Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016

New fundraiser

When a person went to the doctor 100 years ago, I believe it was just between the doctor and patient, no insurance company or Obamacare necessary as “middleman.” Those who could afford to paid full fee, and those who could not got a discount and maybe painted the doctor’s house or gave him fresh vegetables from their gardens.

After the fiasco of Obamacare, isn’t it time to put the doctor-patient relationship back in charge of health care? Eliminate the middleman. Simplify. Make it personal, not big government.

Communities such as the Mennonites/Amish have barn-raisings together to help a family. Perhaps they also have a tradition of helping one another with medical bills. Maybe we all can adopt such a tradition of family, friends, church communities helping one another — including holding fundraisers — for medical bills. Maybe I’m naïve. Just a thought. But “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

David B. Conner, Macon

No better team

I would love to let the people of Macon know I have the best doctor in town. In today’s world sometimes good people do not get recognized as they should. Dr Evelyn Bickley is the best doctor I have ever used. Her dedication, kindness and helpfulness makes her a great doctor for the Middle Georgia area.

I cannot say enough good things about her. Her staff at Internal Medicine Associates are also wonderful. Thanks Dr. Bickley, Jessica, Sherry and Rita. If you need a great doctor with an awesome staff contact them. You will not find a better doctor or team in Middle Georgia.

Diane Canady, Macon

Blue state?

Georgia has a strict photo ID law but it also allows other IDs to be used to vote: gun license, student ID (if from a public college or university), tribal ID and out-of-state driver's license. This surprised me as I never thought of Georgia as a progressive state. Kansas and Mississippi also have photo ID laws as well as all our other IDs.

There is data and evidence that indicates Georgia in a decade or so will be a blue state and Democratic. That will make me very happy, because our state government is controlled by Republicans who refused to enroll in Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and thus refused hundreds of millions of federal dollars to enroll our 650,000 uninsured in Medicaid. Rural hospitals went bankrupt.

Too many states have rescinded efforts/practices that made voting easier. So does my county government have enough voting machines available on election day and in early voting sites?

Our county commissioners are all longtime Republicans who don't believe in term limits. But surprisingly I actually believe my local and county governments are run by honest men and women.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

Courageous spirit

One of the surest signs father time is with you is funerals and hospitals. Not in that order. I have been to all too many of both all too many times. But when I hear someone is going to hospice I get upset! Basically when you are sent there death is eminent and everything has been done that could conceivably save you. I have had the three family members suffer through it. Hey, look at me, I am toast.

Folks I have not seen in decades sit around eating and talking just about anything. It seems like a very annoying and disrespectful time for two or more wives to be present when I had rather be anywhere but in a tiny viewing room.

Just this week I heard my great little buddy Brice was in a terminal state and was in hospice. I have known him since birth. Due to being handicapped, he never walked, rode a bike, swam or drove a car, but let me tell you, he could light up a room with his seemingly endless joy.

Nurses found him to be courageous and very attentive. And he had dozens and dozens of them. From birth he had corrective surgeries and then it seemed like he was in the surgery room at least 50 times. But what was so alarming was the dozens of doctors never found the cause of his handicap.

If there is an award for strength and bravery for children, he like hundreds of others, will be getting on. God was a great part of his life and his grandmother, Gerry Chesnuts’ whole life evolved around him. Everybody new them as inseparable.

Carolyn Effie, Macon

A real slap

On the Opinion page, Nov. 7, Carolyn Meadows wrote about the cost of living adjustment increase of .03 for Social Security next year being an insult and a slap in the face. Last year we were told there had not been a rise in the cost of living and there would be no increase for those on Social Security. We got a real slap in the face when the politicians later voted themselves a wage increase because of an increase in the cost of living. This is a real shameful farce.

Robert Goltzbach, Macon