Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, May 5, 2017

No more litter

Vehicles should come with a sun visor over the driver and front passenger seat windows and between each set of seats, a garbage compacter.

Travis L. Middleton,

Peach County

Appropriate prayer

If ever our country and “we the people” needed a prayer requesting God’s help, mercy and forgiveness, Anne Graham Lotz’s prayer submitted to The Telegraph by Chip Anderson April 30, is the best prayer I have ever read identifying each sinful addiction of our wrongful deeds. Anne Graham Lotz is chairman of National Day of Prayer Task Force. Read other Anne Graham Lotz’s prayers on the web. She does indeed see and understands sinful ways and sinful roads “we the people” have taken, to not only disgrace the U.S. in God’s eyes, but also in the eyes of each other.

Hopefully many read her April 30 prayer reminding us our leaders were put in place by “we the people.”

Faye W. Tanner,


Worse off

If Obamacare is repealed by our Republican Congress and their replacement law is enacted the 23 million enrolled in Medicaid under the ACA will be much worse off. Ten million will lose their Medicaid coverage in a decade or sooner.

Block grants for Medicaid to states and state death pools for those who have serious pre-conditions will be the norm. All because the GOP health care law will cut a trillion dollars from federal health care to cut our national debt and fund Department of Defense and build Trump’s wall. It will make our health care worse — not better. Less choice at a higher cost.

Donald Trump didn’t know that health care is complicated or that his new job would be harder than his last one. He got it all wrong with China and Mexico and now North Korea. Plus our increased role in Syria will prove to be a disaster and a sinkhole. He gets his foreign policy from Fox News and hates the rest of the media.

Our Republican state government under an Obamacare replacement health care law will make our Medicaid citizenry and those enrolled under the ACA much worse off. Gov. Deal and our state legislature totally mishandled the chance to enroll in Obamacare because they said that we couldn’t afford it. That was a lie.

We need to contact our state’s congressional delegation and tell them not to vote to repeal Obamacare/ACA. Our state government is not competent to handle block grants and death pools and those enrolled in ACA and in Medicaid. Obamacare needs to be improved and not repealed. Repeal will bring worse health care, not better.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

Diego Garcia

There are some inaccuracies about Diego Garcia in this article, some minor and some glaring (www.macon.com/opinion/readers-opinion/article145104054.html). I am a military veteran who served on Diego Garcia during active duty and have spent the last almost 11 years here as a contractor, so my opinions are based upon first hand knowledge. “25 years ago, the U.S. rebuilt the small island of Diego Garcia in the midst of the Indian Ocean as a refueling base for our naval and air components.” Construction on the base started in the early 1970s and has been continuous over the years. I don’t know what event the article is referring to 25 years ago. “Fifteen years later, President Obama ordered Diego Garcia closed down.”

No such order was ever given by President Obama. I am writing this from Diego Garcia and I can tell you without a doubt that the base is very much open with no plans on shutting down. Avery Chenoweth needs to do better research before publishing an article.

Carlos Velasco,

Diego Garcia

Is it all about us?

The noble unselfish pledge of Navicent Health, “Everything about us is all about you,” has benefited me. A rare critical knee infection incapacitated me for several months in 2015. Two local health care opportunities led to a remarkable recovery. Our great medical facilities and personnel, including the Medical Center, were wonderful. A second contributor was swimming at the Macon Health Club. I did an age-appropriate water routine about four times each week. I regret the closing of the health club.

The health club obviously was not used as much as the Wellness Center and was not financially profitable to keep open. Better promotion might have increased its usage. I was a Wellness Center pool member several years before learning that my Silver Sneakers card qualified me to go to the health club. I have also noted that in advertisements for Navicent Health facilities the Macon Health Club has been a glaring omission.

The old pool at the health club offered better advantages than the one at the Wellness Center. It is larger, has more and wider lanes, has a deep end, and was more available. The Wellness Center pool cannot accommodate all who want to use it. Water aerobics classes claim a large block of the open time. The Wellness Center needs larger swimming facilities. Again, I appreciate having benefited from the promise, “Everything about us is all about you.” I cannot keep from wondering, though, if the closing of Macon Health Club was about something else.

Jack Colwell,


Sense of decency?

Larry Knight’s letter of May 1 took scripture that illustrates a foolish vow by Jephthah to suggest that President Trump kill his daughter. Has The Telegraph completely lost a sense of decency? Your response will probably be that the remark was tongue in cheek, but a comment that tactless would not have been suitable for publication during the previous eight years.

Cary S. Baxter,