Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014

Murdered or killed

Charles Richardson’s column, Sunday, Aug. 24, about the police shooting and riots in Ferguson, Missouri made some excellent points, as Charles usually does. But I need clarification. After quoting from a protester’s sign “I can’t believe we’re still putting up with this sh...”, Richardson makes a declarative statement: “It was only two-and-a-half years ago (seems like yesterday) when we were all up in arms over Trayvon Martin’s murder.”

I’m old and a little infirm, but I imperfectly seem to remember a “not guilty” verdict from the jury in Martin’s case. Since the jury’s verdict is the only one that counts, how did “not guilty” morph into “murder” in Richardson’s opinion?

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

Irresponsible reporting

Another example of Al Sharpton rushing to a false conclusion was televised today on Politics Nation. This reporting involved a black male at Walmart pointing a toy weapon at patrons who was subsequently killed by a cop.

If someone is pointing a toy gun at you and you reasonably believe it is a real gun, then by law, it is presumed to be a real gun. Under such instance, if a cop commands that person to put down the weapon and he resist, deadly force can be inflicted. You would think Sharpton would know that or at least research the law before inflaming the public with another erroneous assertion of wrongdoing by a cop.

-- John Haugabrook

Warner Robins

Tragedy waiting to happen

While traveling north on U.S. 41, south of Howard High School, I witnessed what I believe could develop into a horrible tragedy. Running down U.S. 41 were probably 25-30 students on the shoulder of the road. Please note there are no sidewalks. They were all running on the grass but also coming down the road were dump trucks almost on the white line on the edge of the road. All it would take is for one truck to ease over the edge of the road and multiple deaths would occur.

I say all of this because it was so upsetting to my daughter and myself as we have lost a precious son and grandson during a school function that could have been prevented. Why would the board of education open itself up to the liability of this happening? These athletes should be provided a safe area. There recently was a death in this area where a gentleman was hit and killed. Parents please get in touch with the board of education to see that this problem is resolved to protect your children.

-- Shelby Cramer


Tolerating debate

I understand Nevill Smith’s embarrassment. There is nothing more frustrating than to ask a serious question and be told by an individual, whom you believe is knowledgeable, to listen and they will explain why your question is relevant to their church’s doctrine. This is the standard response of preachers and pastors who believe the translation of the scriptures in their Bible is inerrant and without mistakes or contradictions.

They claim their Bible is the inspired word of God and their understanding of the message should not be questioned. They will not tolerate any questions pertaining to beliefs or religious principles that are different than what they preach. They quickly dismiss any questions of Christians from other denominations by claiming they are not of their belief. Their views are based on a false understanding of the true meaning of the word.

I encourage Smith to find a church with a pastor who has an open mind and is willing to discuss the Bible, religious principles and one’s individual understanding of the meaning of life.

-- Jim Costello


Uninformed voters

I always enjoy reading the uninformed opinions of several low information voters that you feature on a regular basis. Today’s featured writer was Alfred Graham. The only thing Michelle Nunn has going for her is her father’s name which she prefers to use rather than her husband’s name. She could very well win, but she won’t get anything done for Georgia. Instead, she would sit quietly in the background, keep her mouth shut and vote as instructed by the Democratic leaders in the Senate.

We won’t benefit, but she will enjoy a nice salary, lots of perks and all the other goodies that come with the job. And all she will have to do is keep her mouth shut and vote as instructed. We don’t need that type of senator, but in our free society the uninformed get to vote and we live with the results. We’ll know soon.

-- Bill Copley


Paying too much

It is becoming more apparent daily that our leaders of Bibb County are not aware of the concept of accountability. The last land buy on the Fort Hawkins site is very insightful. Our group leader had to offer the owner $90,000 for land the property evaluation committee said was worth $51,000. The idea that this is unusual would be wrong.

The mayor’s staff is a bloated dynasty that is both overpaid and senseless. The only way taxpayers are to see the truth is for the commissioners and his honor to publish the current positions and salaries of everyone earning more than $35,000, far more than the average income in Macon.

What is lost in all of this is that these are supposed to be public servants. Any sensible leadership would recognize an immediate need for enormous reductions in size and pay. To my knowledge their is not one single self-made accomplished business person in the elected group.

Why are we paying so much for so little?

-- Joe Hubbard



After reading Alfred J. Graham’s letter extolling Michelle (Nunn) Martin, I would request that The Telegraph staff make corrections to letters before allowing them to be published for all to see. This would save people embarrassment because of their poor command of the English language.

-- John F. Ricketson, III