Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016

Calming the stress, enjoying a coincidence

As it has been on more occasions than I can recite while living these 50 plus years in Macon, Tuesday Dec. 20, 2016, was another day that again validated how blessed we have been to live and raise our large family here — a family now dispersed to other communities in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, benefiting their cities from the Macon environment in which they grew to maturity. Dec. 20 has been a very special day in its own right for over six decades, and this one added to such fond memories. The Christmas holiday season, so event filled, planned and unplanned, has opportunities for significant stress for many we interact with.

I went to the Riverside Drive post office to mail Christmas gifts to Raleigh, N.C., and Columbia, S.C., that had been planned to be hand-delivered at a family Christmas gathering in Carnesville, but was canceled due to the passing of a family member where we were to gather.

Entering the post office branch early that day, I joined a very large group of people, all with urgent “last minute” mailing-of-gifts needs and where the season of “good will” permeated the room. This was made even more significant by the greeting and smiles of the two women postal employees (I now know as Tammy and Westinia), exuding facial expressions that wordlessly “said” how can we help you, and we are so glad you came today. As two patrons were served, they were replaced by additional multiples, yet no one exhibited impatience, mirroring the countenance of the postal employees.

I shouldered 50 plus years of engineering design and construction stress, on occasion letting it adversely impact me, surviving that battlefield. My goal of improved stress control in retirement came under severe strain this day. A planned out-of-town Christmas gatherings, our 64th anniversary dinner planned months ago for this evening and the passing of an out-of-town close family member with funeral services prior to Christmas were all piling up. The Christmas packages were on the way, and it’s hard to adequately explain how the potential chaos in the post office environment was calming to all, especially me. It would work out, I felt, even driving several hundreds of miles before Christmas.

Some say that there are no coincidences. I have to disagree based upon our anniversary dinner the evening of Dec, 20, 2016.

We arrived at Marcos at the reservation hour to a warm welcome. After we finished our excellent meal, another senior couple sitting a short distance from our table spoke to us, wishing us, “Happy anniversary.” (How did they know?) They told us they had seen us at Marcos last year, Dec. 20, 2015, celebrating our anniversary, knew our name, and that I wrote letters to The Telegraph .

Their last name is Tanner. They were also celebrating their anniversary, having married Dec. 20, 1957.

I laughingly confirmed that there were other “crazy” couples being married this close to Christmas. I shared with them that I was most fortunate that my mother-in law claimed me after she and my wife planned our wedding just before Christmas, my arriving on a three-day pass (Korean War). Mr. Tanner arrived at Fort Jackson, S.C., for basic training in 1954 as I was being discharged from duty on the Division Training Battalion, returning to Georgia Tech.

I assume we will renew an anniversary tradition at Marcos, Dec. 20, 2017, with the Tanners, along with a renewed belief in coincidences and a walk-in location for stress relief at the Riverside Drive post office.

Arthur D. Brook,


Two wise men

In a Telegraph article, Thomas Sowell said that gun control legislation that effectively disarms law abiding citizens is like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for criminals. Sure makes their occupation safer — for them. Gee, I wish I had said that! Sowell is so intelligent and talented. Thanks to The Telegraph for printing his column every Thursday, along with Walter Williams’ columns. He’s an equally wise and talented writer and noted economic expert, with a rare gift of being able to simplify concepts for understanding without losing their impact and meaning.

Richard Jones,

Warner Robins

Bridge to friendship

To Jerry Norris: . There is a very large wonderful community of bridge players in Macon and surrounding communities. I am sure most of us look forward to Aces on Bridge while we have our coffee. Come join us at the Macon Duplicate Bridge Club!

We give lessons. You would love the bridge family here. As for Mayberry, it gives us a good laugh between all the not-so-good news around us.

Jeanette Goode,


Some responses

In response to Ross Hardy, I don't know what you have been told but I see no reason for the Muslim community to be afraid of the president elect. He hasn't stated anything that doesn't make common sense. The open-door policy that the European Union has taken is taking its toll on the countries who don't "trust but verify" those coming in. It is way past time we have a government that follows the rule of law instead of political feel-good policies.

In response to Jack Colwell, he must have missed the history class that taught that we aren't a democracy but a republic. The Electoral College was put into place so that 3-4 large states can't control what the other smaller states don't want. If we had a democracy, California, New York and several others would control the other states.

Last and not least, shame on the Obama administration for not supporting the one true ally we have in the Middle East in the last U.N. vote. Maybe we need to throw the U.N. out and quit financing that useless organization.

Steve Barker,

Warner Robins

Andy Griffith still matters

I read the letter in the Dec. 25 Telegraph asking did anyone read the Ace of Bridges or the Daily Horoscope in The Telegraph. I occasionally read the horoscopes for entertainment purposes. I do, however, watch “The Andy Griffith Show” most everyday on channel 13. I am 41 years old and I have seen all of the episodes multiple times but I still enjoy watching them. I believe other people in my age range and other age ranges watch that show still. I think it is one of the best shows ever made. There are many life lessons in that show.

Paul Bissinger,