Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bibb tax increase response

I would like to thank the editor for his directions to Macon-Bibb County website, which proved informative, but also confirmed what I said back in December of 2013 before the judge of Superior Court (Bibb County) that this consolidated new government is not ready to be implemented without further study. Which proved to be true, with less than two weeks the spending began, budget be damned.

With accounts receivable as their bottom line “not in hand.” The spending began, EPA fines, re-election costs, the spending goes on without any compliance to the HB 1171 charter section 23 Paragraph (A) (B)and (C) up to the year 2017 budget reduction; breaching agreement of consolidation. The taxpayer has to be misled big time with no plans for correction.

Note: High taxes is not a wise plan to attract business, and tax deferment means tax shift to homeowners reducing purchasing power and a slow death for our community. Peter Principle applies in our case.

Daniel E. Lee,


Dedicated journalists

Another week on the road, graduations abound, and we return to revelations about scoundrels and thieves. Problems revealed oftentimes exposes blessings, important things, people and entities we take for granted, often criticizing when we should be applauding, encouraging their excellence.

After reading The Telegraph’s initial account of the pension dealings I immediately “doubled down” on my thankfulness for The Telegraph and their dedicated journalists as they try to inform the public while encountering government’s too often obfuscation.

Arthur D. Brook,


Smear letter

I am surprised that you would print Neal Smith’s rant calling the Democratic Party the “Party of Satan.” Is he not aware that the Democrat in the presidential election got 3 million more votes than the Republican candidate? So he is putting the majority of those voters in the “Party of Satan.”

He seems to have swallowed all of Putin’s and Trump’s propaganda hook, line and sinker. He is attacking the party that Jefferson and Madison founded, the party of Andrew Jackson, FDR, John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Sam Nunn. The Democratic Party is not a monolithic party as Smith seems to claim. Members have many points of view on almost every issue. I wish you would not print such an irrational smear on our oldest political party.

John Ricks,


Old medicines

When people pass away and when medications are changed, it’s a shame to flush medicines or send them to the landfill or to leave them laying around. Some drugs are very additive and some are expensive. Could there be a container like mailbox placed in appropriate places where old medicines could be stored? Should they be returned to the prescribing doctor? What’s preventing them from being recycled?

Travis Middleton,

Peach County

Ready already

In regards to the appointment of a special counsel for the Russian election interference investigation, Trump wrote, “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” Some people say Trump is a witch that needs to be hunted. I am not a Trump fan but hoped his conservative platform would be successful after the eight miserable years of Obama.

Trump is not a typical do-nothing politician since he was making strides to make American great again. If he could just think before he speaks, stop tweeting, and get VP Pence to mentor him, he could be successful. I don’t need to wait a year to pass judgment. At this rate Trump could become a bigger embarrassment than Hillary Clinton. I am ready for President Pence.

Mike Smith,

Warner Robins

Where is the common sense?

Why are so many in Washington, D.C. and in our national media (Hollywood) calling for an investigation of President Trump and the Russians? He has been investigated by the previous administration appointed FBI since before the November 2016 election and nothing was found. Not a single thing. These are adversaries doing the investigating — if anything was there, we would know.

So if there is nothing to find, how long are we willing to look? How much are we willing to spend searching for what isn’t there? Millions of dollars more? Clearly, those claiming cause are simply seeking to use every last tax dollar and every ounce of energy our nation has, to punish and vanquish their perceived enemy, now our duly elected president.

In the mean time, everyone’s attention is diverted from accomplishing real good. When justice is not served to actual perpetrators, criminal behavior only increases. We are hurting ourselves by the delay of actual and inevitable justice. Anarchy develops.

There are great benefits to a civilized life – Jesus says, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” Could there be a better standard? He also reveals that “Every nation divided against itself will be ruined.” The lack of self control and deafening, personal hatred is hurting us terribly. Our American family must learn to think, speak and act responsibly or continue to self-destruct. We need to grow up.

Meg Mehserle,


Too many scans?

Our hospitals are not using the insurance correctly when it comes to state Medicaid. I was given several CAT scans for no reason they could validate to me. Two per year is more than you are suppose to have. I was given twice that plus over a year’s time, and not once was I told what they found or anything that dealt with my initial reason for the doctor’s office visit.

I have proof of this misuse and would like to know who I can contact to have this scam stopped. I would also like to know what damage the excessive amount of scans might have caused me. Anyone have any answers, it would be greatly appreciated.

Gregory Garrett,