Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, May 8, 2017

Cemetery vandals

Once again, a local private cemetery has been vandalized. In the past it has been trash dumping, headstones pushed over or broken into pieces. This time it was material placed around family plots many decades ago most likely taken for scrap.

To those who are guilty of such unkind and disrespectful acts, I say to you, the angels of mercy are kind and forgiving, but they saw what you did and will not forget. Neither will I or the other families who try to maintain this final resting place of our relatives. If you see suspicious activity where your loved ones are buried, report it.

Larry Dyess,

Jacksonville, Florida

Sorrow for MHC

This morning it finally hit me that I, perhaps, would never again be planning my weekly swim workouts at the Macon Health Club which I have been doing since the early 1980s. In those early days when the facility was also still functioning as a men’s dormitory left over from the old YMCA days, I actually worked the front desk and the Phidippides Running store that use to be located in the corner of the building. I remember such residents as Oscar, who use to walk on his hands while gripping paint cans, and 90-plus-year-old Mr. Reese who would have his driver pick him up regularly to take him out to check on his land which happen to be the the Kaolin mines in Gordon. The place use to be vibrant with the coming and going of members all throughout the day which included doctors, law students, nurses, businessmen, attorneys, law enforcement, firefighters, and many other city workers.

So, I have quite a history with the Macon Health Club. Though we have all been invited to go to the “state-of-the-art” Wellness Center, I wonder why the MHC never became “state-of-the-art?” This past Saturday, it struck me as I walked home from the MHC, possibly for the last time, venturing through the Macon Beer Festival and listening to the Pan African Festival a few blocks away, that in the middle of these two very different and uplifting cultural events, you have the Macon Health Club closure going on. A long standing health facility that is probably one of the most diverse and integrated community entities in the area which developed and evolved all on its own over the years and this is what Navicent wants to squelch? Really?

I am disappointed. I see the things Navicent is doing but why do this one? The Macon Health Club needs to be renovated and updated while maintaining the integrity of its history and function. Period. If Navicent is not interested in doing what is honorable being an anchor leader that they were, then they need to deed the property back over to the Macon Health Club members. We actually have viable proposals for renovation possibilities.

Last fall I realized that Navicent had no interest in renovating the MHC when Mount de Sales swim team held their practices at the MHC pool. Pipes broke and major repair was needed that involved draining the pool completely. This would have been a perfect opportunity to have the pool painted as it has been so neglected. I knew then, that having no desire to make the place look nice even for the kids, that there was something sinister in the Navicent agenda.

I’m not a whiner or complainer and can “suck-it-up-buttercup” with the best, but there is something suspicious and malodorous about this deal and how it seems to be going down. Navicent will not negotiate. We are not finished fighting. Our attorneys will continue to turn over every legal rock until all options have been addressed. If there is no resolve, how sad it would be if the MHC never re-opens. Because Navicent will not let anyone know what their plans are, I am left to do “out-of-the box” speculation as to what they intend to do with the building.

Some of my speculations are, a) it will house Navicent administrative offices, b) it becomes a downtown assisted living/hospice facility, c) more apartments, lofts and condos, d) another vacant building in downtown Macon. As I drive by the corner landmark I can feel the sad, silent, empty death of a facility once teeming with life that is being massacred by a hospital. It reminds me of The Bell Jar. So, Navicent, what are your intentions for our historic facility?

Debra McMahon Levitt,


Where did the statistic come from?

In the Church of Climatology, one tenet you will hear its followers proclaim is that 97 percent of all scientists agree on man-made climate change. Do you know how that figure was derived?

A brief survey was sent to 10,527 earth scientists as part of a thesis by MRK Zimmerman. The number of respondents totaled 3,146; 96.2 percent were from North America, with 6.2 percent being Canadian. Of those, California was not only overrepresented within the U.S. sample but it was also twice as large a share of the sample as Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America.

Using this distorted sample, the researchers then selected 79 of them and declared them “experts.” From those 79 scientists, two were excluded from a second supplementary question. Out of those 77, two disagreed with the second question and hence, 97.4 percent were found to agree. That is where the 97 percent comes from.

Never mentioned are the cycles of the sun and the numerous volcanic activities both above and below the sea which releases more CO2 than mankind could possibly emit. Currently, carbon dioxide is .004 percent of our atmosphere.

In June 2015, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists was not to save the planet from ecological calamity, but to destroy capitalism.

Al Gore is asking that $15 trillion be collected over the next 20 years to fund green energy development and infrastructure. I wonder whose pocket all of that money will find its way into?

Kathy Solomon,


Not interested

I read or glance over the Letters to the Editors each morning. One thing that really irks me is I often see a lengthy letter from someone, as an example, who lives in Iowa (April 23) talking about our runoff election in Georgia. Many times there are other out-of-state letters covering local or Georgia issues. Why would anyone outside of Georgia or Macon care except to create controversy? Either The Telegraph is desperate to fill up space or is a part of the plot to create chaos. I look to see who has written the letter and where he/she is from before I read the letter. Not interested in someone’s opinion outside of Georgia.

Sheryl Hull,