Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, December 10, 2017

A blood-stained collar worn by Nate Goodwin’s dog Big Boy lies near the spot where Goodwin decapitated the animal Friday. Big Boy was shot by a Crawford County sheriff’s deputy after the dog lunged at him. The deputy had been called to the the neighborhood to investigate a report of a person bit by a dog.
A blood-stained collar worn by Nate Goodwin’s dog Big Boy lies near the spot where Goodwin decapitated the animal Friday. Big Boy was shot by a Crawford County sheriff’s deputy after the dog lunged at him. The deputy had been called to the the neighborhood to investigate a report of a person bit by a dog. wmarshall@macon.com

Too complicated?

I was disgusted by the two officers making the owner of Big Boy cut the dog’s head off. One of the officers stated “We don’t know this process either.” Was it too complicated for them to just call Animal Control and have them transport Big Boy’s body to the appropriate location for testing?

Carl Pirkle,


What a deal

With apologies to the 1967 book, “Rush to Judgment,” The Telegraph article, “Sandy Beach water park up for sale,” and the almost immediate comments by some commissioners led me to think. “Rush to Spend” more county money that we do not or will not have unless taxes and/or fees are again increased if we get further involved in this development.

“But what a bargain, how can we pass it up,” comments came forth from some of the group who had previously performed a poor validation effort of the original decision to accept a novice developer for the water park? Macon- Bibb does not need another county run entertainment venue with potential unknown financial/liability obligations to be paid by already over-taxed property owners.

Was it a coincidence that the county developed the “Mega Garbage bill” to arrive at nearly the same time, or a predestined “shot across the bow” of residential property owners warning of yet to be disclosed additional county debts from the still incomplete Irma storm clean-up?

Arthur D. Brook,


Pay up

I would just like to ask the good people of Macon-Bibb County to stop complaining about their annual garbage bill of $300! I really don’t think they know exactly what removing all their garbage entails, but from what I see as I drive around they have a pretty good deal and a system which most people really abuse.

I see literally tons of black bags in the locality containing nothing but garden leaves and piles of fallen tree limbs piled at the curbs. They have a recycling system which few choose to use as well as overflowing garbage bins because they do not recycle.

After Christmas there will be stacks of cardboard and paper goods just left randomly all over the bin area for the garbage men to pick up.

Apart from the city picking up all that garbage it then has to be disposed of and because we are a lazy nation, little thought is given to where that is going to happen until the site they’ve been using becomes untenable as ours has been in the past. Add to all that the fallen tree limbs and waste from the tropical storm which came through and I honestly think you all get a very good deal and need to stop complaining and pay up! Oh and let’s not forget those who don’t pay make it worse for those who do.

Carol Frayne,


Did you know?

Here are the first three paragraphs appearing in the December 2017 Georgia Sheriff’s magazine article (More on the Office of Sheriff). Goggle www. georgiasheriffsmagazine.com to read the entire article.

“Jails and prisons have become America’s ‘new asylums.’ The number of incarcerated individuals with a serious mental illness exceed the number in state psychiatric hospitals tenfold.

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, deinstitutionalization swept the nation. State mental hospitals were shut down and set to be replaced with less isolating, community-based programs. It was an auspicious plan, but the funding needed locally never materialized. The hospitals closed, the community programs fell by the wayside, and the mentally ill wound up in jails and prisons.

“Are you aware that your local jail is the largest contributor to mental health wellness in your community? The jail is the dumping ground for the mentally ill creating overcrowding conditions and costing millions of dollars in health care which local government do not have.

Sheriff Bill Massee of Baldwin County stated, “Every jail in every county in the state of Georgia now is the mental health hospital.”

Travis L. Middelton,

Peach Country

Upholding the Constitution?

Larry Knight’s letter on Dec. 7 said, “. . .evangelical Christianity . . . is an existential threat to the Constitution.” On the contrary, I would say that evangelicals are probably the biggest defenders of the Constitution. We want it to be applied as written and intended by the Founders.

As a Supreme Court justice in Alabama, Roy Moore was trying his best to uphold the Constitution, as he lays out in his book, “So Help Me God.” Anyone who wants to understand his position would do well to read it.

John Daugherty,


Stop the attack on Israel

Israel is under a withering attack. The U.N. has just created an anti-Israel legal slush fund — giving $18 million to the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority to wage legal warfare (lawfare) against Israel.

What makes the matter even worse is that the U.S. funds more than 22 percent of the U.N.’s annual budget. And now, it’s the U.S. taxpayer who is funding the jihadist legal war on Israel.

U.N. agencies have called for Israel’s destruction. Hezbollah and Hamas are preparing for war. The International Criminal Court is pursuing new, false war crime charges against Israel (not the terrorists). I think that we ought to eliminate U.N. funding from the U.S budget.

Hill Kaplan,



You get a biased opinion from Ishaan Thaboor’s article, “Trump’s Jerusalem move risks starting new fires in Middle East” published in the Thursday edition of The Telegraph. When he says “no country keeps its embassy there” why did Russia announce in March or April (not certain about the exact date) that they were moving their embassy to Western Jerusalem? The only question I have is why it took so long to recognize reality?

Gilbert Held,


Just guessin’

My one question was not answered, in the story about Mercer University’s effort to increase voter registration, how many of the new registrants registered as Democrats and Republicans? Does anyone know? I bet I know who got the most. Just sayin’.

Darlis Whitworth,