Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, September 3, 2017

Who would tell the story?

As one ages, you change, and that around you changes also. Periodically, I have recognized such changes, personally and community wise, with the regret that I probably did not show adequate appreciation previously for that which I had been privileged to possess or have access to.

Such a day arrived Tuesday, Aug. 29, when The Telegraph newspaper was not delivered for my daily “paperolic” fix of information and access to digital delivery was denied. I was directed to talk with a “customer service rep” with a Southeast Asian accent. (Frayed sensitivities were alleviated later by the Southeast Georgia accent of a lady speaking my language of understanding.)

I had composed a letter to the editor on May 20 while in another Georgia city for a family event after reading the local paper that I had often read on other visits. I read this paper with the disdain I possess for some regular out-of-state columnists published in The Telegraph, searching for just “one gem,” only to remain convinced that the paper was without redeeming value for the community it served. (A terrible loss of significant extent.)

This led me to the question, do Middle Georgians recognize and appreciate the newspaper content quality of our local paper? I say that without The Telegraph, who would endeavor to keep the public adequately informed and ask the hard questions of elected and appointed officials, community “movers and shakers” and outsiders such as GDOT and consultants like”Moreland Altobelli” who often give the appearance they are “above the norm,” telling us what we should do (think Forest Hills Road). Knowledge is power, while ignorance can result in servitude and anarchy.

A community without an excellent local newspaper is one doomed to not achieve the excellence and destiny its location could have foretold. I prefer reading material “held by hand,” but quality content is the watchword that we should all expect and encourage. (I look forward to an accessible digital presentation of The Telegraph of old Telegraph quality and dependability.)

Arthur D. Brook,


Denial time past

Climate change is making extreme weather like hurricanes more frequent and more severe, and we must stop the fossil fuel industry’s expansion and cut carbon pollution to keep it from getting worse.

Climate change is causing sea-level rise, which worsens storm surges; increasing air temperatures that lead to more rainfall and boosting water temperatures — all of which make storms more severe. The Gulf of Mexico is currently up to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average, which allowed Harvey to jump to a Category 4 hurricane just hours before making landfall — an unprecedented event in decades of record keeping. The time for denial has long since passed.

Michael Pottorff,

Warner Robins

The Constitution

I disagree with Jerry Norris, the Constitution is a living document. It has been amended numerous times. The Constitution was written by men. They wanted a strong central government with limited authority. They wanted the states to have authority over the day to day activities of its citizens. The Constitution did not address individual rights and freedoms. Therefore, the writers had to propose 12 amendments to the states for ratification. The Constitution and 10 of the 12 amendments were ratified by men, because they were the only ones who could vote and hold office. Since then, Congress has proposed amendments and voters have approved them. Slavery was abolished. All citizens can vote and hold public office. States cannot limit a citizen’s access to vote. Representation is based on all citizens being counted the same. Senators are elected by citizens within a state, not by state legislators.

Courts have clarified the Constitution. All citizens have equal protection under the law, and must be treated equally. Any individual born in the U.S. is a citizen. Who can be elected president. I too have read the Constitution. The term, “the whole number of free persons... and three fifths of all other persons,” is obviously biased. Where are the “Providence Plantations”? Who are “non-taxed Indians”? What are “Letters of Marque and Reprisal”?

Jim Costello,


Economy rolling

“It is the economy stupid,” and now the true picture is very clear. During the past 20 years executive pay rose 300 times verses 40 times that for workers. At the same time, the average net worth fell by 14 percent. Job security also fell. Add those facts to the reality and cars and homes prices are out of reach for many.

With millions of the baby boomers downsizing and the younger generations moving into smaller homes, the economy is adjusting to a slowing economy based on family incomes. By just looking at the massive closing of retail stores the unemployed are facing fewer job options.

Even banks are finding it prudent to close branches nationwide. Just this week, Wal-Mart disclosed they are automating check out at all stores. These events are throwing hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers into the street. And one lady won $400 million and two fighters splits $300 million for one fight.

Joe Hubbard,


Two sides

I know nothing of Joel Osteen’s church in Houston, Texas other than the two sides of their recent controversy: One side complaining that the church has barred its doors to hurricane refugees, and the other side publishing pictures of its water-isolated building with flooded ground floors and the statement that the second floor will be available when it dries out and other facilities are filled. Without taking sides on that particular issue, one has to wonder where the city authorities were when Joel, or any other Christian for that matter, wanted to pray at football games, city council meetings, or other civic events.

Dan Topolewski,



This morning’s article in The Telegraph of the unveiling of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s. statue was a wonderful and timely event. However, I wonder how long it will take for some folks to take it down as they are doing with Confederate historical personalities? Will Hay House be next?

Al Diboll,