Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never forget

Your article on fantastic memories reminded me of a story I heard over 50 years ago. This tourist came upon an Indian in front of a teepee on a reservation with a sign saying “Fantastic Memory, ASK Me.” The tourist asked him what he ate for breakfast two weeks earlier. The Indian replied, “eggs.” The tourist returned to his car thinking, “Pat answer, most everyone eats eggs for breakfast.” Twenty-five years later the tourist came by again and the Indian was still in business. He approached the Indian and gave him the Indian geeting “HOW.” The Indian replied, “Scrambled.”

— Jim Wynens


Sewage travails

For nearly two decades the Macon Water Authority denied responsibility for flooding my rental home with sewage, but in March. after I called for a service truck to investigate, they came out and acknowledged that two homes had a problem. They proceeded to put a power hose into the main line and shortly thereafter I was flooded. This time it was so bad it blew out the washing machine’s discharge pipe. And the sewage poured into the room and yard.

I called them back and a note was left saying I should get a plumber. I called to report them and they dispatched a clean up crew. First admission of guilt. I was then told they were authorized to settle for $1,000. I refused. I spent $2,700 on one plumber to tear up the driveway and examine the line after the authority advised me to do so.

Then came the MWA’s insurance company. They asked me the same question in 15-20 ways and said a claim form would be sent out. No form, so I called back. A week later my tenant called saying a letter had arrived but it wasn’t a claim form. It was from an unrelated collection department manager. It stated I had zero claims.

— Joe Hubbard


Which is the greenest?

A lot of ink has been spilled on “green” lately. One item that I’d like to throw out for discussion concerns plastic grocery bags versus reusable bags.

At our house we use grocery bags for garbage. One a day for kitchen discardables and one a week for other items. That about uses up what we have. If we used cloth/re-usable bags for grocery shopping, we’d have to buy garbage bags. So the ugly question: How many plastic grocery bags can one send to the land fill to compare to the much heavier plastic bags?

— John Rich

Warner Robins

Not a real change

As a Christian, I find Mr. Gorski’s article in your Saturday paper (“Results Find People Switch Faiths Often”) extremely misleading and highly insulting.

Please have Mr. Gorski check a dictionary for the meaning of the words “faith” and “denomination.” When people move from one denomination to any other denomination within the Christian faith, it in no way can be described as “changing faiths.”

My faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God does not change even though I may move my membership from one Protestant church to another or to a Catholic church.

A real example of moving from one faith to another would be moving from being a Muslim to Christianity.

This article is just one more attempt to minimize and downplay the faith of true Christians to non Christians.

— Charles Bartlett

Fort Valley

Womb to tomb mentality

While the economy is going to hell in a hat basket, the American public is preoccupied with who will be voted off “Dancing With The Stars” or “American Idol” or who is sleeping with whom on “Wife Swap” and afterward they tune to Dr. Phil for guidance. Then they look for the government to take care of them from the womb to the tomb.

— Chet Lambert

Warner Robins

Open mindedness

I was dumbfounded by the article written by Jackie Gaskins Adams about Fox News. Unhealthy influence? Calculated? Vengeful? Really? Where in the world did she ever get her information or is that just her “Kool-aid” drinking opinion? Fox News is the top news network in the country by far, not just in the South. It’s the only news organization where you can get all the facts, not just commentary.

MSNBC is a true “left wing propaganda machine.” They did not even cover the “Tea Parties” on April 15th, and referred to the people involved by a very derogatory label. If that’s not bias, what is? Fox News welcomes many right and left wingers to appear and give their views.

I believe the majority of people would disagree with the Fox News description. Maybe everyone should watch with an open mind and listen to all the facts and some opinions other than their own without making judgment. Then everyone may be surprised what “truth” they actually find.

— Dee Young Macon

Character counts

We do get what we ask (vote) for. You may not have seen their names in the national news, but take a look at some of the “radicals” President Obama has appointed to his administration.

David Ogden, our new deputy attorney general, is a lawyer and strong abortion rights advocate. He fought to give young teenage girls the right to an abortion without their parents’ consent. He defends pornography, and worked to remove filters from the Internet in public libraries.

Dawn Johnson, head of the Office of Legal Counsel. opposes all limits on abortion, including parental notification for teenagers and bans on partial-birth abortion. She called limits on abortions “disburbingly suggestive of involuntary servitude, prohibited by the 13th Amendment — which forbids slavery.”

We heard during the campaign that “the character of a leader doesn’t matter.” It would appear that the exact opposite is true.

— Bill Paschall

Warner Robins

@MA Letterhed:Prayer for today

Dear Lord, when our days are dark and lonely you are the only one who will give us light. So let us come to you and humble ourselves so that we will be a follower for you, not thinking about the cares of the world, but always thinking of you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

— Submitted by Robin Faye Hart

Bethal Church of God


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