Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Security forces inspect the site of a suicide attack outside a Shiite mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Shiite mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul, killing four people and wounding 20 others.
Security forces inspect the site of a suicide attack outside a Shiite mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Shiite mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul, killing four people and wounding 20 others. AP

SCA Awareness Month

Just my reminder (seven years now) to our community that October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. Unfortunately, the condition that takes the most lives in our country is the one that is most grossly under covered by the media. More than 350,000 people die per year, or one every 90 seconds, due to SCA. This is not a heart attack. The reason our community may not know this is because of the lack of media participation or desire to educate our local residents.

The SCARE 5K is Saturday, Oct. 21, at 9 a.m. at the Ocmulgee National Monument (Indian Mounds). This is our seventh year and to date we have donated 50 Automated External Defibrillators to local organizations. We are making an impact for our community. If you are interested in submitting a letter for an AED please see the SCARE Facebook page. Lets save more lives.

Kathy Frazier,


Bishop’s vote

On Oct. 3, Congress overwhelmingly passed HR 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Sanford Bishop, along with every other Georgia Democrat in the Congressional Black Caucus voted “No.”

HR 36 is based on medical evidence that an unborn child can experience pain at least by 20 weeks. There is a compelling government interest in protecting the life of unborn children who can experience pain.

Sanford Bishop routinely claims to be pro-life. His vote against this bill displays a glaring inconsistency. If he persists in his claims to be pro-life, he is lying.

Sanford Bishop’s vote did not represent the strongly held values of African-American, Hispanic and white voters in his district. His vote followed the wishes of Washington big money such as Planned Parenthood. His vote is especially a slap in the face of African-Americans who traditionally are pro-life and vote Democrat.

This vote is proof positive that Sanford Bishop takes the African-American voter for granted. The history of racial targeting and bigotry of the abortion industry is reason enough for the Congressional Black Caucus to stand for life. If you are African-American, consider what Sanford Bishop does when in Washington versus what the politician says when campaigning.

Donald E. Cole,


Too many conservatives

I was disappointed to realize on Tuesday October 10, while reading Viewpoints, that they were all written by conservatives: Rinda Wilson, Faye Tanner, Dan Topolewiski, and Daniel W. Gatlyn. Probably all Republicans as well.

Rinda Wilson’s “Fake News” was all the usual, hackneyed, tired, old examples of fake news about alleged liberal bias in our media. I don’t know if Wolfe Blitzer or anyone else on CNN is a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. I can’t say that about the folks on Fox News.

Tanner’s attempt at humor with older women was a joke that wasn’t funny. Neither are most of her right-wing letters to Viewpoints.

Topolewski’s vain attempt to bring that old Democratic cliche about Saul Olinski’s “Rule for Radicals” that allegedly influenced Barack Obama in his earlier years back into sight is pathetic. The Boy Scout Manual/handbook was a more likely influence on Obama.

Last but not least is Gatlyn’s humorous attempt to make our first lady into an icon by listing all of her alleged character traits. This is a colossal failure as her husband has none of these mainly iconic traits, especially those concerning “decency and compassion.” His massive egotism, lying and meaness puts “The Donald” in his own class.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

When will it end?

Gen. John Nicholson, the top military commander, predicted that a tidal wave of air power is on the horizon in Afghanistan. We are giving the Afghan Air Force 159 HH 60 Black Hawk helicopters. This will triple the size of their air force. He claims this is the beginning of the end of the Taliban. Additionally, we are providing material and money to double the size of the Afghan special operations force. The president of Afghanistan declared the terrorists will not triumph.

We have been training and equipping the Afghan security forces for16 years. We have been leading the fight to defeat the insurgents. We have over 10,000 personnel there. The Afghan government controls 60 percent of the country. The Taliban controls 40 percent of the country. They are fighting with AK-47s, IEDs and suicide bombers.

How long will we remain there? How many more Americans will die there? How much will we spend? When will the Afghans be able to fight on their own? When will our leaders realize the Afghan government is corrupt? When will our leaders realize Afghans do not want to fight other Afghans? We have to borrow money to fund our continuing adventure in Afghanistan.

History has proven Afghans will fight all of the foreigners in their country. The vast majority of Afghans do not care who is in charge in Kabul.

Jim Costello,


Kneel more

All this talk about taking a knee. We need more kneelers and knee benders but they have it all backwards. We stand for the flag. We kneel at the cross.

Bobby Adams,


Mass murder in America

“What is that noise? Oh my! What’s happening? Where can I go? Where can I hide? I am so scared, so filled with fear. I can feel my heart beating so hard, it feels like it’s going to explode. I can’t believe this is happening. This is so surreal. I’m all alone. Will no one help me? My leg, oh my, the pain is horrendous. My arm, I am screaming but no one hears me. I think I am going to die, will no one come to my aid. I want to live. I want to live the rest of my life. I don’t want to die. I want my mama!”

The reality of this scenario occurs 3,000 times each and every day for a defenseless child in abortion clinics in this country. This is the real mass murder. Why is there no outrage over this? Why are there no laws protecting these helpless victims? What have we become? “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”

David Burkovich,