Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, January 5, 2018

Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm pulls back to throw a pass during the Rose Bowl NCAA college football game against Oklahoma Monday, Jan. 1, 2018, in Pasadena, Calif.
Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm pulls back to throw a pass during the Rose Bowl NCAA college football game against Oklahoma Monday, Jan. 1, 2018, in Pasadena, Calif. AP

Good impression

I watched the Georgia Bulldogs game this past week and I saw Jake Fromm’s post game interview and was very impressed with his character. The first words out of his mouth were, “believe,” and, “God is good.” With everything going on in the world today, it’s good to know that the leaders of the future are rooted and grounded in their faith and are not afraid to say it. Keep up the good work, Jake, and continue to make us all proud.

Cameron W. Andrews


Great again

For all of you who despise President Trump, I want to tell you that I totally understand. For eight miserable years, people like me had to put up with the most inept president in America’s history. We did not vote for him and we did not riot in the streets or ask for a recount or stress timeouts because Obama got elected.

We sucked it up and gave him a chance. True to form, Obama began his destruction of America and our foreign policies. Now that Trump is the president (God, I love saying that), real hope and change is going to be the order of the day. You won’t find Trump playing golf while Americans are being beheaded. You won’t find Trump playing golf while one of our active duty Marines is being beaten in a Mexican jail. You’ll never see Trump sending billions of our dollars in cash to terrorist countries. You won’t find Trump turning his back on Americans calling for help and leaving them to die. The “politically correct” days are over. God has blessed America and despite how all of the socialists, American flag burning malcontents feel about it, America is going to be a great place to live again.

Clyde Ellerbee Jr.,


Services OK, but

I basically like our county government and its services as well as those of the city of Warner Robins. I have never had a problem with any service of Warner Robins. I think that my county and city property taxes are reasonable and fair.

I recently used our city hospital for X-rays and quickly received an appointment and the staff and services were excellent. The new wings of the hospital are excellent and were definitely needed in our city limits where they are more easily accessible.

When it comes to our county libraries I see areas that need improvement. The periodicals and newspaper collections at the Centerville branch are inadequate as are the childrens’ book collections overall.

The biggest deficiency of the county library system is that not a single branch library is open on Sundays and national holidays. We have millions of dollars invested in our county libraries yet they are closed to their patrons every Sunday and on national holidays.

Our county commissioners have told me when I appeared before them at a regular meeting that our library budget is adequate in every way and they will not increase it. I would be glad to show any county commissioner of what I speak by taking them on a personal tour of the Centerville branch. I am a retired professional librarian and I know of what I speak. The county librarian is welcome to join us, but I would insist on the presence of a county commissioner or the deal is off for obvious reasons.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

Soft headline

Your Jan. 3 front page headline for the story covering President Trump’s tweet “Crooked Hillary’s top aid ......put classified passwords into hands of foreign agents” is a perfect example of the media’s ongoing efforts to normalize an entirely abnormal president.

As such, the innocuous headline “Trump urges action on Comey, Clinton aide” not only softens the blatant and attacking words and import of Trump’s tweet, it provides a legitimacy to his statement which is not deserved. Perhaps if the headline had read: “Once again, President Trump misrepresents and maligns Comey and Clinton’s aide in a Tweet,” then readers would have a more accurate take on what the president actually said. It goes without saying that having a president who publicly urges government agencies to go after his political opponents is not normal and should not be tolerated, even by his political party and his “base.

In the meantime, the majority of Americans who had no part in elevating a wholly unsuitable man to the presidency are counting on the Fourth Estate to be diligent and factual in its coverage, which includes not providing a soft landing for a president who’s not earned one.

Donna Williams,


Successful train exhibit

As 2018 starts and I look back on 2017, I want to thank the people of Middle Georgia on behalf of the Middle Georgia Model Railroad Club for your support during our annual Planes and Trains Exhibit at the Robins Museum of Aviation. It was the largest public participation in the nine years we have been doing this. We had well over 7,000 viewers and look forward to exceeding the 8,000 mark in 2018.

It was also a great year for media coverage, the most I can remember in the eight years I have been a member. We appreciate their support that helped make this a banner year for the club.

The most surprising thing that happened was when the Warner Robins Convention and Visitors Bureau awarded the Middle Georgia Model Railroad Club a plaque of Special Recognition for Distinguished Service and Outstanding Leadership. Something that was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated.

Last but not least, we wish to thank the Museum of Aviation and its staff for their support without which none of this would have been possible. I sometimes think they put as much time and effort in putting on these exhibit as we do. After all they have to clear the floor of their exhibits so we can put ours up. Again I want to thank everyone who had a hand in making 2017 a banner year and look forward to a better 2018.

Carl F. Blair. president

Middle Georgia Model Railroad Club,


Patience account in good standing

I wish to thank and acknowledge the efforts by the county prior to Christmas to bring order to the right-of-way at our front yard by removing the huge pine tree trunk sections, leaving only the tree stump in the right-of-way, and removing the long pile of Irma debris at the street curb. (May the spirit of Christmas be with us all through the year of 2018.)

Arthur D. Brook,