Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, April 3, 2017

Women in war

The great experiment has failed. When you put two sexes together unwanted things happen. The men who are in the military, especially the infantry, are trained to be aggressive. They are expected to kill. If that soldier is to fight he must be aggressive or he is dead. The U.S. Army has tried to control that aggression. If a woman is nearby, that aggression can become apparent. It is the nature of man. There are many examples of frightful incidents in the wars that we have gone through. The U.S. Army has been noted for its self-control with local woman in war. The enemy has raped their way by destroying the population.

Now you have the two sexes living and working together. In many areas the woman are stripped of their pride without knowing it. Camera phones are in almost every man’s pocket. What better way of showing the man’s aggression than sneaking a nude picture of the girl he is to fight next to in an unwanted battle. Don’t blame the soldier. Blame the system for being politically correct.

My brother who was in the army for 48 years and a master sergeant at 23 years of age has said woman behind the front lines is fine. It is a signal that the soldier will be in good hands if wounded. Don’t put her in a fighting unit. It does not work. It has never worked in history.

Brian T. Reid Sr.,


A way forward

House Republicans are scrambling to determine what to do next, since they failed to replace Obamacare. I recommend they work with the Democrats to pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the government through Sept. 30. This is necessary to prevent a government shut-down. Next, they have to negotiate with Democrats to raise the debt limit by April 21. Then they have to pass the 2018 budget by Sept. 31. If not, they will have to negotiate Continuing Resolutions several times in 2018.

Speaker Paul Ryan established a 200 day check-list schedule to enact campaign promises. I think the most important thing house Republicans can do is enact legislation that will create jobs as soon as possible. This is the only way the economy will grow. They should pass a retroactive income tax cut. This will make millions of dollars available for consumers to spend. Next, they should pass a one time 10 percent Repatriation Tax to induce corporations to bring home the trillions of dollars they have in off-shore accounts. The corporations will have to invest 30 percent of the after tax dollars to: increase and/or improve their manufacturing facilities; and/or invest in research and development of existing products and create new ones. This will create thousands of new industry jobs. The government should use the revenue from the 10 percent Repatriation Tax to start infrastructure improvement programs. This will create high paying jobs quickly. More jobs means a growing economy.

The speaker has demonstrated that he cannot get 216 Republicans to support his legislation. Therefore, he should seek Democrats who will support legislation that will create jobs. He only needs about 60. This will give him the 216 votes required to forward a bill to the Senate. He should work with Democrats to fix the problems with Obamacare before there is a health care disaster. I think the speaker should delay tax reform until 2018. This will give him time to draft a realistic bill that can be reviewed and negotiated prior to a vote.

He should delay immigration reform until 2018. This will gives them time to draft a comprehensive bill that can be reviewed and negotiated prior to a vote. Both of these efforts will require Democratic support.

Jim Costello,


Meals on Wheels

A quick fact check on Snopes.com revealed that a recent letter to the editor from a Howard Blue in New York was a result of another typical left wing “get Trump” smear campaign. In his letter, Blue berates the president for ending the Meals on Wheels program in his latest budget proposal. This is typical left-wing misinformation. A recent budget guidance document (not an actual budget proposal) published by the current administration proposed a modest decrease in the Community Development Block Grant Program. Meals on Wheels gets only 3 percent of its budget from this program, 12 percent from other government programs, and 85 percent from private donations. As it name implies, local governments have the final say so in which programs in the CDBG program actually get cut. So much for President Trump’s budget killing Meals on Wheels.

How can well meaning people let themselves be so easily misled by the media? This idea that Trump is trying to eliminate granny’s lunch is just so much nonsense and lies like this show up every day in a wide variety of media. If the American people could just get the straight scoop on the news, they could make well informed decisions and write letters to the editor based on the facts, not liberal propaganda. Democrats have perfected the art of misinformation. Goebels would have been proud.

Jerry Norris,

Warner Robins

A couple of notes

I don’t know who the reporter talked to about the progress on Forest Hill Road, but anyone traveling on the road is sure to have another opinion. That project has been a fiasco from the start and contrary to the article in The Telegraph there is no end in sight. When the next SPLOST is proposed, I hope everyone remembers how these SPLOST funds were wasted. And don’t tell me it was all the DOT, it wasn’t. SPLOST funds were used with the approval of the local representatives.

It was reported recently that the commissioners had voted to lower the speed limits on several streets in Macon because people were driving too fast. Unless there is enforcement of the speed limits, this is another waste of time and money. The speed limit on my street has always been 25 mph. Vehicles pass my house doing 45-50 mph all the time. I don’t know, maybe Sheriff Davis doesn’t have the manpower to enforce the traffic laws. If he doesn’t, spending money on more law enforcement personnel makes more sense than continuing to waste it on bringing baseball to Macon. If you want to see good collegiate baseball, support Mercer. It will only cost you the price of a ticket.

Jim Owens,