Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, Sept. 1, 2014


If C. Jack Ellis had governed as well as he wrote his letter in the paper (Your Say, Aug. 27), he would probably still be mayor of Macon.

-- Ron Wheeler

Warner Robins

Doing their duty

I realize that members of Congress are probably having an absolutely wonderful time during their six-week vacation funded by taxpayers. However, they really do have an important duty given to them by the Constitution.

As is his duty, President Obama sent military advisors to Irag to assist in responding to the actions of the Islamic State in late June. Now it’s time for Congress to do its duty. It is their responsibility to make a decision whether or not to continue this military response within 60 days. The Islamic State is trying in every way possible to provoke a response from the United States. The manner of that response deserves a robust debate in Congress as our founders intended.

-- S. Janet Payne



Viewpoints these-days have been laced with condemnation of our illustrious mayor and his nine followers handling of fair and equal taxation. Well to be frank, I can’t argue much on the subject of taxation, but the French 19th century has put it well. They noted that once a levy has been pasted it would be impossible for the courts to reverse whether just or not. With that said, don’t think it would be proper for the facts about this new consolidated government (Macon-Bibb County) be printed.

The framers hoodwinked the voters into believing that taxes would be lower with a new governing body. Within the first seven days the taxpayers were hit with a $70 thousand EPA fine because of the landfill. The EPA is wringing its hands with a smile as more fines are sure to come. Now that’s good leadership, don’t you think?

Within the same seven day time frame, our old mayor with a new position as new mayor was busy drafting a back door tax called a franchise fee with Georgia Power to the sum of 4 percent per kilowatt usage to be followed in May 2014 with Southern Rivers Energy at 4 percent, thus confirming Macon’s takeover of the county. The time differential between January and May is an indicator of question on the consolidated structure. This maneuver was done with no public notice nor was the voter aware of the utility fee agreement between city and counties.

There was no language, once collected who and what accounting procedures to be used to protect the tax in transit. It would appear that all fees collected will go into the general account to be used at their pleasure. Four percent doesn’t seem like much, but collectively, could run into millions of dollars.

-- Daniel Lee