Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

Edgar Allen

Ah, to paraphrase Poe, “it was in the bleak November, Oh, how well I do remember, Sayeth the Grand Old Party, Nevermore.

-- John G. Kelley Jr.


Miss-hits and misfits

In relation to John Kelley’s opinion of Nov. 2, “Which target to hit,” I believe he used miss-hits in claiming a strong black female should be hired to lead the Bibb County schools. I think it is time we put band-aids on race, gender and political parties if we ever hope that America be referred to as one nation under God. In doing so I believe a person should be looked upon as to his or her character, recognizing and rewarding personal self-performance, achievements, moral conduct and all attributes in forming one’s status and character.

Society is desperate for good role models for underachievers and/or the misfits. In relation to The Telegraph Editorial Board of Nov. 7, referencing doing a better job in “education” of our poorest students; always using financial poor as a slap in the face of the poor. Some of the poorest of Americans attended school and have become very successful. There is no shame in being poor, but there is great shame in being uneducated when a free education is offered to every child living in the U.S.

I believe truth always needs to be addressed in order to help anyone. Therefore, in my opinion we need to do a better job in educating children of uneducated parents, with uneducated covering many shortcomings needed in developing one’s character. We also need to provide education to children identified with disabilities regardless of parents’ financial status.

Another miss-hit: Some in the GOP fear schism over Obama immigration policies. I believe it is shameful to associate Latinos, Hispanics or any other group of Americans with illegals. I also think it is shameful for any political party or member of Congress to be afraid and allow illegals to break U.S. laws in order to attract votes. If members of Congress are afraid to enforce and finance laws they pass, they do not need to be in Congress. Presidents and politicians need to be brave enough to enforce laws applied to all, protect all.

Let’s recognize miss-hits for what they are and hit some good ones out of the ballpark.

-- Faye W. Tanner


Time to move?

I am really sick and tired of the lack of respect some of the citizens of Middle Georgia have shown President Obama. Some of the citizen are always bashing the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. They obviously have a lack of compassion for those persons who have not been fortunate enough to have health insurance in the past. Additionally, I was just puzzled at the way some citizens tried to connect every Democratic candidate with the president during the last campaign cycle. This election did not turn out the way many of us wanted it to, but we are going to stand strong. I will say that we may have lost the battle, but we have not lost the war.

It is sad to say that race plays a very big part in the way our political system is operating these days. It is also sad to say that our immediate past former president was not treated the way President Obama is being treated. Some of the very same persons who are saying all of these mean things about Obama are the first ones in church on Sunday. I hope they are asking God for forgiveness. I will end with this statement. If some of our Middle Georgians are so dissatisfied with President Obama, I encourage them to move to another country.

-- Elliott S. Mizell

Warner Robins

Driving etiquette

I could make a career out of reporting Macon’s drivers who don’t turn on their headlights between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise. It’s a Georgia law because it’s unsafe, discourteous and downright dumb. I can’t count the number of times I’ve almost been hit on a dark night on the Forsyth Road five-lane speedway by drivers flying down the road with their headlights turned off. But alas, citizens can’t make arrests for traffic violations.

In the past, I have conscientiously tried to remind an oncoming driver that his headlights were off by blinking my headlights, but whether they don’t understand my signal, or just don’t care, it’s never worked so I don’t try anymore. While on the subject of headlights, please don’t drive with your parking lights on: they’re for parking, not for driving.

Please drive responsibly and within Georgia law. You might save a life.

-- Lee Martin


Few doctors at Houston ER

The Houston County emergency room is a travesty of incompetence. That seems to be the nicest way I can put it. I have been to that ER three times recently. The first time is the only time I ever saw a doctor. It took four hours. They told me my heart was fine and sent me home. The second time I walked out after three hours of sitting and listening to the people at registration talk about how they only had two doctors on duty and one of them was supposed to have left two hours earlier but there were close to 50 people in the waiting room. That was on a Friday night and there was only one scheduled ER doctor on duty.

The most recent trip was on a Wednesday. The ER was not very full but three hours later I told registration I’ll just leave and get an appointment with my doctor, they replied, “Well you still get billed, might as well stay.” I said, “OK, but why do I have to pay you for doing nothing. I have no income, no insurance, no credit and never expect to have any at this point. I am a 48-year-old white male and probably would be at the very top of the hospital administrator’s “just let them die” list, if there were such a thing. The hospital has spent money adding rooms. Maybe use some of that money to get some doctor’s in their ER so that you can actually help people.

-- Kevin Bradsher

Warner Robins

Shift in taxes

Did anyone see Randall Savage’s interview with State Rep. Allen Peake on WMAZ? They discussed a number of issues. The one issue that caught my attention was abolishing the state income tax. Abolishing the state income tax might sound great. But as Rep. Peake acknowledged, the lost revenue would have to be offset by raising user fees.

Under the Perdue-Deal administrations, they have given away millions in corporate welfare (tax breaks) to corporations. In turn, local city and county governments have raised sales taxes and property taxes to offset the loss.

What they are not telling you is that senior citizens on fixed incomes would be paying, percentage wise, a higher rate than say Mitt Romney. Likewise, low income wage earners would also be paying more in taxes.

-- Ronald L. Cain


Protecting RAFB

The roles of Base Realignment and Closure Commissions and Robins Air Force Base and its effects on the base have been minimal. The current SPLOST that includes raising taxes to eliminate local encroachment of private housing in the path of the base runway is probably the most notable and positive.

Compared to all that state and local governments in Oklahoma and Utah have done to protect their two USAF depots -- from changing zoning laws, bond issues, moving churches and gas stations and transportation issues, etc., Middle Georgia residents and their local governments have done little to protect RAFB from a future BRAC. Especially the city of Warner Robins that is so close to our base.

Our own city government hasn’t spent a dime to protect RAFB. But its city council did waste $200,000-plus on G-RAMP. We can thank our county commissioners and the leaders of Macon’s city government and our mayors for leadership for the SPLOST and raising taxes to end encroachment at our base.

Without the threats of an impending BRAC our local and state governments -- and their leaders would have been unlikely to do anything to protect RAFB which is the state’s largest business. Apathy is a dominant trait in our region as many think that our base will always be here. Billboards and acronyms are not enough.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Illegal biking

I discovered that it is important to follow the rules of the road. Friday evening, I decided to exit the McConnell Talbert Stadium parking lot on my bicycle. Traffic had already started leaving. I decided to use the sidewalk and a WRPD drove up to me on the grass with all his lights off. He could have easily slapped a ticket on me for bicycling on the sidewalk. I try to follow the rules of the road.

-- James Erdmanczyk

Warner Robins