Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, May 22, 2017

A house divided

I was born in 1931, and I have to be careful about what I say concerning my recollections in those early years. I believe President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1933 pretty much at the height of the depression. President Roosevelt began to use the radio to address the American people in what Roosevelt called “Fireside Chats.”

My father, being a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, hung on every word Roosevelt uttered. I was given instructions in such a way that I was not to sneeze during the president’s dissertation. My mother’s father was a devoted Republican all of his life. So as the time went by and presidential elections came around, my political education began to expand. This “uneducated white boy,” picked up a few exchanges between dad and granddad and by high school I was a Republican, as I am today.

Regardless of where I was located, in the U.S.A. or overseas, I voted for president whenever I could. The older I became, I started to be impressed by the fact that regardless which candidate won, the voters, the American citizens, the everyday people, joined to support the winning candidate.

Unfortunately, that came to an end with the election of President Donald Trump. So long as the radical left was satisfied with our presidents from George H.W. Bush through Barack H. Obama, all was well. Americans were not paying attention. Radicals took over many of our intuitions of higher learning, an increase of the use of narcotics at all levels in society, Merry Christmas left our stores at Christmas time because it offended some people. Perhaps the most difficult to understand or comprehend was the moving away from all American traditions and our traditional Christian religion.

However, the most horrendous was the behavior of the American people and thousands who were not Americans at the election of Republican President Donald J. Trump. Gone were the days of civil behavior. It slowly is becoming a pseudo-clandestine government within the nation doing its best to block whatever President Trump attempts to do. Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Have we reached that point?

Gilbert R. Switzer,

Warner Robins

Another downtown asset

Your editorial in Friday’s paper was great. Downtown Macon is a growing, thriving place. Something to be really proud of. Too few people living in the suburbs ever venture downtown.

Unfortunately, you neglected to mention one of the “granite strong” enterprises downtown. Theatre Macon. TM has been a robust, active community theater located on Cherry Street for over 30 years. Their Youth Actors Company has “alumni” working across the country from theater in Atlanta to TV in California to Broadway in New York City.

TM offers six musicals and/or dramatic productions each season drawing talented actors from all over Middle Georgia. Most of these actors also work at other theaters in the area I encourage everyone to attend one or more of Theatre Macon’s productions. Make a night of it. Come downtown and eat at one of the great restaurants and go to a Theatre Macon show.

Bob Hargrove,


One of the best

In a world full of negative press related to law enforcement, there shines a light and his name is Corp. Reco Brown. It’s Mother’s Day and my daughter and I are traveling home from Atlanta to Jacksonville, Florida from a wonderful weekend with family. We suddenly break down on Interstate-475. We “crawl” off an exit and are desperately searching for help. I have a roadside assistance plan and no one would answer the 1-800 number. We pull into a gas station and I flag down a police officer sitting at a light. This is two hours into our ordeal. Corp. Brown informed me that we were sitting in the most dangerous section of Macon (because all cities have one) and that he would stay with us until he knew we were safe.

He escorted us to a repair shop that was unable to fix the car. He made numerous calls to local businesses. All were closed. He then made a decision to escort us to a safer part of town and find us a hotel close to the dealership that would be open the next morning to repair our car. Corp. Brown exemplifies the human spirit. Law enforcement was created to enforce the law and protect people. The media typically focuses on those who abuse that power because its newsworthy. Let’s all focus on Corp. Brown for a moment. Focus on his compassion. My daughter and I will be forever grateful for his kindness. Thank you Reco.

Serena Selzer,

Jacksonville, Florida

All male mom’s day

I was looking forward to a variety of stories that were in depth or even fond remembrances of strong life changing mothers and daughters written by women on this one day of the year. What I found were lines by gray haired white guys sharing how they succeeded on the back of good old mom. (Need I say staying at home doing the fun stuff like laundry, meals and normal woman’s chores). To be fair, there was one photographed female byline which dwelt on the garden show. I am not denigrating the content but rather noting that in the entire cache of opinion writers there was nary (nor is there ever) a woman of substance addressing important issues.

I’m not even going to dicker about ethnicity here. Exactly what is the problem? I feel like I am reading a paper circa 1962 — old white males only.

Mary McDonell,


Needs assistance

In her letter which was published in The Telegraph on May 16, Katherine Appert asserts that President Trump spends too much time traveling to his resorts and playing golf. I totally agree with that assertion. He needs to spend most of his time in the White House and spend less on travel and leisure.

She also, however, asserts that “The Constitution explicitly forbids government spending to benefit the president.” I have searched my pocket edition of the Constitution and cannot find where it says that the government cannot spend money to benefit the president. Can you or anyone in your readership help me locate this article or amendment?

Jerry Norris,

Warner Robins