Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

Damage Trump

I just read an article by Renee Graham, a Boston Globe columnist, who stated due to President-elect Donald Trump, more people of color are buying guns to protect themselves. She further states that African Americans, Latinos and Muslims with firearms will always be treated as suspects, not victims under his administration.

I do not know about Boston, but in Macon more people of color should buy guns because people of color are killing people of color and they do need to protect themselves, but not because of Trump. Due to her last statement she automatically reveals her true color. Her input also reveals how some use the already bias media to further divide the American people blaming Trump in an attempt to damage and judge his administration even before he takes office.

Faye W. Tanner,


Missing section?

Please send me the Georgia Tech portion of my Friday paper, which I am sure must have fallen out during delivery.

Bernie Kilgore,


Cover everyone

A few years back when Obamacare was being proposed, I had breakfast with Jim Marshall of Macon, who was then a congressman. At the table was an elderly decorated war vet. When Obamacare was discussed, the vet protested that a national insurance program was unconstitutional. I guess he forgot all about the VA system being socialized medicine.

Recently, I had a similar conversation with a retired Air Force officer who saw nothing wrong with other people having their Medicare converted to a voucher program. Under this Ryan-Price “reform” proposal, sick elderly people would have to find insurance on their own. Just ask a 64 year old with cancer (who is not eligible for Medicare yet) how easy it is to find affordable insurance. Is that nightmare something we want to extend to all seniors?

Per a recent Gallup survey, vets and Medicare beneficiaries have a much higher rate of satisfaction with health insurance versus those covered by private plans. Isn’t it time we extend those programs to cover all Americans?

Jack Bernard, former Georgia Director of Health Planning

Peachtree City

Trump’s presidency harder

In the Telegraph it is reported we are sending troops to Poland. We also read that the Fed has raised rates. We hear the so-called Republican Lindsey Graham warning Donald Trump and jumping on the bandwagon about Russian hacking. It is evident the establishment just didn’t get the message regarding the election of President-elect Trump.

But now, our nation is antagonizing Russia, raising interest rates, and whining about Russian hacking. We didn’t hear a peep from the liberals when Obama tried to influence Brexit, or interfere with Israel’s elections. Disinformation isn’t new from our own propagandists. Obamacare was sold on a bedrock of lies. I won’t make a list of them here, but the Supreme Court bailed this monstrosity out by calling it a tax, a verdict Obama’s administration embraced after telling the American public our taxes wouldn’t go up one cent if passed. When the federal government takes money to support this awful plan, it’s a tax.

We are about to enter into a new phase of our great country that could get millions of people jobs, end discrimination by the Democrats who perpetuate the poverty of the inner cities to have a stranglehold on the voters. Business has been a springboard to keep our nation the most prosperous on the Earth, and if other countries like Russia and Red China have embraced market reforms it is because the Reagan revolution forced them to see that providing butter is better than guns.

The Trump revolution can enable us to get out of debt, provide real security to our land, and give a hand up to those suffering under the Democrats rule. The hypocrisy of the left is so evident, it is pungent and has the odor of defeatism. Why now are we doing things that will make Trump’s presidency harder? People ousted from power don’t stop. We the people have spoken, and we need to pray for this country now more than ever.

Anthony Smith,



How long, after the presidential inauguration, will it take for CNN to refer to President-elect Donald Trump as President Trump? They didn’t refer to President Obama by his job title until February of 2010, a full 13 months after the inauguration. Up until then they only referred to him as “Mr. Obama.”

William D. Carter,


CNN referred to President Obama on Jan. 20, 2009, the day of Obama’s Inauguration.


Jobs and visas

The House overwhelmingly approved, with bipartisan support, a short-term spending bill without any significant changes to the refugee program and without expanding the H-2B guest-worker program. The House short-term spending bill would fund the government through late-April, so there will likely be another battle then. But 2017 negotiations will be with a different administration that's more focused on eliminating fraud within the refugee program and protecting the jobs and wages of American workers.

Two threats to this spending bill were defeated. President Obama had demanded an increase in funding for the refugee program to accommodate an additional 25,000 refugees. Congress added only a small increase in refugee funding, but none of the additional funds can be used to resettle new refugees in the United States nor can they be used by the Obama administration to house and resettle the border surges. A second threat came from Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md. He wanted Congress to increase the number of visas for H-2B foreign workers. His proposal was left out of the bill. It seems Congress has finally begun to protect job opportunities for low-skilled American workers and to help rein in a refugee program that's riddled with fraud and lacks oversight.

Hill Kaplan,



Ever since the election in November the Democrats have tried to determine why they lost the election. The Republican’s cheated. Trump lied. The votes need to be recounted. It was the Russian’s fault. They interfered with the election by cyber-hacking. If I had been a Russian, I would have helped the Democrats. The liberal’s choice proved to be a pushover when she was secretary of state. I can tell you why the Democrats lost in one word. That word starts with an H. You guessed it. That word is Hillary.

Brian T. Reid Sr.,