Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016

Fat, dumb and happy

Why we need universal background checks and mandatory gun safety training, although this is even more unlikely with the election of Donald Trump as our president-elect:”

1. As of October 2016 there were 11,364 gun deaths this year.

2. 50 percent of Americans affected by gun violence each day are black men.

3. The 2,919 teens and children who have been killed or injured by guns as of October 2016.

4. 1.4 million Americans have died by firearms from 1968 to 2011 compared with the number of U.S. military deaths (1.2 million) in every armed conflict from the Revolutionary War to the invasion of Iraq.”

The above statistics prove beyond a shadow of doubt that our 300 million plus guns in America have not made us safer. And that the NRA’s lobbying of our Congress has been effective yet most Americans don’t really care enough to actually do anything to make us safer. Too many of us are fat, dumb and happy.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

Power behind the presidency

Congratulations Republicans. Soon, you will know the person the majority of voters and fact checkers have known since the primaries began. The final count has Trump fibbing over 75 percent of the time in his speeches and debates. What you never figured out was while he was lying about Dems, he was lying to you. If you think Trump cares about you, your wall or your jobs, you might be alarmed that his very first order of business was to huddle up to make urgent decisions about immediate tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. You know, those hit hardest by the recession.

Currently, his choice for Chief adviser is ex-Goldman Sachs banker and white supremacist idol, Stephen Bannon. Wall Street’s best friend, Steve Mnuchin, of Goldman Sachs is his pick for Secretary of Treasury. Mnuchin and George Soros together purchased IndyMac Bank for $1.5 billion in 2008. After years of questionable foreclosure practices, they sold it for $3.5 billion last year. These are the same folks who think the minimum wage shouldn’t be increased.

Change the channel from Fox “news” for a few minutes and you’ll find that his prospective cabinet posts are all beltway insiders. What great role models. Over 1,000 teachers recently reported a huge increase in bullying, harassment and intimidation of students whose race or religion had been targeted by children citing Trump’s rhetoric. Kudos, parents. Oh, he’s also backpedaled on the border wall. So sad.

Dennis Evans,

Warner Robins

Answer to question

To Lou Stennes’ letter questioning “what is an uneducated white person without a college degree?” It is a feeble attempt by some to denigrate some supporters of President-elect Donald Trump. I say he/she is one who loves their country, working each day where employed to the best of their ability, trying to be a good citizen, obeying laws and regulations governing society.

He/she possesses the DNA of ancestors who immigrated to this land some time in the past, American Indian arrival forward and helped founded this great nation, doing what was necessary, not perfectly, but pretty darn good, being unique in the world, “a work in progress.” The DNA of kin can be found in the graves of its armed forces, some marked, others not, located throughout the world as they died trying to protect the principles of our nation and its citizens. Being the “so-called elite” does not make the rest less, at least not in our country.

Arthur D. Brook,


Moving on

The facts clearly show three swing states were won by the veterans’ vote! The underemployed, unemployed and low-wage earners wanted change, too. Their reasoning was clear. The Democratic candidate swore to carry on the current president’s programs.

Already the president-elect is promising to close the Department of Education. Billions of tax dollars are spent on fruitless programs by pointless positions that are best-served by the states.

Donald Trump was elected and will be the president. Those who say otherwise can joins the belligerent ones who are moving out of America. Remember America is the home of the brave and serves the world, under God.

Carolyn Effie, Macon

Equal Voice Voting

The 2016 presidential election surprised many. Some are disappointed, some jubilant. Electoral College criticism is the new national sentiment. However, the Founding Fathers were not terribly amiss. So why did Hillary win a majority of popular votes and Trump seemed to steal the election? The culprit is the all-or-nothing approach we use when tallying popular votes and converting them into electoral votes. The Electoral College does not need to be replaced.

Equal Voice Voting offers the best of solutions without requiring a Constitutional amendment (visit www.equalvoicevoting.com and download the free book analyzing presidential elections from 1980-2012). It’s a simple approach that respects the popular vote, does not disenfranchise voters, gives each state its independent voice, honors the Founding Fathers’ intent, and acknowledges this nation’s diverse cultures, peoples, values and priorities.

It’s time to initiate legislation on a state-by-state basis so our Electoral College elicits a continued pride of country. We can realize such confidence if we simply modify how we count everyone’s vote. Contact your legislators and ask that they give Equal Voice Voting their strong consideration.

Jerry Spriggs,

West Linn, Oregon

Seek medical assistance

In all my many years I cannot recall such a disturbing response to the results of a fair and balanced election. Donald Trump won an uphill battle because he best represented the opposition to eight years of failed progressive government policies under President Obama. As President Obama said In October 2010 when rejecting proposals to a bill presented by Republicans. “Elections have consequences. I won.”

The protests, which turned into criminal riots, are contrary to all the tenets of Democratic governance. If you didn’t vote, shame on you. If you did, accept the outcome and stop whining. Despite the mainstream media spin claiming that Trump partisans were making racist threats and other comments about various segments of our population, an extensive search of media reports turned up only two instances. One took place at a high school where a student was shouting “white power” and another in a middle school where some students were chanting “build the wall.”

If these are the threats that are causing such turmoil I would suggest that, if you feel this way, you immediately seek medical assistance.

John T. White, Kathleen