Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, January 26, 2018

Macon-Bibb County firefighters wait for a crash to be cleared at Log Cabin Drive at Eisenhower Parkway. Bibb County Sheriff's deputies on the scene said the accident happened after the driver of a Dodge pickup refused to stop for an officer.
Macon-Bibb County firefighters wait for a crash to be cleared at Log Cabin Drive at Eisenhower Parkway. Bibb County Sheriff's deputies on the scene said the accident happened after the driver of a Dodge pickup refused to stop for an officer. wmarshall@macon.com

Cut the pursuit?

I am writing in response to a letter published on Sunday, Jan. 14 written by Mary Murdock of Bonaire. The letter addressed a Jan. 3 and Jan. 8, high speed chase in Macon. The Georgia State Patrol was involved in the first chase, the result of an expired tag, and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office in the second due to no proof of insurance. Both ended in crashes involving innocent victims.

The first crash sent three victims to the hospital and “severely damaged their truck.” The second chase appears to have totaled the victim’s station wagon. “Luckily (per her letter) the victim was not injured enough to require medical attention.

Murdock’s concern was for the innocent victims. She felt law enforcement should have guidelines to immediantly stop the pursuit. A She continued “Odds are that there was no insurance on the cars and there is no source of sestitutiion for their damage.”

As a retired law enforcement officer O feel the need to clarify these facts. Most modern police cars are standard with computerized equipment that can scan license tags and more, giving officers a heads up. Moreover, when an officer activates his lights and siren on a subject vehicle, that vehicle should respond accordingly. Most certainly it should not speed away. It’s just common sense that the subject vehicle may have a more critical offense, narcotics, burglary or outstanding warrant. They are certainly not an innocent victim trying to outrun an officer.

As for anyone other than the suspect being liable for damages sustained on his vehicle, or God forbid, an injured or killed pedestrian, this is a false opinion at best.

Pete Floros,


We believe the “innocent victims” Mary Murdock was referring to were the people in the truck that the driver of the speeding Oldsmobile ran into during the chase. In the second accident, the fleeing truck collided with a Ford station wagon.


No help here

Recently I visited the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin with several women from Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us). The immigrant detainee I talked with had been there three years awaiting a decision on his case. He had left his country seeking asylum in the U.S. because terrorists had killed his family. He is afraid to return to his home country but he has been denied citizenship here. He is not a criminal unless you consider seeking asylum a crime.

There are 1,700 men in the center in Lumpkin. It is run by a for-profit company called Core Civic. There are four immigrant detention centers in Georgia. I was unaware that we were keeping many people — men, women and children — locked away from family and community, awaiting an unknown fate. I think it is unconscionable that we profit financially from people looking to us for asylum! Georgians need to know more about how our government is treating those who come to us for help.

Kay Shurden,


Universal health care

Thanks Telegraph for your article pointing out that Norway is ranked as one of the top nations for happiness, noting that one of the reasons is a universal health care system covering all people regardless of income, place of residence or origin.

I strongly believe there are powerful sources in this country that don’t want the general public to realize government insurance can work under the proper conditions and not be overly expensive. Thanks Telegraph for reporting the truth.

Gary Gordon,

Warner Robins

‘Defender of Faith’

I sometimes feel like Queen Elizabeth II, the “Defender of the Faith.” Nevertheless. for Jesus, I will do it again. A certain newspaper columnist wants us to defend the faith without using faith. That’s unrealistic. He also invites us to rearrange our thinking about faith. That sounds like what the devil would like us to do.

The same writer complains about a certain man disagreeing with him every week, yet, the writer disagrees with the word of God every week.

Susan Ganas,

Warner Robins

‘Grow up’

James Huber advised UGA fans to get a life and grow up in his letter “End the heartbreak” on Jan. 12. As a UGA fan, I commend Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm for his Christian faith by emphasizing that God is great regardless of the outcome of the national championship game or any football game. Fromm also congratulated Alabama’s freshman sensational quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for his spectacular performance. In fact, both freshman quarterbacks set an example for fans, players and coaches should embrace.

Of course, there are fans from all schools who should grow up and get a life. This includes married couples who have divorced over a college football rivalry, which was mentioned before the Alabama-Auburn football game. The same concept applies to football fans who verbally target or throw objects on visiting fans just because they support the other team.

As for players going to the NFL next year, I encourage each of them to stand up for the national anthem with your hand over your heart. Our country is one of only a few in which blood has been shed and lives lost to uphold the freedom that enables professional athletes to perform and earn such lucrative salaries.

Alan H. Preston,


Coming blitz

I wish all of us have a better year than we had in 2017. I have a fellow letter writer who is sharply poignant and I really want Faye Tanner to know that. With that said and the mid-term elections coming up I felt we should get the old gloves warmed up because I don’t see either of us switching sides unless Hell goes into a deep freeze. I’, preparing for a full out blitz.

We must get rid of anything Trump. The closest thing we have is Rep. Austin Scott. None of our senators are up for reelection this year but Sen. David Perdue should watch his back in 2020.

There is a really good chance for Democrats to take control of the House and Senate and hopefully, right the sinking ship on this tax bill that will be paid for on the backs of the middle class and lower income families. Trickle down economics didn’t work for President Ronald Reagan and it won’t work for Trump, but the impact won’t be felt until he’s out of office if he gets a second term.

So what is Trumponomics? You just get broke, quicker. If Trump gets out of the way, don’t look to Vice President Pence, he’s just Trump light. If Democrats can take the House and Senate that will eliminate two show dogs — Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. I’m looking forward to the battle royal.

Thomas T. Cunningham,