Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, July 3, 2017

Got it

It took me about 10 seconds to catch on to the editorial cartoon in your June 27 issue. The Republican elephant with its legs spinning is “The Roadrunner”; the Democratic donkey with a huge “Trump Hate” rocket on its back is “Wiley Coyote,” whose elaborate plan to kill the Roadrunner in the 2018 midterm elections is doomed to failure. Meep Meep!

Charlie Adams,

Fort Valley

Going to miss Bobby

I love the newspaper. I like to feel the paper in my hands rather than reading it online. I especially loved reading the weekly columns by the various contributing columnists, of special note the recent article about football great Bobby Bryant written by Bobby Pope. After reading about a player of my generation, I came to the last paragraph relating that it was to be Bobby's last. How sad it was to read those words. From one of Bobby's faithful readers, I wish him only the best and will miss his sports insights, as I am sure others will as well.

Elaine Greene,



According to all of the failed individuals who lost to Trump, our president is insane or worse. What we are seeing is an attempt to right a sinking ship (America). To all of the career politicians I say, please just resign yourselves to the fact that we want new blood to be in charge. Most of the Congress is acting like children.

The facts surrounding the ultimate plan for health care, defense, Social Security, education, welfare, foreign aid, crime and the massive need for rebuilding our roads and bridges is a total financial impossibility. Even the Federal Reserve has it all wrong.

There are rational cuts to be made. Bring 80 percent of our troops home. Cut foreign aid substantially. Close the Department of Education and turn it over to the states. Close multiple agencies that are not essential. Cut government travel 70 percent. Stop Saturday mail and cease trying to compete with UPS and Fed Ex. Cut thousands of nonessential jobs. Due to the new technologies have mail delivered three days a week. Cut grants by 75 percent. America is broke and we face an era worse than the Great Depression.

Joe Hubbard,