Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, May 18, 2017

What’s the story?

I read with interest the article in Friday’s Telegraph about the solar farm in the planning stages in the encroachment area north of Robins Air Force Base. It sounds like a good purpose for otherwise unused land, and hopefully the plan can go forward. The article made me wonder whatever happened to the 50 acre, 10 megawatt solar project that was supposed to be installed on the base adjacent to Hwy. 247 back in 2014.

They logged the usable trees, piled up brush piles, actually burned a few of them, and the project came to a screeching halt. For the last three years we, who use Hwy. 247 on a daily basis, have been treated to the sight of scrub brush growing up amongst the rotting brush piles. Anybody know what happened? A rush to be “green” without proper forethought? A simple case of fraud, waste, and abuse? Anything being done about it? What’s the story?

John Baldwin,


More taxes

Well here we go again. Not too long ago the local politicians where pushing the SPLOST and threatening if it didn’t pass they would have to raise property taxes. Bad thing about SPLOST is they never go away and they still raise property taxes. I will never vote for a tax increase if for no other reason that they waste the money they already get from the taxpayers. Bottom line is, the governments that collect taxes need to be better stewards with our money. What do you think would happen if I went to work in the morning and told my manager I spent more money than I made and I need a raise to make up for my ignorance?

Gilbert D. Irby,


Look in the mirror?

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, the Democratic Minority Leader, has publicly demanded that the Trump administration explain why FBI Director James Comey was not fired earlier in the year. The FBI works within the Justice Department and the director is responsible to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from this investigation. With Assistant AG Sally Yates, having been fired some time ago, the responsibility devolved upon the deputy assistant attorney general, whose post was vacant. Rod Rosenstein was nominated for this position some time ago, but his nomination was not confirmed by the Senate until April 25.

Upon taking office, Deputy AG Rosenstein began an immediate investigation of Director Comey’s conduct in the email investigation of Hillary Clinton, including Comey’s public statement on July 5, 2016, in which he listed numerous grounds that would have justified a grand jury investigation and then gave his personal opinion that no reasonable district attorney would seek an indictment on these grounds. Rosenstein contacted a number of FBI agents, district attorneys and a former attorney generals, who strongly disagreed with Director Comey’s action and concluded that Comey had overstepped the bounds of his authority and had disregarded the customary standards and procedures of the FBI. Rosenstein recommended in writing that Director Comey be fired and his recommendation was accepted by the president.

The reason for delaying this recommendation is simple: Sen. Schumer and the Senate Democrats deliberately stalled the nomination of Rod Rosenberg, the officer responsible for a thorough investigation to which Director Comey was legally entitled. If Sen. Schumer wants to know the reason why Director Comey was not fired earlier, he need only look in the mirror.

Charlie Adams,

Fort Valley

The president has since given a different version of events.


Lack of action

This is my response to a request for money from my party. The Republican Party does not need more money, but rather it needs to get off its butt and go to work. The GOP is becoming an embarrassment to the conservative cause. The general population in this country is beginning to laugh at us as they have laughed at idiotic Democrats for the past eight years. Do we have to form a new conservative party in this country to get anything done?

I encourage whoever opens this to pass this on to all in the party. But since I am not important to them, I suspect the trash can will be the only recipient. The trashing of this note, if I guess right, will be another clue to a party in disarray who cares not for me and the conservative ideals that are suppose to be the Republican agenda.

Thanks for nothing. And nothing is what we get for a contribution to their lack of action. So be it.

William Hursey,


Appreciates Cummings

I am so proud of The Telegraph for publishing the columns of Dr. Bill Cummings. While he gives theological heartburn to many in our community, I delight to see him present a point of view that provokes thought. I wish his critics knew him, and I hope they continue to read him with an open mind. I am glad the paper gives him wide berth on all matters theological.

Walter B. Shurden, Sr.

Minister at Large

Mercer University

Cindy is retiring

The Telegraph is losing a valuable employee soon. Cindy Larsen will be retiring in June. She’s one of the selfless, dedicated delivery people, who brave early morning hours and, bad weather sometimes, to make sure we readers receive our newspapers, daily and on time. There was always a good explanation when the paper was late, and she always worked with us during vacations, or, with any special request. Cindy, we applaud your work ethic and are very sorry to lose your service. Thank you Cindy!

Carl and Marijo McClure,

Warner Robins

Simple system

OK! Let us stop all foreign aid money and keep money in U.S.A. to pay for any and all medical procedures for everyone. Everyone. American citizens have vetted Social Security card with thumb print and picture. Go to doctor and or hospital and insert card into computer and place thumb on computer pad. Let computer record doctor visit and government pays the bill. Very simple.

Also, use the same Social Security card to vote. Insert card into voting machine, place thumb on computer, punch in vote. So very simple. Too simple for any government to understand. Strange but true.

Max Sheffield,