Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Aug. 19, 2007

Mayor for life

What else or who else over the past eight years has brought more joy and passion into our lives than reading about his antics. It started right from the beginning for me, when he was running for his first term: Jack Ellis was a car salesman and he was running against Buck Melton. The Telegraph ran a list of campaign contributors where it was noted that the dealership Ellis worked for gave him $500, but gave Mr. Melton $5,000. The folks at the dealership realized what a prize they had and were trying to keep him there.

I am going to miss him. Who else could ever match the things he’s done? His feats are too numerous to recount. The Chavez thing is classic: Send a letter by courier and then disappear to Africa where he cannot be reached. Now, nobody in the mayor’s office can find a copy of the letter we keep hearing about on CNN. I wonder which name he used to sign the letter, Hakim Mansour or C. Jack?

Hugo Chavez wants to be president for life, and I think Jack Ellis should be mayor of Macon for life.Marty MyersPerry

The greater damage

Mayor C. Jack Ellis’ most recent blunder is certainly one that is hard to explain. It seems to be another example of him saying or doing something that he believes somehow benefits him, but obviously not Macon and Central Georgia. If he wanted to do this, why not do it as a private citizen and not do it on our behalf? I believe his antics over the years have caused us harm. He has hurt our image and wasted resources that could have been used to benefit our citizens. However, in a few weeks he will leave office and we will recover from this period of stagnation. Conversely, I believe that our country may never recover from the last two presidential terms. Our national leader started a war based on lies and misleading information. We have seen our stature in the world erode to a level that may never be mended. Our economy is experiencing damage that has set us back decades and we have the highest national debt ever, following a period of surplus. We have seen our Constitution tattered and torn. And, we have seen the office of president usurp powers never intended by our founding fathers. Ellis has done damage to Macon during his time in office. Has he done as much damage to Macon as Mr. Bush has done to America? I don’t think so. And it smacks of just a bit of hypocrisy to see politicians who support our national administration standing on the steps of City Hall expounding to the TV cameras about how ole Jack has destroyed poor Macon.

John ChandlerMacon

Strand Ellis in Africa

Partially correct

While I can find no evidence of a Bush/al-Qaida connection, there is more than ample proof that Poppy Bush and Saddam Hussein were thick as thieves, in a manner of speaking. Evidence of this is reflected in and article, “Why We Didn’t Remove Saddam” by George Bush Sr. which appeared in Time Magazine in March of 1998.

The article was removed from the Time archives with no reference to it now existing.

Limited documentation has survived, however. Reference “Ex-U.S. official says CIA aided Baathists–CIA offers no comment on Iraq coup allegations,” by David Morgan, in a Reuters, Sunday, April 20, 2003 article, which can be found at www.commondreams.org/cgi-bin/print.cgi?file=/headlines03/0420-05.htm and http://www.thememoryhole.org/mil/bushsr-iraq.htm which has one of the few surviving copies of “Why We Didn’t Remove Saddam” by Bush Sr. Paul W. Nickles Perry

I would be outraged

For a citizen to feel that way is fine. We are, after all, a free society. When an elected official does as he has done, he is speaking for the city. Does he speak for you? I would be outraged as a citizen of your city.Frederick V. LeahyScotch Plains, N.J.

More consideration

It is amazing how our health officials, citizens of Putnam County, law enforcement, immigration and others, allow illegal aliens to roam where they please, working where they want, and employers allowing them to infect others. Taxpayers who are paying for their health care should be given more consideration.Faye W. TannerMacon

Richly deserved award

Dr. Ivey came home to Macon in 1970 after graduating from Atlanta’s Emory University School of Dentistry. Soon thereafter Dr. Ivey became my family’s dentist. Little did I know that our paths would cross so often when I was elected to represent Macon and Bibb County in the Georgia House of Representatives, beginning in 1976.

For 30 years Dr. Ivey has represented the citizens of this state and the members of the Georgia Dental Association in a very profound way.

Dr. Ivey was extra-ordinarily knowledgeable about all issues affecting dental health and the well-being of Georgia school children. He imparted this knowledge not only to Middle Georgia's senators and representatives but to most elected officials in Washington on a regular basis.

It was primarily because of Dr. Ivey's tireless efforts that the citizens of Macon and Bibb County finally voted in favor of the fluoridation of our water system to provide better dental health to our children.

I congratulate Dr. Ivey on this richly deserved award from his peers. The citizens of Georgia owe him a debt of gratitude.Frank HorneMacon

Throw the rascals out

Go ahead, impeach him; he probably deserves it. But there should be one restriction on the voting — the only representatives or senators who should be allowed to vote are those who never voted for a bill that spent taxpayer's money for a program that is not authorized by the Constitution. And those who are disqualified by the above restrictions should be immediately removed from office.Glenn GetzGordon

Excessive costs

Some draw salaries in excess of a million dollars along with bountiful expense accounts. So the next time we really want to help a deserving family with blood, clothing money or furniture, do it directly. It even feels better to see the recipient genuinely appreciate your support.

There are still some proud folks out there.Joe HubbardMacon

Going paperless

I called the post office and asked if I could exchange the 39-cent stamps for a roll of 41-cent stamps and I would pay differences. I was told no, I would have to purchase a roll of 2-cent stamps. (which I have).

After I use up the stamps on hand, I will go on the Internet and go “paperless” to do all my correspondence. I will save 41-cents and also those corresponding will with me will save 41-cents. I don’t want to inconvenient the post office.William SmithMacon

WRALL All-Star team accomplishments

A time when we could step out onto a baseball field and for a brief moment be a star, for a moment all eyes were on you, for a moment you were the hero. Little League allows children to bond with others in a common cause, build life long friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime. It teaches respect, patience, perseverance and positive thinking. All of which will be valuable tools as they enter adolescence and move into their adult lives.

Quite often I encounter members of an All-Star team that played together almost 30 years ago. One of us made it all the way to the majors. One of us has a son playing for the Mercer baseball team. Others are business professionals, teachers, coaches and the list goes on. We still joke with each other about our playing days and our skills.

We still remember those days with great joy. Memories like looking up into the stands and seeing my father chomping down on an unlit cigar and seeing him nod his head with approval. Or even remembering being tossed from a state championship game and looking up to see that I was probably in deep trouble.

I also wanted to congratulate the board of this WRALL for making the tough decisions, always in the interest of the children. After all, this is what Little League baseball is all about. By teaching, mentoring and encouraging our children, we are also grooming future business leaders, teachers, coaches, and possibly another Major League star.

Mickey Lay and Mike Smith are coaches who have garnered my utmost respect. They challenge the boys but never embarrass or humiliate them. With all of the media attention I think they have done a great job in keeping the boys focused on the task at hand. They fully understand whose dream this really is and they humbly step aside to let the boys live it.Bob Boisclair is a resident of Kathleen


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