Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016

Enjoys mudslinging

I find it amazing how oblivious Hillary Clinton supporters are. They complain that there was too much mudslinging during the campaign and blame Donald Trump. If they would go back and look at what Clinton said during the campaign they would find that 90 percent of the time she was attacking President-elect Donald Trump. I cannot recall her ever talking about her position on the issues except to make the rich pay their fair share. She never said how much a fair share is exactly. It seems to me that a fair share is what everyone should be paying and what is fair for one should be fair for all since we all get one vote and the same services.

The election is over and Donald Trump will be the 45th president. I do not understand how people can say Trump is not their president. I did not vote for President Obama, yet he was my president for eight long years. It is not like I had a choice in the matter and neither do Trump detractors. It is time to realize that the election is over and it is time to lick their wounds because they are stuck with Trump for at least four years.

Frankly I enjoyed all of the mudslinging. I miss it with all of the political correctness these days. I found it refreshing.

Brian Gross,


Standing Rock protests

Morton County Sheriff’s Department in North Dakota released a statement on Facebook after protestors at Standing Rock were injured saying one injury was caused by a protestor, Sophia Wilansky, exploding a propane canister. They took down the Facebook post when the shrapnel removed from her arm was proven to be from a tear gas canister.

Another woman, Vanessa Dundon, was shot directly in the face with a tear gas canister and lost eyesight in her right eye. Where is the outrage? This is sinister. Corporate oil security forces have put over 200 Americans in the hospital with no repercussions. If that isn’t enough to motivate your support, every drop of oil forced through the pipeline is for export only. America’s largest water supplies and aquifers are at imminent risk and only the mega wealthy reap the rewards. Make your voices heard before they are silenced forever.

Dennis Evans,

Warner Robins

Reply to Curry

My reply to Bill Curry explaining why Hillary Clinton is a criminal was apparently too long to publish. Rather than listing all my sources, just Google, “Hillary Clinton is a criminal” and read the 34 million hits. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. This quote is from CNN/Money (liberal perspective) about Trump’s claim to keep the Kentucky plant production in the U.S. “The only problem with the claim? Ford had never said it planned to move its Louisville, Kentucky assembly plant to Mexico.”

The writer continues with this statement, “On Thursday, Ford said it will keep production of the Lincoln MKC at the plant. It had planned to shift production of the MKC to another plant and Mexico was a likely location.”

This shows how the media (both conservative and liberal) spins reports. Obfuscation is a good term. In other news, Carrier plans to keep their Indiana plant saving 1,000 jobs. More good news should follow since Trump hasn’t even assumed office yet. If you think the criminal Clinton would save jobs, you are delusional. It is sad how much fake news is out there, and how we have to sort through politicians’ lies to find the truth.

Mike Smith,

Warner Robins

The rest of the story

Unfortunately Carolyn Effie’s comments regarding the recent acquisition of Alexander IV School by the Land Bank Authority do not reflect the facts of this proposal. Therefore, let me try to help her and any others who may only know a part of the story.

Let me begin by saying, I was approached by Ethiel Garlington, the executive director of Historic Macon and Susan Cable, a longtime resident of Ingleside, to consider using blight dollars to purchase the Alexander IV School. The facility had been vacant for many years and the bidding process was already ongoing with the Bibb County Board of Education. So, our bid was submitted at $350,000 using blight dollars from District Four, the district I represent.

Fortunately, Macon-Bibb won the bid. I say that because we the people were now in control of what becomes of the old school located in historic Ingleside. Historic Macon, led by Garlington sent out a request for proposal and after several months, we had only one bid, but it was a proposal from a very reputable company, Dover Development Corporation who has extensive experience in quality projects such as this one. Their bid is for $225,000. Now the Land Bank Authority will meet to consider a counteroffer to Dover Development’s bid. Both verbally and in writing, I have recommended to the Land Bank Authority to make a counteroffer to Dover Development’s bid.

The LBA board will meet soon to negotiate the maximum price for the Alexander IV property with Dover Development. Regardless of the final price of the sale, I feel that this project from an outstanding company will be fabulous for historic Ingleside and all of Macon-Bibb County.

Dover Development will invest $8.8 million into this project. They will restore and preserve the existing structure, and construct a modern and compatible addition that will transform Alexander IV into a new, state of the art senior living community. Upon completion, this facility will go back on our tax roll.

I have been on the Macon-Bibb Commission for almost three years. The commission consists of 10 members including our mayor. In my opinion, we are a diverse group of folks who care about the people in our community.

We want Macon-Bibb County to thrive and have worked diligently to improve the quality of life for all citizens. We have made great improvements in our community. Yes, we still have plenty of challenges, but we have many positive accomplishments in three years.

We don’t always agree on all issues but we have mutual respect for each other and listen to each others’ viewpoints. We seriously consider the concerns of our constituents. Instead of complaining, why not write your commissioner when you have a concern. We are here to serve the people of this community. Let’s all be part of the solution.

If you are not sure of your district or your commissioner, refer to your voter registration card. Every Macon-Bibb commissioner can be reached using an email similar to mine: mbcJones@maconbibb.us. Simply substitute the last name of your commissioner.

Mallory C. Jones III,

Macon-Bibb Commissioner