Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016

Leftist crybabies

Re: Charles Richardson’s op-ed piece in the Sunday issue of The Telegraph. He is another journalist who drank the Kool-Aid and believed all the hype. One big reason why Donald Trump is the president-elect is because of the direction in which President Barack Obama has been taking this country for the past eight years and Hillary Clinton’s promise to double down on those policies.

The basket of “deplorables” has now spoken. Another reason is the Democrats nominated the least trustworthy person they could think of. A “just because she’s a woman” is not reason enough to be president aside from her many other faults. She assailed Trump as a sexual predator while she has vehemently defended and is married to a serial sexual predator, Bill Clinton.

Now, the leftist, progressive-leaning crybabies are rioting. I’ve not heard nor read of any leading Democrat denounce the riots. The lame-stream media continue to call them protests and say they’re justified by the First Amendment but when private property is destroyed and police are attacked they are riots. I don’t recall any riots or protestors marching in the streets when Obama won the previous two elections.

Bert Peters,

Warner Robins

Most important fact

The Gospels and Epistles claim — and Christians believe — that YHWH “humanized” Himself — his incarnation as the man Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, who lived at a particular point in history, in a specific geographic location, among (contemporary with) well-known historical figures — e.g., Augustus, Tiberius, Pilate, Herod, Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, Caiphas, Annas, Peter, Paul, James, John, et. al.

Each person must arrive at their own conclusion as to the truth of that claim. If true — and the case is compelling — it is clearly the most important fact of our shared existence.

Dr. Bill Cummings asserts that “humanizing God” is an error. But surely no more so than deifying man or any aspect of nature or nature itself. Or anyone or anything that is not the creator himself, whose eternal existence is outside of and independent of his creation. Such a pantheistic deification, it could be argued, is expressed in the quote of Dr. Kirby Godsey provided by Cummings.

W. Wade Stooksberry II,


Popular vote?

Because Hillary Clinton got the popular vote, there are some people who believe the popular vote should be used on everything pertaining to political endeavors. The popular vote would give some strange laws to this country and maybe destroy it. We would still have segregation if that issue was left up to the popular vote instead of the elected Congress members. The Electoral College is the most fair way to elect the president. It assures that every vote that elects them comes from the vote of the people and it is the same, if not exactly, the way Congress members are elected.

If it was left up to the popular vote, then New York City alone could wipe out 10 states. The population of New York City is 8,550,405 and the 10 states have a total combined population of 8,236,844. So New York City alone could overpower Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Hawaii and New Hampshire. How do you think those folks would feel if their vote did not count for something?

It was said by someone who is smarter than me (forgot his name) but remember his quote: “A majority could mean that all the idiots were on the same page.” There will always be people who are against whoever is elected but instead of supporting them they would rather protest, which accomplishes nothing. I did not vote for President Obama and did not vote for Donald Trump, but he is our next president.

Art Cape,

Jacksonville, Florida

Spoiled brats

As I’m reading my paper today, I sit here a veteran on Veterans Day in a military town, to see one of your columnists call my future commander-in-chief a monkey. If you missed it, Bill Ferguson said allowing president-elect Trump to govern our country is like letting a “monkey into the cockpit” of our airplane. It is obvious you were never taught good sportsmanship or you would not be such a poor loser. You remind me of the liberals all over the country demonstrating and rioting because their candidate did not win. They are behaving just like spoiled brats.

I thought I could expect more maturity and clearer thinking from a member of the Fourth Estate. You managed to demonstrate your complete lack of respect for the highest office in the land, just like the brats. Here’s what I think you should do: Today at Cornell University they are holding a cry-in for all the weak liberals who cannot handle reality. If you hurry you might be able t o join them.

Randal D. Duckworth,

Warner Robins

Failed attempt

“No Trump supporters at Solidarity Rally” was the gist of a headline in Saturday’s (11/12) Telegraph. It was followed by a story in which a bunch of sore losers and low-information supporters of Hillary Clinton were making nonsensical statements like “he is not my president.”

Why would any Trump supporters be at this gathering? This headline makes absolutely no sense. You failed miserably in yet another attempt to put down the people who voted against your candidate. We won. Get over it.

Jerry Norris,

Warner Robins

The coming Cromwell State

When Oliver Cromwell’s followers in England ousted the king and took over, they created a religious state that saw suffering and degradation like none until the Islamic world today. What can we expect now that Trump is going to be our dictator? The religious right will be able to have its way and abolish the separation of church and state. Anyone who does not go along with the harsh, draconian views of the evangelicals will be persecuted.

There will no longer be protections under the law for those who firmly adhere to separation of church and state ideology. These bigots will claim it is what Jesus would do. The problem with that is, they have no clue what Jesus would do because they do not follow his teachings at all. They have created their own Jesus. My word to them is get ready to join the goats at the Second Coming. Our Lord will say: “Go from me. I never knew you.”

Stephen F. Beaty,

Warner Robins