Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, December 15, 2017

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Doug Jones and his wife Louise wave to supporters before speaking Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, in Birmingham, Ala. Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore, a one-time GOP pariah who was embraced by the Republican Party and the president even after facing allegations of sexual impropriety.
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Doug Jones and his wife Louise wave to supporters before speaking Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, in Birmingham, Ala. Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore, a one-time GOP pariah who was embraced by the Republican Party and the president even after facing allegations of sexual impropriety. AP

Fair and balanced

A special “Thank You” to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Roy Moore for insuring the Senate is now a little more “fair and balanced” with Doug Jones as senator.

Carl Pirkle,


Second Amendment

Lindsay Holliday’s letter in response to Richard Jones’ Dec. 6 letter concerning common sense gun control measures was rather myopic and ill-informed. Based on Holliday’s logic there would be no freedom of the press if the press used high speed presses, telephones, telegraph, radio, television or anything other than a hand-set type printing press from the 18th century.

The first, second, fourth , ninth and tenth amendments identify the rights of “the people” and vest these rights in individuals, not collective bodies as he would have us think when he inferred that possession of a firearm only applies if you are a member of “A well regulated militia.” He conveniently ignored the fact that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” is how the authors ended that amendment.

I know an individual right when I see one, and I don’t believe the fact that technology has advanced in the 225-plus years since the Bill of Rights was written should have an effect on those rights.

Mike Wilcox,

Warner Robins

Diabetes and depression

If you have ever dealt with or seen family and friends suffer the lingering affects of diabetes and depression you can attest to their debilitating consequences. It is true medicines have made great strides toward masking the effects. The cost of a once a day shot just went up to $1,100 for three pens that last a month. If you have insurance it is $243. The world of eating out with diabetes is a true nightmare. The very limited foods that fit into that realm of good is very small and most restaurants do not cater to this vast segment of society.

Care for this is limited, too. The offices are like cattle barns with every seat taken and 90 percent of the patients grossly overweight. Majoring in accounting and psychology, I read extensively and saw patients in the wards in Milledgeville. Depression is in lockstep with being as acute as any sickness. The extreme cases with bipolar illnesses are far better managed today than in the ‘60s. The lows and highs of depression still render many incapable of performing as well as others.

This is the season that causes the most stress. The real toll is suffered by the immediate family. Like drugs and alcohol, both of these ailments are causing many families to seek counseling.

Joe Hubbard,


‘Take a knee’?

I don’t watch professional football any more. The fact that a major entertainment industry would allow its employees to use a petty and false issue to disrespect my country is something I can’t abide. Even if it were a valid issue this is not the place to air it. The national anthem before a game is for us to show our respect for the sacrifices and great gifts of freedom and plenty that the Founders and defenders have given us through the last 200-plus years.

As with so much of today’s fake news, it is based on ‘hands up don’t shoot’ which never happened and a claim that law enforcement is targeting black youth which collapses with even a cursory look at the statistics. In that collection of malcontents, the emotion they can create with a fake story for the ill informed and garner a lot of transitory fame is one goal. In the final analysis, follow the money.

While they “take a knee” I will stand and respect this country and those who gave a knee, or two knees, or a life to maintain that for which the Founders gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to win for us.

John Boyd,

Warner Robins

Good customer service

Several days ago I bought some Christmas gifts at Academy Sports in Macon. I was in awe of the customer service and friendliness of their employees, especially Tim at the front entrance. He was smiling, friendly and went out of his way to help me with a return and an exchange. He took extra steps in finding what I needed online, ordered it and having it shipped to me with no shipping charges. Leaving there, I stopped at Express Oil on Log Cabin and encountered another great business with a very dedicated employee, Michael, who helped me with a problem with my car with both knowledge and courtesy. I highly recommend both of these businesses. They have restored my faith in customer service. Thank you and Merry Christmas and may God bless you in many ways.

Tonie Maxwell,


Marine Corp League

Detachment 970 of the Marine Corp League has been doing positive things for the Middle Georgia community. This Christmas season, the detachment has raised over $3,000 for the Marine Corp Reserve Toys for Tots program. Members braved the cold and the rain to solicit donations at Bass Pro Shop and Lowe’s.

Recently, the detachment donated clothing and other items to the Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville. We raised $1,800 for the Rising Star program in Gray. In addition, Detachment 970 has honored Middle Georgia Eagle Scouts, provided honor guards for Macon Memorial Park, donated to the Sgt. Rodney Davis Scholarship Fund, as well as helping out fellow Marines in distress.

The Marine Corp League is always looking for new members to join our ranks. Active, Reserve, and honorably discharged Marines and FMF Navy Corpsmen are welcome. The Detachment meets on the first Tuesday of every month at United Community Church on Heath Road at 1900 hours. For more information on how you can take part, please email us at mcldetachment970@gmail.com.

Michael Smallwood

Senior Vice Commandant, Detachment 970 Marine Corp League


Packing heat

Recently while scanning through the 250 satellite channels on my television, looking for something interesting to watch, I found a channel with two programs from old, namely, Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger What I found interesting was that every one in both towns were packing heat, women and men, without turning a head. Liberals wouldn’t let that happen today. Just sayin’.

Darlis Whitworth,