Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Republicans bullied again?

The strong arm of the Democrats have bullied the spineless Republicans again with a promise to work with the Republicans on the American Health Care Act. As usual they got their way and the Republicans are forgetting they are there to fight the battles of government for our nation. They again believed the Democrats and gave up nearly all the parts that are good for the nation and accepted the socialism that grows government and burdens businesses and all job makers. The smaller businesses which hire the most are hurt the worst.

With initiative to work, like work fare, the poor that want to earn their own way should be able to with help until they are freed of government control. The poor unable to work can be better helped with less government control. This sounds and looks simple, but is not. It requires a government that is willing to get it started and willing to hold itself in line.

Jack Bernard did a great job in outlining some of the problems and some solutions. Thank you, Jack, although I don’t totally agree.

Richard Marshall,


A nuclear world

All citizens past 72 years of age recall vividly the nuclear explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, and the world which was aghast at the carnage and utter destruction. This was war and an option for “winning and ending” the expansive conflict. It did just that. But such was an extreme price to be paid for we would never be or think the same again. Approximately one quarter of a million people were annihilated.

In all the ages since creation, these two bombs held the honors for horror. While reconstruction was to be, the nightmare lingers. One might well guess that such a global impact would heal the deficit of humanity, but as this is being written, another segment of devastating destruction could be extremely close at hand. North Korea is in the process of acquiring such nuclear capability and is threatening its use on America and others.

I have walked on Tinian in the Mariana Islands, the spot where the first nuclear bomb was loaded for delivery to Japan and I have viewed the area of the first city struck. I have conversed with members of that first strike (all gone now), all straining to punctuate the mission with meaningful phrases — desperately searching for a justified stance — bent by the pictures framed in mind, that whispered untold questions with possible indictment for conditions beyond comprehension. A replay of such may become necessary, but no one with half a brain, is ready for another nuclear bomb.

Our ships and planes are in place, and the informed of America are aware of our capabilities. It may be explained in various ways, but if North Korea (or anyone else) dares strike our shores with major weapons we would have no alternative but to utterly destroy their corner of the world which means the loss of millions of lives. Such a holocaust would sicken the lives of the strongest left behind. Grown men would weep in the shadows of chaos with an innumerable multitude left to sit desolate upon the ground. This not a good report, but it is as close to truth as one dares to visit.

Daniel W. Gatlyn, USN Ret.,


Seeking northern perfection

I read Robert Harden’s opinion of we unwashed Middle Georgians lack of civility and realized that The Telegraph would not allow space and phrases I might offer in response to Harden, bless his heart. Thankfully, my birthday today reminded me of my sainted mother and the advice she would offer, “Arthur, you will meet people who claim perfection, and your response should be one of kindness, these obviously lacking of proper genteel family training.”

Harden, the Frank Pinkston Georgia Department of Transportation office in north Macon offers free Georgia road maps that can direct you north on Interstate-75. Please do not send us local newspapers such as Chicago’s when you arrive at nirvana to make us jealous of northern perfection.

Arthur D. Brook,


Helping refugees

I am writing to raise awareness of ways people can help the refugee crisis, and remark on an organization making strides in this area, led by private individual volunteers, mainly mothers. A little over a month ago, the refugee nonprofit with which I volunteer as the development communications coordinator, Carry the Future, led its 26th volunteeer distribution team to Greece to hand deliver baby beds, diapers, baby clothes, blankets and soap to refugees living in camps across Greece.

Our team consisted of four volunteers, three of which were Americans (with one Spaniard who aided in distribution for four days). This organization makes sure donated items and funds are properly used and given to those in need as it is a first-on job. We visited eight camps, delivering over 70 baby beds directly to mothers and babies. The appreciation was immense, as these women, who once lived in suburbs and drove minivans, now struggle to provide even the basics (clothes and diapers) for their babies.

One quote that will stay with me was from an older gentleman living in a camp in the north of Greece. He was from Aleppo. “Greece is nice, but it’s not home. I want to go back home, but there’s no home to go back to.” If you would like further details and photos, please email me, rachael@carrythefuture.org.

Rachael Jawish,

Warner Robins

Sound and fury

As I read yet another diatribe by Larry Knight bashing Christians, some questions came to mind. Where is his outrage in many Muslim countries where homosexuality is illegal and homosexuals are stoned to death? Where is Knight’s calls for action in Chechnya where there have been allegations of homosexual abductions and murders? Can Knight point to anyone short of the so-called Westboro Baptist Church (they’re not affiliated with any Baptist organization) who advocates or has done anything even remotely as heinous as what happens abroad to homosexuals?

Knight’s silence about true human rights violations and his constant attempt to label anyone who disagrees with homosexuality because they believe it goes against Christian values as a Taliban member reminds me of the famous quote from MacBeth. “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Dave Whitaker,