Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, July 17, 2017

Fake news

Through the years, news networks went from biased news to outright fake news. About a dozen years ago Dan Rather left CBS in disgrace which means the media hasn’t learned much. I spend my time now just looking at news pictures/videos and avoid most of what is written since journalistic integrity might have left with Walter Cronkite’s last broadcast.

I wonder how much of what the media has fed us is real and how much is fake, e.g., was there any type of government involvement/cover-up in news stories concerning Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, vessels and aircraft lost in the Bermuda Triangle, JFK’s assassination, Area 51 and alien visitation and abductions, Paul McCartney’s death, the moon landing hoax, Barack Obama’s birthplace, 9/11, Flight 93 being shot down, Benghazi, Joan River’s death, etc.? I’m now like David Duchovny’s character on X-Files, “Trust No One.”

Mike Smith,

Warner Robins

What, McCartney’s dead? Get out.


Emergency visit policy

This week, Consumers for Quality Care, an organization aimed at providing a voice for patients in the health-care debate, sent a letter to Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner expressing our concern with a new policy from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Since July 1, Georgia policyholders now face a new rule on emergencies: If they go to the emergency department with an issue that is later determined not to be an emergency, Anthem can decide not to cover their visit. As long-time health care advocates, we believe this policy violates the basic tenants of the insurer-patient agreement and provides yet another example of abusive practices that prevents Americans from accessing quality health care.

Georgia’s insurance commissioner’s office responded to our letter by providing a hotline for consumers having issues with coverage or reimbursement of emergency treatment. Those patients can reach out for help via this number: 1-800-656-2298.

The debate around health care is often contentious and confusing, particularly around the quality of care. We hope to continue to call out anti-consumer practices and to help patients get the real relief they deserve.

Consumers for Quality Care Board

Former Rep. Donna Christensen, M.D.

Jim Manley

Scott Mulhause

Private school flight

There has been much written in the paper regarding private schools in Macon. There has not been any mention of “The Elephant in the Room.” Essentially many families started their children in public schools. My oldest son started junior high at Miller and was set upon by a group of older students who had been held back. They wanted 50-cents a day not to beat him up. He refused to pay and they had a problem trying to beat him up. The security guard near the end of school informed us there was a rumor that this group was going to bring knives to school and make an example of our son.

A letter from the board opf education asked us why we withdrew our son. I explained why, and that the older facility students needed to be placed away from the general school population. Soon afterward I asked an acquaintance about his son going to Miller. His answer to the problem was to identify the leader and confront him in the stairwell and threaten his mortal existence if he touched his son. They left him alone. A colleague’s son was cornered in the bathroom and badly beaten. A neighbors son was hit on the head with a lead pipe getting on the school bus. He spent two weeks in a coma. An anesthesiologist who I worked with went to Central and paid daily. His father said it was cheaper than private school. I don’t have any idea what is happening today, but I personally know why private schools started.

Charles G. Burton,


Know the facts

Richard Jones took substantial liberties with the truth in his letter to the editors on July 9. What he failed to mention was that the study he cited was from 2007 and that Al and Tipper Gore’s home was completely renovated in 2008 during which time the Gores took extreme steps to, among other things, install solar panels, a geothermal system and replaced (as many of us have) all standard lightbulbs with low energy use lightbulbs. In addition, the Gores have, for years, and had during 2007, voluntarily paid an additional $423 a month to ensure that most of their energy comes from renewable sources like solar and wind.

In addition, Jones failed to mention that in addition to the ranch he selectively mentioned, the George and Laura Bush also own and primarily live in an 8,501 square foot mansion in one of the most prestigious Dallas neighborhoods.

Sometimes the truth takes a bit more effort to find but its important to know the facts.

Janis Haley,


New nickname

Oh, it’s just about a week now that Cox changed my TV station lineup (of course without notification or asking my opinion). I had a week to digest the new offerings. Boy, can I ever shop now. I always had QVC and HSN but I never knew there was a QVC 2 and HSN 2 and with my other shopping choices, I will never have to leave my home, but it may be too much for the FedEx and UPS guys and gals.

I looked in to see what the “Cowboy Country” channel was like. I kind of liked the Barrel Racing and Chuck Wagon racing, but, and here is the exciting part. I came in from my afternoon chores for a break, flipped on the TV and there in front of me was a live cattle auction. Wow it was exciting. Instead of going down to the grocery and buying a steak or hamburger one at a time I could buy 70 or 80 head of cattle in one fell swoop. Wow! All I had to do was go on line and enter the auction. I quickly got my HOA covenants out to see if I could put these steers in the backyard, but first I have to figure out how I get them delivered from Wyoming, which I assume is real cattle country. Hot Diggidy Dog — what a country! I love it, Cox, not so much. Just call me Tex!

“Cowboy” Lou Stennes,

Warner Robins

Story time?

Thanks to Frank Gadbois and his “Statistics.” Where did you get them? Since he never divulges his sources or his reference material, most of us have come to the conclusion that he just make them up. How about some credibility? Or does he just remember story time at the library?

Jim Huber,