Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014

Republican T-shirts

As a result of their recent victories, I understand some Republicans are having T-shirts printed. Here is a sampling:

Nathan “Bad Deal” Deal: “My hand is in your pocket.”

David “Outsourcing Georgia” Perdue: “Thanks for voting against your self-interest -- YET AGAIN!”

Joni “Hog Castrator” Ernst: “Smarter than Sarah Palin!”

Mitch “I’ve been here a LONG time” McConnell: “I am NOT the clone of a turtle!”

Scott “Carpetbagger” Brown: “Coming Soon To Your State -- to run for Senate.”

Ted “the Cuban Senator from Canada” Cruz: “If you liked Joe McCarthy, you are going to love me.”

Chris Christie: “Sit Down and Shut Up!”

Louie “The Hick” Gohmert: “I’m smarter than I look -- but not by much.”

Scott “Alfred E. Newman look-a-like winner” Walker: “Show me the money.”

Rick “Not Yet Indicted” Scott: “I know I look like a serial killer from “Criminal Minds,” but I’m really a sweet and compassionate man.”

-- Charles J. Pecor