Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016

Real awakening

After watching, reading and listening to the bleeding heart press, main street media commentators and the children protesting (and I’m insulting children….sorry kids) in the streets as well as middle-schoolers and high-schoolers walking out of class in protest stating they want their voices heard, I simply want to puke. How asinine. This is nothing more than progressives that have the intelligence level of the back side of a jackass. Their parents and teachers that allow this to occur should be immediately terminated for stupidity.

It’s so funny that government, local school boards and of course the teacher unions all say they are doing everything for the student (children) because they are our future. Can you say E-SPLOST? What a crock of you know what. If this is factual why are so many school systems failing not only in our state, Middle Georgia, but across the country as we spend more per student than any other nation in the industrialized world?

When these wussies get into the real world, they are in for a real awakening. No safe spaces or safety pins to wear on their lapels. No walking off the job because they need a period to grieve because of the election results. They’ll leave alright for insubordation and unable to perform their assigned job. No skills. No brains. You’re fired. I encourage them to resort to some type of violence and we’ll see them in court. If they want someone to blame, run to the nearest mirror and stand their for as long as it takes to accept personal responsibility.

Michael Snipes,


Electoral ploy

A lot of Democrats are urging electors to ignore the Constitution and elect Hillary. This, of course, would provoke a literal revolution much greater than 1776. Sen. Ted Cruz was looking for some way to do this in the primaries and now some idiots want to try something like this for Hillary. Everybody had better get their heads on straight. When you try to circumvent the process with a slick political move you guarantee a revolution every time.

To use a series of political lies to try to get the public to believe an opponent is “not mentally or temperamentally fit” to be president is a crime. It is a deliberate blow against the Constitution and democracy which would destroy this country.

To suggest an individual with a college education, surrounded by a multitude of people, all highly educated and experienced people in specialized disciplines and world affairs is a political ploy spread by village idiots.

Bob Blackshear,

Warner Robins

Silly practice

Seems like Daylight Savings Time is an idea whose time has come and gone. I’d like to invite everyone to join me in writing our congressmen and telling them it’s time to end this nuisance. I’m assuming it takes an act of Congress to end this silly practice.

Jerry Norris,

Warner Robins