Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016

Biggest fools

A philosophy of mine for as long as I can remember is to scrutinize every conversation or discussion or story I hear from anyone, is to remember these words from what I believe to be an old Danish gentleman: “Those that believe that which is untrue, and refuse to believe that which is true, end up being the biggest fool.” This seems to apply to those that are ardent Clinton/Obama supporters.

Darlis Whitworth, Gray

The great unwashed

During this election cycle I read in The Telegraph and heard on TV that President-elect Donald Trump had the support of the “uneducated whites without college degrees.” I have been trying to figure out what an uneducated white person is? Is it the person who maintains our nation’s fighter and cargo aircraft and all the supporting workers at Robins Air Force Base? Are they the brave men and women in our police and fire forces and armed forces who bleed and die for us and protect us 24 hours a day? Is it the mechanic that maintains my car, or the roofer who spent a week in the hot sun installing my roof, or maybe it’s the customer service rep at Best Buy who helps me buy a new computer?

I left a lot of you men and women out of this letter but I can’t squeeze you all in. Oh by the way, I never heard or read about uneducated Asians or blacks, or Latinos without college degrees. I guess only white people can be uneducated without college degrees.

Lou Stennes,

Warner Robins

Embassy move

One of the first things that Trump should do as president is to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Today, the capital of Israel thrives under the care of the Jewish people, and all people are welcome to this, the spiritual center of the world. This move would eliminate the false claim that denies the Jewish Association with this ancient city. It is astonishing that countries that attacked tiny Israel, only to be beaten back, should now attempt to dictate the final peace agreement.

Hill Kaplan, Macon

Roasted chestnuts

The liberals have been fed a dose of liberal propaganda by the liberal media and they believed it. They were told what they wanted to hear, and now they are panicking. One of them told me that FOX News caused it all by telling a bunch of lies. How is that for panic?

Trump will be a great president. If he pulls America’s chestnuts out of the economic fire he could be a great, great president.

Walter Huckeba,


We have spoken

I just did not understand how so many people did not see the light. Trump is not perfect and he is rough as a cob, but enough of us knew where his competition was heading. Liberal Supreme Court justices, no border restrictions, no removal of illegals, failed insurance program, more expansion of food stamps and rent subsidies that has created 46 million deadbeats (black and white).

Eighty-eighty percent black approval of Trump’s competitor spoke volumes. Protect the runaway spending, while watching the federal deficit goes to $22 trillion. The win was not solely due to the white voters. The win was for change for the better by all segments of our population. Think about how lucky America is to be facing a real change in politics as usual.

Carolyn Effie, Macon