Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016

Retired Educators’ Day

Gov. Nathan Deal has declared, Sunday, Nov. 6, as Retired Educators’ Day in Georgia. The Georgia Retired Educators Association was formed 59 years ago with improving education and building communities as its theme. Bibb Retired Educators was founded in 1964 sharing this theme and the belief that retired teachers can and will make a difference in our schools and our community.

Currently, Bibb County Retired Educators’ Association has more than 300 active members who contributed more than 15,000 hours of volunteer service during the 2015-2016 academic year. These services included providing tutoring and reading instruction, supplementing daily classroom instruction, mentoring students, and providing scholarships to students who plan to pursue a career as an educator and plan to teach in a Georgia public school.

Bibb Retired Educators have adopted a school each year and are currently serving the students and faculty at L.H. Williams School.

We are also active in the community serving in many capacities to help the community such as voter education and registration, helping with the local food banks and church pantries, holding college preparation classes, promoting safety initiatives and holding positions on several committees whose work impacts the total community.

As a member of Bibb Retired Educators Association, I am often asked why retired educators continue to teach. Why do you get so involved in the community? The answer is quite simple. Children are our future. Macon is our home. Therefore, we must promote and educate our children to become an educated citizenry who will lead our community with knowledge, commitment to excellence, a willingness to serve and respect for all mankind. They must be able to make a positive difference in our community and our world.

Celebrate our day with us. Remember “teaching is a profession that teaches all professions.”

Bessie Minor Brown,


Chamber supports the SPLOST

As chair of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, I wanted to write and share with the community that the chamber’s board of directors recently voted unanimously to support the renewal of the SPLOST in the November General Election.

The board’s support is based on many factors, but the most important factors are the upcoming SPLOST’s economic development component, which will provide the local funding necessary to extend the runway at Middle Georgia Regional Airport, and the community mandates to improve public safety at the Macon-Bibb County Courthouse and clean up the existing Macon-Bibb County landfill.

Additionally, the board feels strongly that that the renewal of the SPLOST will fund critical community needs without resorting to a property tax increase. Given Macon’s role as a regional employer and retail center, almost 70 percent of SPLOST funding will be raised from people who don’t live in Macon-Bibb.

For these reasons, the chamber strongly encourages the community to vote yes to renew the SPLOST.

George Greer

2016 Chair, Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce

Crawford/Roberta consolidation

Next Tuesday is a very important day for Roberta and Crawford County. We will be voting on unifying the two governments into one. In the city our property will no longer be doubly taxed and our county tax will be reduced by one and a half mills. The city has about 900 voters where the “new city” will have over 12,000. This will help with getting larger grants. It will also help by having one voice for the entire Roberta-Crawford County.

In the past, the county taxes city property owners paid were used only in the county. That is the reason the road portion of the taxes were used only in the county and none for city roads. The new government will be able to charge franchise fees on county owners. The city is already paying them.

This is a fair tax as is a user tax of up to 3 percent. If you use $100 of electricity your tax will be only $3. This is worth paying to get our property taxes down. Please consider this when you go to the polls this week or on Nov. 8.

Charles Cook


Well-informed voter

Nov. 8, your vote will be needed to alter the Georgia constitution by amendments. Let’s take Amendment 1. It’s purposed to address failing schools, if passed will disrupt those who profit from GED diplomas and the same people will be appointed to a state school run system while discrimination lawsuits line up.

Amendment 2 would be in conflict with Washington, D.C.’s vice monopoly. Amendment 3 — me, not being of legal mind and with a single digit IQ, will let this one pass until further research. Amendment 4, is tax diversion due to firework injury claims. For some reason tax money never gets to where it was levied and that leads me to this SPLOST.

Ever since Macon-Bibb consolidation taxpayers, have seen their purchasing power decrease; that, coupled with the 4 percent franchise fee on utilities, 57 percent increase in the garbage user fee, is excessive taxation. Allow me a moment to question this signed directive “contract” which affords the utility companies to collect $745,416 per month, consecutively for one fiscal year in their reserves, interest free with no benefit to the consumers. Which means that a person on a fixed income will have to reduce their milk intake by three gallon a month to keep their lights on.

Now that we’re up-to-date, go vote yes on all and then check the classifieds for another job to pay for your decision. A well-informed voter gets things done.

Daniel E. Lee, Macon

Obvious answer

This is a question to the Bushes, Sam Nunn and others concerning the fingers on the nuclear bomb button. Do they honestly think the next president, Donald Trump, is that dumb?

Earl Holland,

Fort Valley

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