Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016


Congratulations to The Telegraph sports department for its excellent coverage of the UGA’s football team this season. I’m sure the Athens Banner-Herald sports department thought that it was the “hometown” newspaper for UGA, of course, that was until your sports department decided to open an Athens satellite office right here in Macon.

Northside High quarterback Tobias Oliver announces his decision to accept a scholarship to play football at Georgia Tech. That story was nothing more than an extended “brief” on Page 2. Georgia picks up two commitments from outside of the area. That, of course, is front page news. Oliver gets no picture, as usual, while the Georgia commits get the customary front-page photo.

Georgia and Tech both receive bowl invitations. Two days later, Georgia not only gets the banner headline regarding their match-up with TCU, but also 25-percent of page two primarily telling everyone about that “all-too important” practice schedule. Of course, no mention of Tech’s bowl game.

Was there any Georgia player that you didn’t spotlight throughout the season? If so, perhaps with the regular season out of the way, you may now be able to include them, as well as the team’s trainers, band members and cheerleaders.

Oh, by the way. There is another school in this area that would probably appreciate a few more articles every now and then, as well. Then again, what am I thinking? I’m sure the sports staff is covering our Mercer Bears just fine over in Athens.

Jimmy Simpson,


Refugee resettlement

President Obama and his administration have consistently encouraged people, particularly unaccompanied minors, to come to the U.S. illegally. This massive influx has been facilitated by the president’s refusal to allow the Border Patrol and USCIS to enforce the law. Thousands of illegal aliens continue to cross the border each day and it has become the job of the U.S. government to feed, house and resettle them.

The president and his wanton disregard of the law created this situation. He now wants Congress to provide taxpayer money to get him and his administration out of this mess. His immigration policy has placed a burden on local charitable institutions to house and feed the illegals. And our public schools have taken a hit. They must now provide additional teachers to accommodate foreign-born children who know no English.

If the House of Representatives says, “No more money,” perhaps Washington will stop the resettlement programs.

Hill Kaplan,