Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, June 9, 2019

Big Brother at the hospital

So McDonald’s is closing at Navicent Health? Well both are businesses so one possibility is that the hospital just wanted more rent. Could it be the pressure from the people erecting billboards — “The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine?” They are a business. too. Are they erecting billboards about healthy people going to hospitals and coming out in worse shape than when they entered because they picked up an infection that the hospitals are not controlling? Nope.

They think that by eliminating McDonald’s from the hospital, everybody will eat an apple or tomato? These people get their maids to make them a kale smoothie in their Ninja bullet each morning to take to work for their power lunch. But the visitor to the hospital with a buck in his/her pocket can’t buy a snack. So why not work with McDonalds to provide healthy alternatives to the hamburgers and chicken? No, let’s erect a billboard and force McDonalds to close instead. Big Brother is watching what you eat and it better be healthy.

Kirby A Neal,

Warner Robins

Drug kingpin, pimps and pushers

The lawsuit filed by Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter against Johnson & Johnson described the flood of opioids as the “worst man-made public health crisis in the history of our state and country.” Hunter likened J&J to a “drug kingpin.”

“There were a lot of bad actors in this long chain of causality,” he said. Indeed, if J&J is the “drug kingpin,” its sales reps were “pimps” posing as “pain experts with no training” while bribing doctors, the “pushers,” who wrote prescriptions to patients who then were sold narcotic painkillers by pharmacists, the “dealers.”

These “pushers” also ignore research by the VA that found pain intensity did not decrease with opioid use for lower back cases and were not effective for long-term pain control.

Another factor is the illegal AMA boycott against chiropractors despite a federal antitrust lawsuit that found “chiropractors were more effective than the medical profession ... and better trained to deal with musculoskeletal problems than most medical physicians for certain kinds of back injuries.”

Researchers also found chiropractors at military treatment facilities decreased opioid consumption by as much as 59%. Unfortunately, RAFB still boycotts chiropractors despite the fact all three Army posts in Georgia have chiropractors on staff. Instead of a safe non-drug chiropractic solution to back pain, RAFB clings to outdated models of care thereby putting patients at risk.

J.C. Smith,

Warner Robins

Economy is Trump’s advantage

An article in the May 30 Telegraph by Steven Rattner of The New York Times details why Trump will win another term as president. His two strongest advantages are his incumbency and the economy. The voter’s poor perception of him as a person is not as important as his ability to govern effectively.

Several noted economists have developed computer models to assess the potential of Trump to win re-election, Trump wins in all 12 of them. The Fair model (developed by Ray Fair of Yale University) appears to be the best predictor over the years. In 2008, it predicted Obama would win the popular vote by 53.1% and he got 53.7%. Trump can claim a substantial growth in the nations GDP coupled with a low inflation.

Roger Rader,


Better than just a film

I just read where multiple TV and film productions avoiding Georgia because of heartbeat bill. Hot dog. What can you say when it comes to saving the life of an unborn baby? The baby that’s saved might produce its own film someday and say, “I made this because I was not aborted.”

Bobby Adams,