Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Global climate change

Every now and then a letter appears in the news about weather change. All too often the writer clams that it is all the fault of man. They fail to take in consideration the natural actions of God’s world. Every 300 to 400 years the world shifts on its axis. Read history in the early years of civilization after the dark ages and there was ideal weather. Then the weather changed. For the next several hundred years the Little Ice Age covered the lands. Around 1800 the weather was changing again. It doesn’t happen overnight. Why? Two or three reasons. First the world we know shifts on its’ axis. The sun gets hotter not to mention that volcanoes add a few million tons of dust to cover the sun. If you don’t believe it try spinning a toy top and watch it wobble. The earth acts the same way. The sun is a big furnace and the earth is covered with volcanoes.

I am not against alternative energy. All I am saying is don’t force the matter. People make mistakes and those mistakes are a hazard to our lives. That extra carbon in the air makes the trees grow bigger and faster. Yes, even our gardens will green up faster. Who said I’ll sell you carbon rights? Does he own all the carbon in the world?

Brian T. Reid Sr.,


Scientific method

In response to letters to The Telegraph from John Ricketson and Mike Smith which challenged my recent editorial related to Clinton issues, I offer the following analysis. I would say to Ricketson and Smith that the hallmark of the progressive viewpoint to which I adhere, is anchored in the scientific method which insists that claims be supported by verifiable facts, objective fact checking, and careful analysis from unbiased sources. There is no “Kool-Aid” drinking involved and no need to attack the person who delivers an alternative view if that view is supported. But, some right-wing analysts do insist on eating “Phony Bologna” when they venture into unprovable perspectives. The truth lies in the sources of your conclusions. Throughout our history progressive thinkers like Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt have reflected this agenda which has as its anchor points the following four principles: freedom, opportunity, responsibility and cooperation.

Since both Ricketson and Smith insist on painting Clinton as a criminal, I ask where is your indictment? According to all reliable sources, extensive investigations and analyses by FBI agents, their attorneys, and the director of the FBI who just happens to be a Republican, there were no grounds for an indictment. Even Donald Trump has said it is time to move on and try to heal the country without further pursuit of this issue. But, some people will not let it go. If you have valid evidence that is not known to the FBI, I am certain they would love to hear from you (maybe even offer you a position).

Also, two points made by Smith’s last letter included other claims which also appear to be unfounded. First he indicates that “millions of illegal aliens voted in the election.” He should tell The Telegraph readers where he got this information so it can be validated. Second, he indicated that Trump was responsible for insuring that some of Ford Motor Company’s operations would not be moving from Kentucky to Mexico; most reliable sources indicate this issue of moving was not even being considered by Ford so it was a non-issue.

Bill Curry,


Just the facts

John Ricketson’s letter on 11/25 made no sense. The FBI director exonerated Hillary Clinton twice. She was our first lady, a U.S. senator, and our secretary of state. She was careless with her private server but she did not consciously endanger our nation’s security.

Ricketson’s arguments are illogical and reveal his ignorance of our nation’s history. His obvious raging anger toward Clinton detracts totally from her alleged crimes against our nation. He needs to get over it and just stick to the facts.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

If I were a Martian

When we first went to the moon, NASA gathered a number of SF writers to observe and comment. When the landing took place one of the writers said, “If I were a Martian, I would start running.”

That might be good advice for any of the many groups the Donald derided and attacked. I can’t see how any of them feel safe, considering the increase in hate crimes since the election and the people with whom he is surrounding himself.

Of course the echo chamber says that these reports of hate crimes are either (a) staged or (b) exaggerated. You can believe that if you like — as Simon and Garfunkel say, “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

And they say, “He really didn’t mean those things he said. He just said them to get elected.” That is possible since the Donald is a lot of mouth, or, as they say in Texas, “All hat and no cattle.” (Or, perhaps in his case, “all weird hair and no substance.”) In the long run it does not matter if he meant them or not, they resonated with many of his followers who do mean it. The damage is done.

If memory serves me, in the film “All The President’s Men” there is a scene between two of the conspirators after the noose is growing tighter, and one of them asks of the other, “How did we get into this?” His colleague replies, “Darkness calls out to darkness.” Intentional or not, the darkness has been called forth, and it is alive and seeps like a noxious fog across the land. But do not allow yourself to sink into despair.

There are still good people out there, doing good things. Remember, good is more powerful than evil; love is more powerful than hate and fear; and light disperses the darkness. Keep in mind the motto of the Christophers “that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” Keep your light burning and lean forward.

Charles J. Pecor,


Under the bus

Again Commissioner Mallory Jones has thrown the taxpayers of Bibb County under the bus. I would be willing to pay more for my old grade school Alexander IV, $125,000 less than what the county paid just a few months ago. The land alone is worth more. He is in a crowded boat of wasteful civil servants. The $4 million paid for the land where Howard High School sits failed the smell test too.

To magnify the absurdity of total neglect afforded his district, you need look no further than the road that connects Rivoli Drive to Forsyth Road. It has been patched for decades and that money would have repaved it many times.

Carolyn Effie,