroaching on family time by opening in the middle of Thanksgiving Day. When will it be enough? There is no Black Friday anymore. If the citizens who do the shopping would refuse to support the stores opening on Thanksgiving Day then there would be no reason for them to be open. The individuals who have retail jobs have to leave their families, who they might only get to see a couple times a year, and go to work, because the people in charge are so money hungry. I think it is a tragedy and I personally refuse to support shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

I pray that we could get enough people to do the same and be able to stop it and get back to families being together. I really hope you will give it some thought before next year.

-- Sharon Wolfe


Limit protests

Saturday’s Telegraph carried an interesting article out of Geneva by John Zarocostas from the McClatchy foreign staff. It seems that a panel in the United Nations, the most useless and anti-American organization on the globe, is concerned about our prison conditions and how our law enforcement treats suspected felons. However, it did not mention anything about a felon that had just imitated a strong-armed robbery and attacked a policeman before he was shot by the policeman in self defense.

I would think it would have been more appropriate for them to look at the conditions in Iran, North Korea or Darfur rather than sticking their noses in our business.

Nothing was said about the outside organizations coming in and inciting riots causing millions of dollars in damage to businesses while calling it a protest. I do believe in the rights of people to peacefully protest.

I think maybe, allowing the protesters to gather and walk down a street hand-in-hand singing “Kumbaya” for about two hours would be sufficient. After that, all protest would be illegal and violators arrested and kept in jail until a hearing.

As far as looters that destroy private property, I wonder what would happen if the business owners were armed and sitting in their facilities and opened up on them at the first sign of violence?

I wonder how many looters would be anxious to break in doors the next night. I think the business owners would be justified.

It is past time for authorities to put a limit on peaceful protest and move quickly and decisively on rioters and looters.

-- Aaron Hufstetler

Warner Robins

Faria for Congress

Miguel A. Faria Jr.’s column “Looting and burning against the rule of law,” is the most tactful, honest and truthful words spoken and/or written I have ever read in print. At last, a person not afraid to speak placing possible threats of blackmail and/or violence hanging over his head charging him with racism, discrimination and/or condemning his freedom of speech.

We certainly need him in Congress. If he is not interested, as an honorable associate editor-in-chief and a world affairs editor of Surgical Neurology, he would be a perfect lobbyist for the rule of law on behalf of all Americans.

-- Faye W. Tanner


A few questions

How old were Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born? Does Bethlehem’s meaning “House of bread,” born in a cave, wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a sheep’s feeding-crib (manger) have any significances? What are swaddling clothes anyway? Was it an extra bright star or did it work like a spotlight? What happened when three kings and their large entourages showed up in Bethlehem at the same time, unannounced? Or was it three wise-men riding camels with saddlebags or is that hump-bags? Maybe one king or a wise-man with three gifts? The gift of gold is understood or is it? What about the sweet smelling frankincense that’s extracted from a tree that needs no soil and can grow straight out of a rock? Does the sweet scented oil called myrrh extracted from a bush with knobby branches with pointy spines used to anoint the dead mean anything? Does King Herod’s ordering the death of all boys under two mean Jesus was around that age when he received the gifts? Why the circumcision on the eighth day and the purification on the fortieth day? Why a decorated tree when Jesus wasn’t born under one?

Why are Americans now saying “Happy Holiday” instead of “Merry Christmas”? Why are public Christmas celebrations (approved by the federal government in 1870) devoid of Jesus when it’s his birthday? And why is the world’s calendar year (BC/AD) based on the birth of Jesus Christ not Charles Darwin or the Prophet Muhammad?

PS: Knowing the answers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask the questions, right.

-- Travis Middleton

Peach County

Boycott the NFL

I, for one, am now boycotting the NFL while it allows all these controversial slogans to be worn by its players. The NFL does have a policy on things not allowed to be worn (think Jim McMahon of the Bears in the ‘80s). It remains silent I believe due to political correctness.

If the players want to institute their right to wear their opinions on very controversial subjects, fine. I want to institute my right not to watch or go to any NFL games. I urge others to follow suit. It is time for people whose beliefs are different than all the protesters to start flexing some muscle of their own, not physically, but by economic pressure.

-- Tim Perdue

Warner Robins