Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016


Laura Corley’s bigoted, one-sided story surprised me Saturday morning. The rally was small as it should be, peaceful as it should be, but it was racist, bigoted and sexist. The children attending were supporting a woman who called the rest of them names over the airways, a woman who accomplished nothing for them during her long career, A woman who never presented a platform only attacks.

Guess what children — Trump is your president. Give it a break or find a new theme; this one is so mundane. How do you think we felt when President Obama was elected and re-elected? When you grow up, you will learn that not everything goes how you want it to go.

I didn’t go to the rally because of two things: I knew nothing about it, and I am 70 years old and only have one hand. I doubt I could have defended myself against some maniac or punk. I did notice in the Chicago incident that it always takes at least two to one.

Sorry, Laura; that was a very bad story and that did little for unity.

Mike Collins, Centerville

Last days

The Cubs won the World Series. Donald Trump was elected president. Now, if the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl, I will be convinced we are living in “the last days,” and we can listen for “the trumpet to sound” and “time to be no more.”

Charles J. Pecor, Macon

Think globally — act locally

While the world buzzed about our national election, several significant and positive changes occurred this week in Macon-Bibb County that will bring greater progress, status and honor to our community.

1. Voters approved the continuation of our current SPLOST for $280 million to fund recreational, infrastructure, transportation and economic development initiatives.

2. Our commission moved forward with a plan to allow our UDA to implement a comprehensive parking plan to proactively manage a problem brought about by our successful redevelopment of our urban core.

3. Judge Tripp Self was appointed to the Georgia Court of Appeals, where he will join Judge Stephen Dillard, also from Macon-Bibb.

4. State Sen. John F. Kennedy was elected to the position of Senate Caucus Chair to shepherd pending legislation through the approval process.

In just 72 hours Macon-Bibb scored a community hat trick on the business, judicial and governmental fields of play. For those inclined to focus their concerns on the national front, I implore you to instead look to your local community and allocate your energies in Macon-Bibb.

1. Tutor a child.

2. Mentor a co-worker.

3. Pick up litter as you walk.

4. Volunteer.

5. Make a donation.

6. Visit an elderly friend.

7. Say hello to those you meet on the street.

8. Create something that is important to you.

9. Smile.

Think globally, but act locally.

Davd D. Thompson,


Best in the world

I was really amazed after viewing the headline in the Saturday edition of The Telegraph, “No signs of Trump supporters at rally for solidarity.” First of all, I doubt any Trump supporters had been invited. This week I was pretty consistent with reading the paper but I don’t recall anything about a solidarity rally. Second of all, I don’t know why any Trump supporters would venture into a potential hornets nest based on the mess that’s been airing on television this week. Mayhem and riots seem to be the order of the day for those who feel they didn’t get their way in the election. How can you watch an older guy being dragged from his car and beaten by a gang because he was white and voted for Trump and then tell all your friends and family, Hey, I’m going over to the solidarity rally?

The left likes to tell everyone how tolerant they are but that seems to change when someone disagrees with them or they don’t get their way. We now appear like a Third World country with all this mess going on. We may not be perfect in the U.S. but we’re the best in the world. Why else would so many try to come here. Trump, just like Obama, is a president, not a dictator. Trust in the law and vote in four years like we’ve done for over 200 years and please take the time to read the history of this great country.

Kerry C. Johnson,


In her words

To all of the protestors at Tattnall who just can’t keep silent, Trump won. And in the words of the illustrious Former secretary of state “At this point, what difference does it make?”

Jim Huber, Centerville

Same opinion?

I have a question that maybe some of you can or will answer. When Barack Obama became president of the United State, his wife Michelle Obama stated and I quote; “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country.” l wonder when her husband leaves office if she will state publicly that she is proud of her country after President Donald Trump is sworn in.

Faye W. Tanner,


Back to work

To those throwing temper tandems, emotionally distraught or marching in protest of a Donald Trump presidency— relax. When he said he was going to put America back to work he wasn’t talking about you.

Travis L. Middleton,

Peach County


Since 1888 only two people have won the popular vote but lost the election for president. In 2000, Vice President Al Gore won the popular vote but the U.S. Supreme Court elected George W. Bush. Bush then invaded the wrong country resulting in the deaths of thousands of America’s finest young military men and women and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and destabilized the Middle East.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Donald J. Trump won the presidency. He assures us he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS in weeks because he is smarter than the generals. He also says, among many other worrisome statements, that more countries should have nuclear weapons.

Déjà vu? What could possibly go wrong?

Carl Pirkle, Byron