Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, Jan. 31, 2011

Why print it?

The letter printed from William Carter in Bonaire about “Another malady” and the “post traumatic stress disorder caused by having a black man as president” was an exercise in pointless comment only from the standpoint of illustrating the childish thinking of its writer. My question is this: Why would you even bother to print it? The writers point was obvious and ignorant for a whole bunch of reasons left ignored, so what was your point in printing it ?

-- Lawrence Aldrich


Our point in printing William Carter’s letter is the same as our point in printing Lawrence Aldrich’s letter. That what’s this page is about. We print readers letters from all points of the compass.

-- Editors


The City of Macon is proposing a right bold plan to get some instant cash relief. It wants to sell two buildings and then rent them back for a lot more than they sold them for and then repurchase them for a buck. I suggest this plan be dubbed the “Ponzification Proclamation”; no doubt borrowed from the Bernie Madoff playbook.

Now if they can get it underwritten by The Honorable C. Jack “have I got a deal for you” Ellis, the ultimate business deal will have been consummated. Idle minds have no place in America’s Dream Town. Now if they can come up with similar plans for the halls of fame and consolidation. Catch that vision.

-- Tommy Parker



I read with interest (and consternation) the Bibb County crime statsistics for 2010 in The Telegraph. Those stats state that Bibb County only had three homicides last year. Perhaps truthful, but misleading (I do believe that I counted six red dots in the paper) and 19 more listed for Macon. Isn’t Macon in Bibb County? Picky, you say?? I really don’t think so since each one of those figures represents a human being. I may be picky, but I do have a point.

-- Daniel W. Gatlyn


Does he follow through?

Watching President Obama’s State of the Union speech, I was reminded of the saying, “a leopard does not change his spots.” Now, after two years of letting Americans suffer, by focusing on his socialist agenda instead of jobs, he says he is finally going to concentrate on jobs. My first thought was, where were you two years ago when we needed you focusing on jobs?

My second thought was, didn’t I hear him say he was going to focus like a laser on jobs in last year’s speech? Then, after vowing in his speech last year to put all his efforts toward creating jobs, he proceeded with a full court press to pass the health-care bill that the majority of Americans did not want.

After hearing him say over and over he wouldn’t accept earmarks or hire lobbyists and he would, go through the budget line by line, close Guantanamo and put the health care negotiations on C-span, (all of which proved untrue) it occurred to me that this man says one thing and does another.

-- Conrad Quagliaroli


For Sonny

The near bankruptcy of the Nathan Deal family will disappear soon. Being governor of Georgia pays very well, ask Sonny. Sonny never did anything for the people of Georgia but he sure did a lot for Sonny.

-- Thomas Spence


Offensive speech in Denmark

Lars Hedegaard, a Danish critic of Islam, is on trial in Denmark for remarks he made regarding dysfunctions and abuse within Islamic family culture. Under Denmark’s law 266b dealing with alleged hate speech, defendants are not allowed to prove the truth of their comments and all that is needed for conviction is whether any one person feels offended. Lars claims that public speech advocating shariah law for women is offensive to most Danes. In his defense, he asks the court if it would also indict those who preach shariah law. Truth is still the best defense against libel in the U.S.A. Let’s keep it that way.

-- Hill Kaplan


In the ‘fits’

RE: William Carter’s letter: As black People are getting ready to celebrate Black History Month he had the nerve to speak about our president who will go down in history. He failed to understand the reason President Obama is in the fits is because of President Bush.

-- L. Belton


Intelligence gap

It is reported with increasing frequency that the elitists in both parties consider “the people” to be too stupid to control their own lives and must be controlled by them. Judging mostly on the basis of the people I know who voted for, and still support Obama, and the ones who unswervingly support the GOP,

I have to agree that some are that stupid. The rest of U.S. are unwilling to surrender our freedom for any reason, including the greater good, as perceived by the elite. Long live the United States of America and the Constitution. In God We Trust.

-- M. Tony Anthony

Warner Robins

Prayer for today

Fairest Lord Jesus, be with us now, in our hour of need. You, above all, are aware of our every circumstance. Forgive our unbelief and our lack of faith. We often give into thinking that no one knows what we are going through. Even though we are broken, it is you lord, who make us whole again. You know every beat of our hearts and your love for us spans the universe. Jesus, you are with us always, even until the end of the world. In your holy name, I pray., Amen.

-- Sheila Bennett


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