Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009

Applaud young writers

Throughout our American history, hope has sustained us in times of war, economic depression, and catastrophes. I was very pleased to have read Viewpoints (1-18-09). Some of my fellow Americans, younger than myself, were expressing their best wishes and hopes for the inauguration of Barack Obama as president. I would like to express my own hope for the presidency of Barack Obama to succeed at home and abroad.

I would also like to thank the young writers to Viewpoints for expressing their First Amendment rights. I hope their generation enjoys only success.

I also believe they will continue to participate in the American dream.

That group of colonial rebels who stood up to King George III of England and created America and its two forms of federal government in 1776 really did know what they were doing.

— Daniel Schlafer


Historic event

The election of a new president of our country is always a historic and celebrated event. To witness that event is important to any American and I think more important to our children.

The youth of this country remain a vital element to the survival of the United States. Understanding the political process and witnessing the political process in action is an important thing for any citizen and that stands even truer when the inauguration of said president is historic on multiple levels.

When I read that multiple parents find the inauguration of the first African American as something that is not educational, I was stunned. As a student who is pursuing a degree at Macon State College in history, I do not understand how any parent could not identify the great importance of their children witnessing the inauguration of President Barack Obama, our 44th president. The act itself of placing into office the top elected official is something every person should understand regardless of whether you voted for the person or not.

In addition, the historic nature of our first African-American president should also be witnessed and the impact of such understood. Excluding your children from witnessing history because you may have an opposing political view is a massive mistake. I would hope any rational adult would understand the inauguration of our first African-American president would be something anyone needed to see.

— Shonda Wilson

Warner Robins

President for all

Since his now famous speech at the Democratic Convention four years ago, Barack Obama has talked about change and one America (not Red States or Blue States but the United States of America). On Nov.. 4, he assured those who did not vote him that he will be their president too.

It was the McCain/Palin ticket and their belligerent, racist minions who wanted to divide this country. Obama may not have a thick resume but the things he has done have been well received and he is intelligent and diplomatic. He thinks before he says or does anything. Even Republicans who meet him laud his intelligence.

That is more than I can say for the man who ran this country for eight years (George W. Bush). Illegal wire-tapping, faulty intel that led to conflicts that have killed over 4,000 Americans, outing a CIA operative because her husband dared speak against the government, contracts and deals that made his already rich associates richer. Bush ran this country into a pit that we are going to have to work together to get out of it.

Furthermore, Obama is not responsible for anyone’s actions but his own. The son is not responsible for the sins of the father. The father is not responsible for the sins of the son. If I’m not mistaken, the Bible says something very close to that.

— Jolethia Oglesby


King and Obama not gods

Are Martin Luther King and Barack Obama gods? No, but you would think they are by the coverage they are receiving.

They are both just ordinary men. King has passed away. Why do we have to observe a month of King celebration? Obama? He has been elected president of the United States but let’s wait and see how he performs.

I am not criticizing either, but I think we have made gods out of both of these men.

I wish President Obama much success as president of the United States, the greatest nation in the world. Let’s remember to pray for him each day for he needs our prayers.

Best wishes to former President Bush and his wife Laura. President Bush was bashed by the press. If we don’t like the president we should at least respect the office of the presidency.

— Doris F. Kitchens


No problem

Publishing letters from school children to the new President — no problem.

Publishing joyous pictures of local people attending and watching the inauguration — no problem.

Having school children watch the inauguration in school — no problem.

Taking an entire public school on a sign-carrying march through the neighborhood chanting “Yes, we can” and culminating the march with a celebration at a church — big, big problem.

— Larry Wilson


The church’s auditorium was used because there is no auditorium at the school. Parents signed permission slips for the activity. — Editors

Can they do that?

Can Superior Court Judges really order the taxpayers to build a new courthouse at the cost of many millions of dollars when there is a serviceable courthouse and order it done by a day certain? I’d like to see that in a code section. It must be in the penumbra.

Commissioner Elmo Richardson is quoted as saying that if a sales tax is voted down, thereby disapproving this unnecessary expense, he will seek to build the courthouse anyway through bonds. Does he really mean that? Whatever happened to the consent of the governed?

Someone referred to the Oglethorpe Street area as “downtown.” That is too silly to discuss. It might become downtown when this project has killed off existing small businesses and devalued property in the present downtown.

It was once considered proper to seek the will of the people before launching massive expenditures and civic dislocations, rather than to proceed by fiat, leaving to the people only how they will pay for a burden they never wanted.

— Frank M. McKenney