Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, July 11, 2007

'Bring 'em on!' I see where the president has used one of his, and the vice president’s, favorite scare tactics again, prophesying that, “if we don’t fight them there, they will just follow us home.” Malarkey. Will these Muslim radicals be on flights into New York, Washington or some other U.S. gateway city? Does he think they will check their AK-47s and RPGs or just carry them on as hand baggage? Perhaps landing late at night in Florida after getting off Iranian submarines? If — and this scenario is possible — they are coming to a city near us soon, the clever terrorist will book a flight into Mexico City, then simply walk across the border into the U.S. with the couple of thousand other illegals whom the stretched-thin Border Patrol can’t stop. Of course, it might not hurt the Border Patrol apprehension rate if we were to recall the Border Patrol agents now on duty in Iraq and put them duty in this country. Their mission there is to train Iraqi border patrol agents. If that goes as well as training the Iraqi army, they should be home sometime in 2011. If, by some miracle, the insurgents should follow the military home, then there are 300 million of us living in America. And we have guns. Lots of guns. And we have Charlton Heston and the NRA to lead us into battle against those who would destroy MTV, NASCAR and the NFL. I’m not ready to pray five times a day or see our women in burkas. To quote the president, “Bring “em on!”John WatsonBonaire

Not 'anti-immigrant'Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, says in the July 9 Telegraph that “most (state legislators) have been pretty anti-immigrant.” He seems to be upset that legislators are attempting to accomplish some resolution to the illegal immigrant situation in Georgia. I am not a Georgia native, but I don’t feel that our government officials or the people of Georgia are “anti-immigrant.” However, had he used the term "anti-illegal-immigrant," I would plead guilty. I want our laws enforced, and I don’t care where someone comes from or what color he or she happens to be. But allowing a group of people to ignore our laws is never good for any community. There is very much data that proves how expensive this is to taxpayers. I just don’t understand how any law-abiding citizen can condone it. Consider the arrogance of people who come here and refuse to assimilate, burden us with their health-care bills, make unlawful use of others' Social Security numbers. We also face the nonsense of having to put up with catering to their language. Immigrants are supposed to be able to read, write and understand English before obtaining citizenship. Two things that should have been in the failed immigration reform bill but weren't: English as the national language and a constitutional amendment revoking the privilege that “anchor babies” automatically become citizens.Carmen LyonsPerry

One nagging questionMonday, I spent a couple of hours studying all the current presidential candidates. I looked earnestly at the background and possibilities of all the candidates, both Democrat and Republican. I’m left with one nagging question: Where is Pat Paulsen when we need him? Chuck NeSmithMaconWho made the decision? A question that bothers me a great deal is this: How did a significant number of Muslims and Christians decide that God wants us to kill each other?Sam MarshallMilledgevilleWhat kind of God is this? In a letter published July 5, Carlton Cook claims that God is sending droughts, floods and forest fires to punish us. This reminds me of the time the late Jerry Falwell blamed pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the ACLU (in general, anyone he disagreed with politically) for the 9-11 attacks. This was a statement so insane even Falwell eventually apologized for it. Apparently, Cook thinks his God is angry that we do not force children to offer insincere prayers to him in class. Cook's God is angry that some people want to remove a meaningless religious invocation (inserted in the 1950s) from the Pledge of Allegiance. Cook's God is angry that we do not display huge stone idols of the Ten Commandments (one of which, ironically, forbids idolatry) in our courthouses. Cook's God seems to have a special hatred for homosexuals, surely for reasons beyond the understanding of us mere mortals. And how is this anger expressed? By flinging around natural disasters at random, mostly affecting people who have nothing at all to do with the causes of that anger. What kind of God would do that? And what kind of person would worship such a being? The people eager to blame all our problems on the wrath of an intolerant God are searching for an excuse to impose their beliefs on others. They have no real solutions. They insult both their country and their faith.Sam WrightWarner Robins

Flag in church? YesA recent Sunday I heard a minister say that there was no place for the American flag in the sanctuary of the church. This did not sit well with me. My thoughts flew back to 1942, when I was 10 years old. My 20-year-old brother was a Marine. He was the first one killed from Cordele in World War II. He and a thousand other young men were killed in a matter of minutes at Salvo Sound in Guadalcanal. American ships had just transported our troops to Guadalcanal. He went down with his ship, the Quincy. At the memorial service two Marines presented my mother with the American flag that graces the sanctuary of the beautiful Cordele Methodist church. The flag is now 65 years old. Now, at 75 years of age, I see 1942 as clearly as yesterday. Thousands upon thousands of young men and women have given their lives while fighting under the American flag that stands for liberty and justice for all. Because of these American heroes we are free to go to the church of our choice to worship our Lord. Not appropriate for an American flag to be in the sanctuary of a church? I can not think of a more appropriate place. God has blessed America and I pray he continues to do so. When I see the American flag, I thank God I am an American free to worship and enjoy the many freedoms we are often are guilty of taking for granted.Dell AllenMacon

Exit is misnamed On I-75 in southeast Peach County, approaching Exit-142 (SR-96), all exit signs refer to "Housers Mill Road." But when leaving the interstate at this point, one finds oneself on Miami Valley Road, not Housers Mill. Only after going westward on Miami Valley Road for about 1/2 mile, does one find the south end of Housers Mill Road, which runs parallel to I-75 for approximately five miles northward toward Byron. It doesn't intersect I-75 at any point. Since Exit 142 is to Miami Valley Road, should not I-75 exit signs be corrected?Paul V. ClarkMaconNot a good choiceIn “Few things scarier,” has syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell lost the concept of context? He did inspire me to go and review the Warren Court’s decisions. But Is he kidding us? It doesn’t matter who says it, Bush’s pardon of "Scooter" Libby is bad politics, bad judgment and just plain bad. Of all the things to spend his meager political capital on, that was not a good choice.James RumageWarner Robins

Public library hoursAs a retired civil-service library director, it never ceases to amaze me when I read in the Telegraph that our county libraries will be closed on public holidays even on Father’s Day. Library service across most of America involves working on public holidays so that patrons can use our libraries during their leisure time. But not in Middle Georgia, where our county libraries are closed so the staff can enjoy the holidays, too. There is something wrong with this picture. Military facility libraries are open daily except on Christmas and New Year’s Day, and their staff are used to holiday hours (often with pay differentials to compensate them). Maybe our county commissioners don’t provide adequate funding for additional staff to be open most nights and Sundays. Our county libraries are huge investments of taxpayer money that should be managed and utilized wisely to improve our quality of life and attract high-tech industries with high-paying jobs. Not just truck distribution terminals, cement factories and chicken processing plants. The libraries should be open when their patrons need to use them. Houston County libraries are open only two or three nights a week and are closed on Sundays and holidays. With $5.2 million dollars in SPLOST money for our libraries, I see no sign of increasing library operating hours. It’s plain that library hours need to be expanded to meet patron needs.

Frank W. GadboisWarner Robins

One city, one county, one state at a time

Congress through its inaction has provided an opportunity for us to attack the issue of the invasion of our nation by illegal immigrants. The federal leadership void created by Congress' cowardly behavior now places the responsibility on the shoulders of the citizens and elected officials of each state. We have loudly proclaimed that we want secure borders and a controlled immigration policy. So far our governor has ignored this appeal and appears to supports the continued alliance with illegals in the disrespecting of our laws. When governments ignore the will of the people, the Constitution provides (demands) that we revolt with our vote or with force if necessary. When elected officials align themselves with lawbreakers, they are traitors no less than soldiers who align themselves with the enemy in time of war. Our elected officials are profiting from the importation of cheap labor from Mexico, and the out-sourcing of skilled jobs to China, India and other eastern countries, leaving nothing to the American people. In the process of selling our nation, they demean all those immigrants who came before, learned our language, obeyed our laws and pledged alliance to our flag. Our governor and Legislature must secure our state borders and enact laws to punish those who would support illegals. Those who provide food, shelter, work and documents to illegals must be held accountable to the rest of us who demand that our nation's laws be held inviolate. We must not succumb to the pressures of the masses of illegals that flood our nation daily. Remove their incentives, ie: access to health care, schools, and social services, and punish those who aid and abet them. Regardless of the difficulty of the task, we must begin the revolution now. Go to your City Council and demand ordinances to remove local incentives. Go to your county commission and demand laws that secure your county borders from this invasion of illegals. We can turn this plague around by using the power of that wonderful document, the Constitution of the United States of America. Wield it with pride and let the revolution begin.

Bobby Ray Holland is a doctor in Eastman. Heavenly Father, I praise you today for the promise of the Holy Spirit in my life. Thank you for your word and the precious blood of your son Jesus, that caused me to overcome in every area of life. With the fruit of my lips I will praise you all day long. Amen.

—Submitted by Tommie WoodsonFairview CME ChurchFort Valley