Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stand back

The folks have spoke and that’s no joke. I have waited eight excruciatingly long years to say: Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Please stand back while we straighten out this mess. Please don’t do this again.

Tommy Parker, Macon

Repeated words

“My country tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty.” For the first time in a long time I now feel like I’ve got a country again. Thank God for Trump.

George Scoville, Macon

Chin up

To those of you disappointed in the election results, do not sit and question, grieve, mourn or tremble for too long, for we have work to do. We must ensure that our biggest fears about this result do not come to realization. To my friends and others who are women, people of color, minorities, immigrants, members of the LGBT community, believers in religions other than Christianity, and others who have been marginalized, I am with you, and I am not alone.

I promise to stand beside you and do everything I can to make sure that the rights you had to fight too hard to gain are not taken away. Do not be discouraged, for there are people in this country who do not subscribe to the fear and divisiveness that has pervaded this election, and we will not sit down and surrender. Chin up, for all of us have achieved great things working together, and we must believe that we still can while working to prove ourselves right.

Cameron Gilliland,


Head count versus poll count?

I get a kick out of these so-called political prognosticators/pundits backpedaling, distancing themselves from their earlier predictions predicated on extrapolated polls. Head counts versus poll counts are a much more reliable indicator of folks projected to vote for a particular candidate. Head counts are measurable while results produced by polls are mere speculation. Donald Trump, overwhelmingly outperformed Hillary Clinton at his venues in this regard.

An after action assessment of the voting demographics clearly demonstrates Trump’s strength among a broad segment of the voting public. This, coupled with the awakening of the sleeping giant, simply fed up with the “status quo,” should have served as a valid indicator to the pundits/pollsters the direction the election was heading.

It is my prayer that we move pass the divisiveness that crept into the election atmosphere which is far more threatening to our way of life than the election of any of the candidates. The American people have spoken and we have a civic duty to support our president.

John Haugabrook,

Warner Robins

Great again?

So, here we are. The people have spoke loud and clear. Donald Trump’s victory is a complete repudiation of Obama’s failed policies and a guarantee they will not continue under Secretary Hillary Clinton. Had Clinton won, it would have been an extension of Obama’s growing entitlements, higher taxes and rising costs for business via more and excessive regulation. But now we have a leader who mirrors the success of the Reagan administration. President-elect Trump understands that if you cut taxes, payrolls will grow, tax revenue will increase and the economy will indeed expand. Here’s to America being great again.

Michael S. Wood, Macon

Discerning consumer

Big liberal media is calling the election of Donald Trump a “stunning upset.” Why? Well, obviously because they have been predicting a Hillary Clinton victory all along. How did they get it wrong? Two possible explanations: Either they were ignorant of some signs that Trump was doing better (Facebook postings, other social media indications) or they intentionally ignored these signs, hoping that predicting a Hillary win might convince some undecided voters to jump on the Hillary bandwagon. Credit to intelligent voters who ignored the false predictions based on questionable “polls” that were probably conducted by people who wanted Hillary to win.

Either way, Trump’s victory is proof that big liberal media cannot be trusted to tell us the truth. They got it wrong a long time ago in Truman versus Dewey, and they did it again. They are not objective. They don’t just report the news, they color it, shade it, twist it to suit their agenda. I watch PBS News Hour every day, and even this public broadcasting agency did the same thing. Not as blatant as big commercial media, but it was still evident. The art of propaganda did not die with the Nazi’s, it’s still alive and well today and practiced by both sides of the political arena.

Every intelligent and responsible American should be very cautious about trusting big media to tell us the truth. What’s more, our schools should teach our children how to recognize signs that someone is distorting the truth to mold our opinions. Using words that evoke emotion rather than reason. Never exploring both sides of an issue equally is another. It’s not hard to be a discerning viewer of the news. You do have to work at it.

Richard L. Jones,

Warner Robins

Keep Obamacare

With the recent victory of Donald Trump, and with Republicans maintaining control of Congress, and with the huge unpopularity of Obamacare, it's safe to say that it will soon be no more than an unpleasant memory. I realize that will cause great distress to Frank Gadbois, so I have some advice for him.

If he likes his Obamacare so much, he can keep his Obamacare. His insurance company will be more than happy to increase his deductible to several thousand dollars, and will be downright thrilled to jack up his premium every year. All he has to do is ask.

Mike Ganas, Macon

God speed

My prayers are for our new president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. I pray he will do America proud and pray that all Americans bid him Godspeed in bringing America one nation united under God.

Faye W. Tanner, Macon