Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Checked out

Our president, “Sir Putts a Lot,” has turned in his two-week notice. He has checked out. It is no longer fun to go to the most powerful office in the world.

Prior presidents felt obligated to at least attend national security briefings, threat assessments, cabinet meetings, you know, to run the country. Not Obama. He’s bored with all that management stuff, let Valerie and the little people handle the little details. Riots in the streets, ISIS, Israel under attack, the whole world is on fire while Iran marches toward nuclear weapons capability, but hey, none of that stuff is fun. What, me worry? I got a tee time.

You have to have one sick view of the United States and the office of the presidency to decide to mail it in rather than work as hard as you can to implement foreign policy, domestic policy and perhaps even worry a tad about the safety of the nation.

I truly wonder how Teddy Roosevelt would grade Obama’s performance.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

To kill all

The Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) began last year as a radical offshoot of al-Qaeda. In early 2014 it spread into Iraq. After it had captured large portions of northern and western Iraq its name was changed to the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant (ISIL). This indicates its intention to conquer the region known from medieval times as the Levant, which includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Gaza and Iraq.

ISIL is conducting a holy war (Jihad) to kill by any means available all Christians, Jews and other people who do not convert to Islam. Its dedication to the extermination of its enemies surpasses even that of the Nazis. ISIL has the means to carry out devastating attacks on both the European Union and the United States as soon as the opportunity arises.

Only swift, strong and decisive action by America and its allies will prevent a tragedy more terrible than 9/11.

-- Charlie Adams

Fort Valley

Need new strategy

Glenn Asbell’s letter about property assessments is “right on target” about property owners’ frustration with property assessments.

The editor’s response about the independence of the Board of Assessors is “legally correct, but ignores ancillary opportunities resting with the county that could be an effective tool for fairness and improvement in the current limited “blight fight” program that the county is losing.

The assessors in all jurisdictions have struggled to correctly value residential property since the recent collapse of the residential market resulting in an imbalance of sellers and buyers.

No one, including our assessors, has the correct answer, but comparison valuation of a remote sale should have been corrected by the Board of Equalization.

Valuations must shift emphasis from proving uniformity of valuation of adjacent properties, all too often overvalued, to more consideration of functional and economic obsolescence of nearby properties.

In a coordinated Blight Fight program, the county could utilize tools and influence within their purview to encourage and protect efforts such as those by Asbell through incentive tax districts, moratoriums, etc. in cooperation with the Board of Assessors, Planning and Zoning, existing neighborhood associations and possible restructuring of the Macon Area Council of Neighborhoods, not punish self reliance with higher taxes.

Assuming that the Macon Promise Neighborhood initiative has not totally poisoned the well, one of the key elements of an overall “Blight Fight” program must shift focus from demolished structures to helping save and improve/strengthen neighborhoods. The recent ill-advised, yet to be validated “Old City” double taxation tax district will hopefully be resolved before it poisons the well for utilization as an effective incentive, special purpose tax district.

Reliance on a future SPLOST to solve everything is risky based on the recent history of opaqueness and flamboyant spending of public monies.

-- Arthur D. Brook.


Inner peace

Several wars have occurred throughout history and there will probably always be wars as long as mankind exists. Wars happen when one or both parties see no other resolution but solving conflicts with violence. It is sad when animals like dogs can show more compassion than some people.

There was the case where the dog stayed with the baby that was left in the woods by the mother. Most dogs will even bark and give you a warning before it bites, unlike what happened to the passengers on the Malaysia Airlines plane that had no warning it was targeted.

There is no peace on this earth. There are three categories of people here on earth. There are those who have accepted what they were created for. There are those who know what they were created for but refuse to accept it. And there are people who are in complete denial of what they were created for.

They believe they will exist forever and they need to pile up as many material things and money any way they can.

This existence is only temporary and those things will be meaningless. People were created to show love, compassion and understanding to others while they are here. This brings the only peace a person can have: inner peace.

-- Renee Lee


Knows her way around

All you right-wing diehards are in big trouble. Your going to lose this Senate seat to a Democrat no matter how much you and Fox News smear Michelle Nunn’s campaign. Nunn is the one. She will get our work done. The right-wing smear group states that she is a Washington, D.C, girl. Well, I will bet that will come in handy.

She must know her way around town and have old pals in high places. That’s more than the Mitt Romney copy David Perdue has going for him. He will need a tour guide to help him find the Capitol building.

Remember, Michelle Nunn is the one, she will get our work done.

-- Alfred J. Graham


A few good volunteers

The AARP Tax Aide program serves over 700 senior and moderate income Maconites each year by preparing and filing their income tax forms. We need a few new volunteers to help us maintain this service in the upcoming tax season.

If you prepare your own taxes, are moderately computer literate, have some free time on weekday mornings during tax season and are looking for a very stimulating way to give back to our community, please contact us for more details.

Our counselors return year after year because of the satisfaction they receive in helping so many of their neighbors in a very meaningful way, and in enjoying the company of a dedicated group of volunteer work mates.

For those who don’t want to prepare taxes, we have openings for facilitators, who help our clients gather and organize their tax documents.

-- Dick Godschalk