Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, Nov. 21, 2016

Who gets credit?

In relation to all Dr. Bill Cummings’ religious columns, I would very much like to read to whom or what he gives credit for our heavenly bodies and especially man. Due to the intellect of man, we have figured out the functions of the human body. However, who gets credit for the intangibles of the functions. Since the brain is only soft muscle cells that is referred to as the mind, to whom does he give credit for thought; to eyesight; to hearing, smell, taste and speech? Who or what made us a living soul, having dominion over every living thing. Without the existence of man to acknowledge it all, nothing exists at all. To whom does he credit for his thoughts and this discussion. It is so very easy for me to believe, therefore hard that anyone could doubt.

Faye W. Tanner,


Have at it

Whether you voted for Democrats or Republicans, Republicans are now in the majority. I’ve always voted my conscience. Although I voted for the other candidate, Trump won as did the Republicans. We need to calm down, sit back and watch what they do. It is my opinion the Republicans are their own worst enemies. So I wait with baited breath. Go ahead, president-elect and Congress, shoot your party in the foot like you do every time.

Teresa Ward, Macon

Encouraging riots?

The U.S. Constitution protects a citizen’s right to protest, have his or her say about national policy or just about anything that upsets them. It does not protect someone who uses violence, destruction of property, etc., as a means of protest. Now we have our lame duck President Obama in a foreign country saying nothing about current protests that are more accurately characterized as riots, endangering innocent bystanders, disrupting normal discourse and commerce and even causing physical harm to those people whom the protesters feel are suitable targets for their angst.

Reasonable people, including people who voted for Obama, surely recognize that these post election protest riots are not protected speech. To encourage them without specifically discouraging unlawful behavior in connection with them is a grave dereliction of duty by our chief executive, lame duck or not. And to do it in front of a foreign audience is an equally grave insult to the American people and is about as crass a behavior as the rioters themselves have shown. Also, saying it in a Europe that has been racked by terrorists attacks is insensitive to his hosts, who surely know what is going on in America.

Obama’s failed successor, Hillary Clinton, is also basically doing the same thing, again encouraging people to keep the faith, without doing what a presidential nominee (even an unsuccessful one) should do, which is calm the waters instead of pouring gasoline on them via her sly use of encouraging words. Most normal people would feel guilty if their supporters resorted to such dangerous and unlawful behavior and react accordingly. Hillary and Obama seem encouraged by it, as if it validates her feelings that she should have won and his rose glasses view of his administration’s legacy. News flash: she lost fair and square and his legacy is soon to be “gone with the wind.”

If some people were concerned about whether the vote for Trump was entirely justified, the verdict is in: The riots prove the answer is a resounding YES! We are a nation of rights, responsibilities and rule of law. It is not negotiable via violent behavior.

Richard L. Jones,

Warner Robins

Spirit of inclusion

It is great to see that the spirit of inclusiveness and tolerance that was such a large part of the Trump campaign still lives in his supporters as evidenced by their letters to the editor since the election. I can feel America becoming great again already.

Howard Perofsky,


Not going anywhere

I can share fleeting empathy with Donald Trump protestors. I felt much the same way while suffering through the eight year reign of a chief executive who shared virtually none of my values. Unlike the current protestors, I did not take to the streets. I obeyed all laws, paid my taxes, vented my feelings in letters to the editor and like a good citizen even complied with the plague of Obamacare. I had better things to do — like work and worship.

These dissidents have a perfect right to protest, lawfully, even though they propose no solution to the “problems” they champion. Maybe I do the same sometimes. What do these people want — what do they really, really want? By that I mean, we just had a presidential election as prescribed by the laws of this land with no substantiated evidence of illegality. Do the protestors want the results overturned just because the winner does not suit them? Should we go for the best two out of three. The protestors say “they’re not going anywhere.” And they are likely more right than they know.

John Wayne Dobson,


Where did the jobs go?

“Where have all the jobs gone, long time passing?”

(To be sung to the tune of “Where have all the flowers gone?”)

So, the Donald is the president-elect and the Republicans will have control of Congress, and the jobs will come flowing back into the U.S.A.


Good luck with that!

Where did those jobs go? They didn’t all go to Mexico or China, or anywhere else outside this country. Many of them went to the computer chip, to automation, and this trend accelerates each year. Every time an industry becomes more automated it increases the efficiency of the individual worker and reduces the need for as many workers.

Some of the jobs did leave this country and why is that? As consumers we have a good measure of the responsibility. We want quality goods and want to pay as little as possible. Businessmen figured this out. Look for the maker’s label the next time you buy a product. It becomes more and more difficult to buy American. Why, even the Donald had his ties and shirts made outside the U.S. And it is not just clothing. When it comes to business, the bottom line is a powerful motivator

There is a ray of hope. The infrastructure in this country is in sad shape: roads, bridges, railroads, and the power grid — all could use “refreshing.” It is rumored that the Donald would like to do something about this. It would be a great thing for the country (perhaps better than building a wall) and it would create many jobs. Of course, Mitch McConnell, says such things are not high on his agenda. Maybe the Donald could reason with him, or maybe he could just fire him.

Charles J. Pecor, Macon