Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016

Happy 45th

My wife and I joined scores of people from Middle Georgia and beyond at the Methodist Children’s Home, Dec. 3 to acknowledge and pay tribute to Warren Selby Sr., “the real Warren,” and the founder of his general contracting firm, Warren & Associates Inc., 45th anniversary. A remarkable meal was served, quality only exceeded by the season of the year “good will” atmosphere as so many from the community who have worked harmoniously together over the past 45 years as Warren & Associates carried out their exemplary style of doing business with its large and diverse group of clients and professionals that comprise our very large construction community.

We, in Middle Georgia, are most fortunate to possess excellent and talented contractors, architects and engineers along with astute governmental and private business entities who recognize this and depend on their expertise in the construction industry, turning to our home grown talent time and again with superior results.

Full disclosure urges me to state that I was part of this history as a consulting engineer, now retired 16 years. I’m still opinionated, but when you are good at your profession it is difficult to conceal. (I first met Warren Sr. 52 years ago when I moved from Atlanta to Macon. He is the same man I first met, and his firm has not changed except the leadership and staff are younger.) Congratulations, good and faithful contractor.

Arthur D. Brook,


Roadsides are a mess

Monday night over 100 citizens of Macon-Bibb County, District 6, met with Mayor Robert Reichert and other public officials at Lizella Baptist Church to discuss our concerns about lack of services in District 6. One of the major concerns was the upkeep of the major highways, like US 80, entering Macon-Bibb. This past summer the grass was knee-high for much of the summer and the trash and litter on the roadside is ever present. We believe that the appearance of our highways and roadsides is paramount in shaping attitudes about Macon-Bibb, not only for its citizens, but also for visitors to our community. The basic reality is that if we can’t even keep our grass trimmed and roadsides clean, we can’t have much to offer in terms of being a nice place to live and to do business. Right now Macon-Bibb is totally lacking in “curb appeal.” Downtown Macon may be attractive and historic, but if people are turned off by the entrances to the city they will never experience what we have to offer. How can we attract tourists and new businesses to a community which can’t even afford basic maintenance?

Mayor Reichert explained that maintenance of major highways is the responsibility of the Georgia Department of Transportation and that Macon-Bibb cannot afford to take on this task. A number of us wanted to know why other state highways, such as Hwy. 96, which stretches from Houston County all the way to Columbus can be so beautifully maintained while many of the highways entering Macon-Bibb County are a mess. I will be contacting my state representatives to find out why our highways are so neglected while others in the state are so well maintained.

While nothing was resolved (except for the announcement that our westside library will close), the large turnout for a town hall held on short notice on a cold, rainy night shows there is a lot of built up frustration about lack of services in District 6.

In an interview after the meeting, Mayor Reichert stressed that all districts in Macon-Bibb County are important. If that is the case, then maintenance of all the roadsides and highways entering the county needs to have a higher priority.

Jim Radiker,


Compassion for all

I read the Viewpoints page in The Telegraph seven days a week. Some letter writers I agree with and some I may not agree with but I know we all have a right to express ourselves. I read the letter in the Dec. 5t edition titled “Election not about jobs.” I am not going to get into the part about why people voted like they did, as I believe we all make decisions about the candidate or platform that aligns with our beliefs.

In that letter, the writer talked about people with good jobs seldom thinking about those who are struggling. I disagree with that point. I have been blessed with a good job and I often think about people who are struggling along. I see people in different situations and I think that could be me. My parents raised me and instilled in me to show compassion for all people. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Paul Bissinger,


Great food drive

On behalf of the board, the staff and the clients of Loaves and Fishes Ministries, we would like to thank all of those who donated canned goods during our annual canned food drive at Chick-fil-A on Tom Hill Boulevard during November. Thanks to the generosity of the community as well as the local churches that support Loaves and Fishes, we were able to collect 2,380 cans to be distributed to the less fortunate in our community during the holiday season. We would also like to thank David Clark and his wonderful staff at the restaurant for providing us with the facility and helping us with the collection of the canned goods.

The need for help for the homeless and food insecure in our community continues to grow each year. It is through the generosity of this community that agencies such as Loaves and Fishes are able to help so many in their time of need. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this important outreach ministry for our community.

Mary Alice Webb,

Loaves and Fishes board member,


Class act

President Barack Obama is a class act. He handled the death of Fidel Castro with dignity and decorum. He wants the Cuban people to become free and happy like all of their relatives in Miami. There was no logical reason for our president to act like a raving lunatic by harshly criticizing Castro and alienating many Cubans.

Our president is also our chief diplomat who had the courage to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba. Now many Cuban Americans can visit their relatives in Cuba more often and also send them money to improve their lives.

Our president-elect is a bottom-feeder who chanted “lock her up” and threatened to have Hillary Clinton imprisoned after he became president during the debates. Sounds like something Fidel might’ve done.

Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins