Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, Devember 25, 2017

Flow up theory

Why the trickle down theory? Why not the flow up theory? If the middle and lower class wage earners have more spendable income (due to tax cuts), they will spend most of it on products, services and savings in banks, credit unions, etc. Therefore, 100 percent of the increase in salaries goes to sales, products and savings. When demand exceeds supply the large factories and corporations in America will increase production and profits. The more production, the more jobs and the more money workers will have to spend on goods and services.

If the tax benefits help the middle and lower income population it will flow up to the large corporations and all Americans would benefit. Give the flow up theory consideration. Why get locked into the tickle down theory that has proven inaccurate?

Gary Gordon,

Warner Robins

The cover up

There are consequences for re-electing professional politicians. They will do anything to cover-up their misdeeds and the misdeeds of others in order to get re-elected.

Congress established a slush fund, using tax dollars, to pay off women who accused congressmen and congressional staffers of sexual harassment. This slush fund should be terminated. The congressmen who were involved should be identified and should reimburse the Treasury.

Some congressmen have used their office fund, tax dollars, to pay off women who have accused them of sexual harassment. This practice should be abolished. The congressmen who were involved should be identified and should reimburse the Treasury.

Allegations of sexual harassment against congressmen and congressional staffers should be investigated by the capital police. Allegations of sexual harassment against congressmen should not be investigated by other congressmen or congressional staffers. For years they were aware of these practices and did nothing to stop them. I do not think the Congressional Esthetics Committee is effective.

Jim Costello,


10-minute walk campaign

We applaud Mayor Robert Reichert for endorsing the 10-minute walk to a park campaign led by The Trust for Public Land, National Recreation and Park Association and Urban Land Institute. The campaign is working with mayors across the country to advance park access and quality, with the bold goal of putting a high-quality park or open space within a 10-minute walk of every American.

The value of parks and green spaces is well known and well-researched, including health, economic, community-building and environmental benefits. But in the United States, one in three Americans (approximately 100 million people), do not have a park within a 10-minute walk of home. This is why we have a launched this ambitious campaign — because we believe that parks are anchors of healthy, livable communities, and should be available to everyone — no matter where they live.

We are incredibly proud that Mayor Reichert has joined more than 140 mayors — from small towns and big cities across America, and from both parties — who support the 10-minute-walk campaign.

Will Rogers, CEO, The Trust for Public Land

Barbara Tullipane, CEO, National Recreation and Parks Association

Ralph Boyd,

CEO, ULI Americas

San Francisco, California