Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, Dec. 16, 2016

Fake news

Lets talk fake news, like when Hillary Clinton said she was under sniper fire while in the Middle East. That was fake news. When the U.S. State Department spokesperson under Clinton repeatedly lied to the American people claiming the Benghazi attack was caused by an anti Islam video on YouTube. And President Obama, weeks later telling the same lie to the news media. That was fake news.

Hands up don’t shoot. This was all over the news. NFL black players ran on the field at the start of ball games with there hands up. Black lives Matter was started after this lie was presented as fact. This was fake news.

I believe many of the election polls on who people were voting for were fake news meant to cause Donald Trump supporters not to vote. If not fake news then its shows just how out of touch the liberal news organization are with the American voter.

Don Hensley,


Tea party economics

In Friday’s column, Erick Erickson asserts that all of the states shrinking the most are run by Democrats. I guess he hasn’t heard of Kansas, a very Republican state, where Governor Sam Brownback’s experiment in tea party economics has has been a ruinous failure.

Jack Mahaney,


Mail box

I submitted a letter a while back wanting to know how to get a mail drop box installed in our area of Hwy. 96 and Houston Lake Road or Lake Joy Road. This evidently caught the eye of the right people. We now have a mail box at CVS at Hwy. 96 and Houston Lake. I was hoping that it would be the snorkel type so we would not have to get out of our vehicles to use it, but we are very thankful to get this one.

I was at the post office in Warner Robins the other day and Postmaster Don Johnson was at the counter and I personally thanked him for the mail box. A few weeks back he told me that his boss had sent him a copy of my letter. After investigating the issue, he determined that we really needed one. As a matter of fact, They are trying to get one installed at Walgreen’s at Hwy. 96 and Lake Joy Road and the shopping center at Russell Parkway and Hwy. 41. Johnson said that he wanted the snorkel type boxes, but they were on back order. Thanks to everyone involved. Enjoy the box we have and be on the look out for the others.

Wymann Hartley,


Football coverage

Kudos Jimmy Simpson. Your comments regarding the coverage of college football are spot on. I’m frustrated by the lack of detailed coverage of our hometown team. Often, there has been little or no mention of the Bear’s game in the Sunday print edition. This slight along with saturating UGA coverage before and after a game is irritating. I spoke to a Telegraph official after such a “no Mercer coverage” Sunday print edition. He told me he was certain there was Mercer coverage in the “online” edition. Ugh! I understand the passion of the Dawg nation, but don’t agree with repetitive coverage they receive in local print.

Mercer offers a unique opportunity for The Telegraph. The Telegraph should embrace what we have here and provide priority coverage to our hometown team. Most media outlets would envy having a relevant college team in the community. Let’s face it, Mercer coverage isn’t widely available. So, utilize your relationship with Mercer and the enviable opportunity provided by a local college team to provide better coverage of our Bears.

T. D. Smith,


Man crush

I have always wondered why the Republicans wanted to designate their right-wing states as “Red.” After our very long fight with the USSR, I would think that color would be out. Now, after the election of SpongeDonRedPants I see why. He has a serious man crush on the murdering boss of Russia, Vladimir Putin. I hope he sometime will realize that this communist is out to wreck the U.S. Good luck to us if he keeps this affair going.

Alfred J. Graham,


Check the facts

Fact-checking Hill Kaplan’s recent letter that President Obama has “invited” illegal immigrants to come to the U.S: ABC News, quoting the Department of Homeland Security, reports that the Obama administration deported more than 2.5 million illegal immigrants between 2009 and 2015. This is more deportations than every president of the 20th century added together.

Kevin Dockrell,


Second chance?

I don't want to give President-elect Donald Trump a second chance. Hell, he appointed a right-wing wacko, Stephen K. Bannon, as his top adviser. This guy is loved by the KKK as the supreme white nationalist.

The Donald got the number of Carrier employees in Indianapolis — whose jobs he allegedly saved from going to Mexico — wrong so their union leader publicly chastised him. It was 800 and not 1,100 employees. And Mr. Trump personally attacked him on Twitter. Not a presidential moment.

So how are we supposed to know when we have given him his second chance? After he has deported all 11.2 million undocumented immigrants or when American women have to go to Canada for abortions? Or banned all Muslims from immigrating to our great nation? Or destroyed our Statue of Liberty?

Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins


Does anyone besides me think that President Obama looks a lot smaller and insignificant since Donald Trump arrived on the scene. Just sayin’.

Darlis Whitworth,


Close encounters

The Democrats and their allies, the liberal media, have just about exhausted all their reasons why Hillary lost the election to a bombastic political outsider, Donald Trump. Well, almost. From the FBI release of new Hillary emails, to recount efforts, through “fake news,” and now Russian hacking, they have dreamed up almost all of the ones they could think of, except the most obvious one.

Any day now, I expect The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, CNN and others to finally seize on the real culprit: extraterrestrial alien beings who exercised mind control over millions of legal American citizens, forcing them to vote for Trump, who will now assist them in taking over the planet as part of their nefarious scheme. That ought to sell a few papers.

Richard Jones

Warner Robins