Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014

Tanner’s tripe

In the Nov. 19 edition John G. Kelley lamented that he could not make sense of Faye Tanner’s comments about the best candidate for the troubled Bibb school system. John, my friend, I am sure you have read enough of Tanner’s tripe to know there is seldom rhyme or reason to Faye’s tantrums. Recent rants included taking The Telegraph to task for picturing black schoolchildren in classroom pictures.

I did note that you referred to Tanner as “she.” In an earlier letter, I did the same and The Telegraph’s editors corrected it to “he.” I suppose they have decided that, on the basis of his/her constant stream of twaddle, nonsense is gender neutral.

-- Bob Carnot

Warner Robins

Minor League stadium

Before Macon-Bibb goes too far on the idea of building a new minor league baseball stadium, can we have some discussion about why minor league baseball would be successful in the future when we lost the Macon Braves to Rome? Other attempts atminor league baseball here have failed (as well as hockey, basketball and arena football), and second if Macon-Bibb is going to pursue minor league baseball again, why not make that investment in Luther Williams Field (built 1929 and the second oldest minor league stadium in the country) and Central City Park?

-- Sam Henderson