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This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walks like a neocon

It is one thing when Erick Erickson uses The Telegraph to bemoan the plight of everyday Macon citizens, and the political environment we are subjected to, but to use the column to whine about a Macon citizen referring to him a neocon is absurd. The article titled “Neoconing City Council” does little more than show the author’s actual neoconservative mindset. Erickson is a public figure and Macon citizens’ confronting him is part of the job.

He stated that “as a rule of thumb, when someone calls (him) a ‘neocon’ it is a guarantee they know nothing about which they are speaking” — misinformed generalizations of that kind are infuriating. Erickson is a neocon whether he agrees with the title or not.

In both of his blogs he spouts Fox News-like rhetoric, and touts Sarah Palin as a “live and let live” Republican, which could not be further from the truth according to her views on women’s rights.

The fact that neocons like Newt Gingrich read his blog does not make him a neocon, but his strict adherence to the toeing of the Grand Old Party line does. It would be refreshing to see a Republican “blogger” that truly has some new ideas for the GOP, but in becoming so admired by the political right in the country Erickson has done little more than tell the people what they want to hear.

— Chad Ethridge


Fight sex trafficking

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Macon Police Department as well as all of the members of City Council, including our Mayor, for their tireless efforts to combat sex trafficking in the Middle Georgia area. Their increasing attention to this matter has given me great hope for the future.

I encourage everyone to support local legislation that would allow the Macon Department of Health to conduct regular health and safety inspections of local “massage spas” in Macon. This would put pressure on sex spas in the area while allowing legitimate massage therapists the opportunity to flourish.

With the help and cooperation of city government and of the good people of Macon, we can take the steps and set out to make sure that sex traffickers do not find a home in Macon.

— Ross C. Hardy


NRA’s pathetic response

The National Rifle Association’s response to the heartbreak and trauma associated with the almost weekly trauma caused by the horrific gun violence that is so common is pathetic. The NRA wants more of us to own guns and to be able to take them anywhere. Reasonable gun control is not in their selfish gunsights. The NRA wants guns to be as common as cellphones or laptops.

Since 9/11 almost 120,000 Americans have been killed with guns. That’s almost 25 times the number of our soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This carnage fails to get our serious attention. Eight children are shot to death daily. Every 17 minutes someone is killed by a gun.

Murderous gunfire claims many more victims than those who are actually felled by the bullets. Our society has failed to be mature enough or civilized enough to actually do something constructive about this that would make our lives safer.

— Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

GOP playing spoilers

Excessive partisanship is playing a very detrimental role in economic and moral recovery prospects for the United States and the world. I’m apprehensive it will spoil America’s hope for change for the better and our recovery from these crises.

Republican members of Congress consistently enabled the previous Republican administration to promote its neoconservative goals of power, empire and preferential mandates for the big rich and big business — goals which left behind economic and moral crises and a vale of tears. Now, as spoilers, they consistently undermine every recovery program of our Democratic leadership.

Instead of “Yes, we can change for the better,” their behavior exposes a “Yes, we can put political party over people, country and principle.” They may feel free to do so. Americans, especially Georgians, are overburdened and facing unprecedented economic crisis. We don’t have much heart or time left to tell elected officials that people, country and principle matter more than political party. But those who do can help our country recover from our economic and moral crises.

— Jackie Gaskins Adams


Lies and more lies

President Barack Obama is the grandest liar of our time. During his campaign for the presidency, he stated that 95 percent of Americans would receive a tax break. That’s a lie and he knew it was a lie. Moreover, your news organization and others around the nation, should have known this was a lie and never called him on this lie.

This man surrounds himself with people whose actions and words have no place in American governance. Lastly, if our VA hospitals are in such dire straits, why are we spending one thin dime on aiding illegal immigrants and leave our veterans with substandard care?

— Henry Goss


One for the comics

In the Telegraph, April 17, the IRS reported that millions of foreigners, many of them in the U.S. illegally, were allowed improper claims of $1.8 billion in child tax credits in 2007. This should have made the comic section of the paper.

Our feder

al law does not require a Social Security number in order to receive the $1,000 child tax credit, which is another incentive our government gives to illegal aliens to come here.

Here comes the funny part: The IRS said it supports efforts to require Social Security numbers to receive the child tax credit. Where in this world have they been? What suckers our government has made of us.

— Faye W. Tanner


Prayer for today

My Jesus, so loving and kind, your words, “To lay your life down for a friend; there is no greater love than this,” are words to live by. The cross of Calvary was this and more. A story with not the end but just the beginning of new life, and the gift of salvation. Jesus, there is no other like you, no one who loves unconditionally the way that you do. O Lord, hear me when I say, “Thank you with all of my heart, my body, and my soul.” Amen.

— Submitted by Sheila Bennett


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